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  1. Sweet Pee

    Possible TMI about sexy time

    You woman are amazing. Such good advice! That why I live this site!!!
  2. I do not miss the extra long shower times due to having to pick up and wash the rolls of extra fat, and skin, scared that if I missed a spot I would smell bad. Now, I can hop in and out of the shower in a flash if I want to, and know that I am squeaky clean. Shaving is easier too. God forbid if I had to sit down in the bath tub, I remember getting up was extremely difficult. Now, I can get up in a snap.
  3. Sweet Pee

    Set a Date!

    I had my surgery during the summer, which I have off, which allowed me enough time to recover. When I went back to work, sitting down too long was still uncomfortable. If I only has 4 weeks off, I probably would have needed some sort of cushion.
  4. Sweet Pee

    Set a Date!

    @@JamieLogical Yes I run. I started very slowly, but only after 16 weeks. I walked, (very slow) but I could not run. It took me longer to recover from my thigh lift surgery, but in my mind thought I should have healed sooner. It is a delicate area. I made sure to keep it very clean and dry. (I sweat a lot) I stayed in the shower. If you list the things that goes on with a woman's body in that area, you will understand what I mean. I also had arm lift surgery at the same time. I think I was scared, and I wanted everything to heal perfectly. Plus I am a very slow healer and I have a phobia about scars. I was still walking funny at 6 weeks. (Hahahahah) I told myself exercise can wait, and it did. I listened to my body. Any pain, then I knew my body was not quite ready yet.
  5. Sweet Pee

    Set a Date!

    Yeah, you know the thighs are so heavy, sometimes it does not matter how great the surgeon is. The weight of the thighs can make the incision area move down, and it is no longer in that very important crease area. After my surgery, I could walk. I felt great. I was not in any pain. But, I wanted everything to stay right where Dr. G sutured me, because that is a delicate area. Who want a revision surgery down there! (Smile) I slept with pillows under my knees for over 6 months. It just felt better. Pillows under those knees will keep everything up so it can heal in place securely.
  6. Sweet Pee

    Set a Date!

    I remember the best advice I got before my thigh lift surgery was to stay off my feet and keep my knees up. I did this for ten days while I stayed in a hotel in Mexico. Then when I got home, I got back in the bed and put my knees up for another 7 days. I just stayed in bed, watched, Netflix, and thank the Lord Dr. Victor Gutierrez is such a skilled plastic surgeon. Everything stayed in place. Nothing went south as many women tend to complain about after their thigh lift.
  7. Sweet Pee

    Set a Date!

    Omg! I am so excited for you about your upcoming surgery! Let me tell you, when you reach the finish line in your half marathon, there is nothing like that feeling. For me it was overwhelming! Please keep us posted!
  8. Sweet Pee

    Breast implants- considering them

    I decided against implants too, because I did not want more surgery in the future. But... I still want implants. To me, Implants really make the breast look full and beautiful. I am also a runner, so I did not want the extra size and weight. But... I still want implants. I love my girls and my breast reduction. My plastic surgeon did a wonderful job. But. . . Guess I am still on the fence.
  9. I am glad you ladies are recovering nicely. I have been thinking about going back to get a little more "work" done on me.
  10. Compression garments may work wonders for your swelling. My plastic surgeon required me wear my compression garment 24/7.
  11. I miss eating smooth, creamy, cold ice cream. It makes my tummy sick now, so I had to give it up. Use to love eating it mostly around this time of the year. (Winter Time) The stuff that is going on about ice cream now makes me miss it even less. When i was fat, I was always hurting someplace on my body. I do not miss the pain.
  12. Sweet Pee

    I have been rejected

    @RJ I have "known" you for a long time here on BPal. I am sorry about your disappointing news. Your health is very important, and I am happy you have doctors that care for you. You are a wise woman to listen to your doctors. http://www.hsn.com/products/rhonda-shear-smooth-tootsie-seamless-shaping-leggings/6460197?variant=6560243 I bough this item from Home Shopping Network. (HSN) These beautiful shapers really helped to hide my extra skin before my plastics. In fact, I still have them. Now, I wear them keep my legs warm, because the cold winter weather makes the arthritis in my knee flare up.
  13. Sweet Pee

    serious question for fellow "veterans"

    You are relevant, important and needed. I hope you continue posting your beautiful worded posts, which helps countless of people.
  14. I went to Tijuana, Mezico twice. The first time I had a lower body lift and a breast lift. The second time I had a thigh lift an a arm lift. Dr. Victor Gutierrez was my plastic surgeon and I absolutely am still amazed at my transformation.
  15. After my lower body lift and breast lift surgery, it took me awhile to get back into the swing of things. I had to force myself to get up and work out, compared to before surgery, excercising seemed 'more fun.' However, I did not let anything stop me. I ran a 10K only 9 months after my surgery.
  16. Sweet Pee

    Tummy tuck questions about scar

    There are many pictures on RealSelf.com I would start there if you want to see more Vertical LBL incision results. One good guideline: If you observe your body, look at your scars from the past and the healing process might be about the same. The sutures done by your surgeon will effect your outcome as well as your own aftercare of your incisions/scars. Many of us use various silicone wraps or tapes for scar treatment. Certain Oils can also help keep the skin soft and it gives the scars a fraction of elasticity so that they can heal thin, flat and beautiful. From my observation of seeing many many pictures of before and after pictures, the vertical incision heals really well. I think more women would agree to it if they knew how well that incision heals.
  17. Healing is a journey. It takes time, so take it slow and try not to push yourself. You look great! Happy Healing:)
  18. I understand why you are missing your butt. When I looked at your pictures, I said, "oops, he took all of her butt." This is coming from a person who was born without a butt, an I have, always, always wanted one. I think once you get use to it, you will love that look. You really do look fabulous! Thankfully my plastic surgeon put my flab-fat into my butt, and now I am not painfully sitting on my tailbone any longer, which added just a little to my backside. Not much, but I am happy.
  19. I know you do not want to wait. I wouldn't want to wait either. They are just being cautious and concerned for your health. I wish you the best!
  20. Sweet Pee

    Top of thigh fat rolls

    I used shapers to hide my fat. I used shapers after WLS to hide the rolls of hanging skin. I went from shapers to compression garnments after plastics. Trust me, for me it has been never ending in these tight garnments. I've been in them so long, now I feel naked without them. For me, I had to have surgery to correct the hanging skin all over my body. The thigh lift did wonders for my body. Each person is different. You never know. . .
  21. Sweet Pee

    TT Scar Pics

    You look great! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  22. Sorry about the slow response. I am still very active on this site. (More reader than writer). Recently experienced some family hardships, so my time is even more limited now. I will answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. Also feel free to send me a PM Private Message)
  23. Two weeks has passed since my body was transformed yet again by board certified Dr Victor Gutierrez who specializes in weight loss patients. After losing over 120lbs, I had a lot of hanging skin all over my body. Two weeks ago I had a thigh and a arm lift with magnificent results. My scars are unbelievable thin, flat and straight, even after this short period of time. I know these are the two surgeries that most people want to avoid. I know I did, but since I know my plastic surgeon is highly skilled and specializes in Bariatric Weight Loss Patients, I knew I had nothing to fear. My arm incisions are already almost invisible, and the flat thin groin incisions are easily covered by my panties. Also, I am happy to say, just like my surgery last year, when I had my lower body lift, butt lift and breast lift (no implants) with my plastic surgeon, this surgery was virtually painless as well. I can not believe in a years time I have a new beautiful sexy body. I am so happy about my surgery and my total experience. I was treated so wonderful, and felt so great that it was hard for me to leave and come back home. The pictures of my plastic surgery last year are posted on this site as well. I also wrote a full summary of my plastic surgery under MY STORY. http://www.bariatricpal.com/gallery/member/116222-sweet-pee/ http://www.bariatricpal.com/user/116222-sweet-pee/
  24. @@AZDee I know it is a relief for you to find out what was going on with your body, and that treatment is available. (Your daughter as well) I am glad you sought out treatment, so you can be able to live a full and healthy life. This information will be helpful to many of us. Thank you for sharing.
  25. You look great! I hope all goes well in your recovery