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  1. Mocha-Berry

    1 Yr Banded.. Doing Well :)

  2. Mocha-Berry

    If You Lose To Much Weight

    Yes, it will affect the decision to get approve. I had to make sure that my BMI was high enough so that the insurance company would cover it. The nurse told me that I needed to make sure that I stayed at the right BMI. Blue Cross Blue Shield is really particular about that. It does not matter after, they get all the information in. If you decided to lose after the consultation and change your eating habits. I tell you to go for it, but not before the consultation.
  3. Mocha-Berry

    Happy New Year To Everyone !

    Happy New Year!!!
  4. Mocha-Berry

    People Are Watching Your WL Journey

    Dave, thanks for the wonderful post!
  5. Mocha-Berry

    Lap-Band Incisions

    Stick to doctors order. I was banded on 9/22 and I waited until my surgeon told me it was okay to take or put anything on my incisions.
  6. Mocha-Berry


    I have been banded about a month. I still can not sleep on my stomach.
  7. Mocha-Berry


    Before, my surgery the doctor took me off Motrin(ibuprofen). I was able to take Tylenol.
  8. Mocha-Berry

    How much have you taken off???

    Banded on 9/22/11- I am down 21 pounds right now.
  9. Mocha-Berry

    September Bandsters

    I am 5 days post op. I am so miserable. I'm hurting in my back and stomach on my left side. The nurse told me to take some Tums. She is telling me that it is some gas still there. I have been taking the Tums and Gas X. I am hurting so bad. I am down 12 pounds since surgery on 9/22. I do not have appetite at all. i am making myself eat and drink. I had a little pudding and a couple sips of water.I go to the doctor tomorrow. So, I can not wait to see what they are going to tell me.
  10. Mocha-Berry

    September Bandsters

    I have put all my things on the top shelf of the refrigerator. I told the kids hands off. This is mine!!They can touch everything else but not my yogurt and jello. I made sure that everyone was in there, even the 3 year old. My husband bought me some tropical sugar free jello and Popsicle. I can not stand the taste of them. They seem to be really sweet. I even told them that they can have those.
  11. Mocha-Berry

    September Bandsters

    I can't get the protein shake to go down. I taste a little bit and almost got sick to my stomach. I tried to eat some grits this morning, I only had about 3 small spoonfuls, that was all I can eat. I have had tried some yogurt and pudding , they was okay going down.
  12. I was banded on the 9/22 as well. I have been tripping the whole time. My stomach have been doing the same thing. I almost feel like something is moving. It is really bad when, I am laying down. So, I have to get up and walk around to see if that would help. But, no the problem just move to the other side of my stomach. I guess its all that gas that is in our stomachs.
  13. I have been using Gas X as well.
  14. Mocha-Berry

    Jittery Jitters

    I had the panics two days before my surgery. I had my surgery on Sept.22. You just need to relax, get you some fresh air, and take some deep breathes. It will be okay. Good Luck !!!

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