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  1. DrmBig4Evr

    Honestly, how much do you vomit?

    I vomited once in 4 months at 3 months out and I had eaten bad food.
  2. I would stick with your own liquid diet for about 3-4 weeks, atkins based shakes and if you only need 35 lbs you can focus for that short period of time, then weigh in and qualify.
  3. I have a photo of my stomach and my hernia. They sent mine to pathology and found cancer so they kept it there for more testing if needed by my oncologist. If they find nothing they dispose of it as a biohazard.
  4. DrmBig4Evr

    Scale and Motivation Stuck!

    Completely normal, search 3 week stall, you may not technically be 3 weeks, maybe a little more, but still applies. Stick with it! Also, check your inches!
  5. DrmBig4Evr

    3 month stall?!?

    I'm 3 months out and in a stall also, good to see someone post about the topic!
  6. DrmBig4Evr

    In serious need

    Get on it! You had this surgery for a reason, it is a Blessing, don't waste it! Get up, get moving and stay on track!
  7. The big issue here is clotting, especially in the legs. I did travel 2.5 weeks post op, but I would be very cautious. This is how embolisms are formed.
  8. DrmBig4Evr


    I still get horrible cramps and I have an IUD. My periods never stopped with them. Just after surgery my first period was heavier, but now they are about normal in strength, but go a few days longer.
  9. DrmBig4Evr

    Getting your energy back

    I work at a desk job. I had my surgery on a Friday afternoon, released Saturday morning from the hospital. Worked from home on Wednesday. Was in the office on Thursday and Friday, but I slept right when I got home and all weekend. The next week was a bit rough with nausea in the morning, but I had a prescription for that. Otherwise, I was good. I made it!
  10. DrmBig4Evr

    Flippity Floppity

    Yes it happens, some spring back, others don't. For those that don't, there is always plasics. I'd wait a year at least though!
  11. DrmBig4Evr

    3 mo out

    I'm lower on the scale, I'm 3 months out and average about 1lb per week.
  12. DrmBig4Evr


    Also, grab some pineapple flavored coconut water, it might be a little gross, but helps alot right away!
  13. DrmBig4Evr


    I concur, I'm in TX, I've been dehydrated on and off for 3 months. Getting in alot of water first thing, helps alot!
  14. DrmBig4Evr

    Ab exercises?

    I was cleared at 6 weeks and started them at about 2.5 months, it hurts cause Im out of shape, but glad I'm doing them!
  15. DrmBig4Evr

    Change in strategy. What strategy works best for you?

    I'm still emotionally eating. I may resort to a psych. Right now I'm trying to focus on the basics again with protein first and counting calories. This is our life now...I need to accept it and get over whatever relationship I have with food. Still struggling...

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