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  1. Good evening ya'll. This is my first post in about a year or so. My surgery was September of 2011 and I got to within 10-15lbs of my goal by that following June (2012). It stayed there for a good year or so....then slowing crept back up and now i'm about 20lbs more than my lowest weight. Which now brings back to 35-40lbs away from my goal. I fear some times that my sleeve isn't working anymore. Maybe I didn't train myself as good as I could have during that initial phase. I still continue to try to be physically active (I've done the Tough Mudder and recently the Spartan race), but that sleek, lean body that I almost had is now faded away. I know this may sound vain or idiotic...but I REALLY wanted to be in the best shape before my husband and I get pregnant for the first time. I keep procrastinating thinking that we'll get serious about making a baby once I'm at my goal weight but at this rate, I'll be 40 before that happens and the liklihood of an easy pregnancy lessens with time. I'm now 35. I'm so glad that I logged back in to see these posts that document everyone's long term progress. Perhaps I'll check in once a week or so to get my head back in the game. Thanks for listening ya'll
  2. Love this thread! I am at my two year mark and my lowest weight so far was still 25lbs from my goal. But somehow I lost that drive and reverted back to bad habits (not eating in the mornings, eating late at night, snacking mindlessly). Now I'm up 15 lbs and have really been feeling awful. I feel like I'm failing and I had this really expensive, risky surgery for nothing. Hopefully by reconnecting with this forum I can snap out of it and move forward out of this abyss.
  3. PhatGurl80

    I just finished my second 5K in 26:52!

    Wow that is great! I've done about 10 so.far and time is still around 40-43 minutes!
  4. PhatGurl80


    Definitely build up to that. You will be surprised how exhausted you actually get just from walking! 2 weeks post op I started walking around my block for 15, 20, then eventually increased to about 45 minutes. It was only a few months before I was able to run my first 5K and I've been doing them regularly ever since. As a matter of fact I just did the color run and it was so much fun. My next goal is to finish an 8K. Currently I'm 17 months post op.
  5. PhatGurl80


    Lol. My husband has surely noticed my boobage is smaller. Used to be in 44DD now I'm a 38C! I love the size..but him? Not so much!
  6. I don't think it has any adverse affects other thanw gas. I avoid carbonation because my tummy just can't handle it. Too uncomfortable and I'm just about 18 months out. I think you can just judge it by how it makes you feel.
  7. I'd recommend you do SOMETHING you'll have to wrap your head around this full lifestyle change. Incorporating exercise as early as the Dr. says its safe to do so will help you get through this adjustment a whole lot easier. I'm not saying you have to jump into a P90X routine, but even a brisk walk in the evenings will help tremendously. It will also help take some if the "edge" off because this whole procedure is so taxing on the psyche
  8. PhatGurl80

    New Orleans Area

    Hey there. I'm in New Orleans and had the surgery in Mexico a year ago. I had a very easy recovery as far as not having anything go awry with my healing. No leaks, no gall bladder issues. I did battle fatigue during the first month or so, but as you increase the calories, that tends to get better. I can count on 1 hand how many times I've actually vomitted from either eating too much or eathing something that just didn't agree with me. It probably took a good 5 or 6 months to learn how to judge the portion sizes of my meals and drinks. I've stuck with the advice of not drinking with my meals too. If ya'll want to get together one day and just talk, let me know! I'm up for it!
  9. PhatGurl80

    How I"m Doing 10 Months Later...

    Hello everyone! Well, I don't even know how long it's been since my last post. I know i haven't been the best at documenting my journey or updating on my status. 10 months into post-op surgery there are many things that have changed in my life. Not just the dropping of over 70lbs, but I also got married And, I wont' be looking back at my wedding photos 10 years from now cringing at how big I am. I started off this journey weak and tired. I was so frustrated and angry at myself that I've actually let myself become so overweight. I was 5"6', 31years old, and weighed right at a whopping 270 lbs! I decided to get the surgery after my friend went through the process and was successful. I decided 9 months before my wedding that I better do it now if i"m going to do it. Since then, I've had to learn how to live a whole new life. Although I feel like i went through a fairly easy recovery stage, eating in and of itself is still a challenge for me. I am stronger and healthier than i've ever been 10 months after surgery. With that said, my "i'm full, STOP!" receptors aren't as strong as I thought they would be. I go through daily occurrences of being overly full. I have battled extreme cases of acid reflux (which I new take a daily medication for). Today I am at 197.00 which is only 22 lbs away from my final goal! I have no wedding to look forward to, but I have my whole life to look forward to. Kids...anniversaries...new homes...all that seems a bit brighter now that I have been through this process. I love me now and that's probably the best benefit that I can see coming from having the Vertical Sleeve. Enjoy the picture...that is of me and my new husband
  10. Hey you guys email me and we can set up a meetup in New Orleans or Metairie. We could try meeting up at one of the parks for a walk and to share our stories Vtkeeta@hotmail.com
  11. Hey there. There have been a couple people I've connected with who live in New Orleans and has gone through the surgery. I have yet to meet anyone face to face but would love to be a part of the group. Are you on Meetup.com? I am also an organizer of a couple Meetup groups in the area: Couch 2 5K Meetup and NOLA Newbies Meetup...
  12. Congrats! Im approaching 6 months post op with Dr. Garcia and ive had no issues. Have a speedy recovery!
  13. Just stick to your plan, and you'll do fine! My first Mardi Gras post sleeve as well
  14. PhatGurl80

    Valentine's Day Challenge!

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone one! Today I'm at 210.6 -- I"ve been kinda of wavering up and down between one or two pounds, but i'm counting the 210.6 as reaching my goal! SW - 270 Weight at beginning of Challenge - 221 Challenge Goal: 210 Current Weight: 210.6 Ultimate Goal: 175 I'm getting closer to Onederland! I can almost taste it
  15. You had me at "bacon-wrapped shrimp".....yummmmmmm

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