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  1. Hey Everyone, Here is my info for myfitnesspal:http://www.myfitnesspal.com/KaylaCherie Add me i would love some new ideas on how everyone is eating throughout the day and just that extra support =D xx
  2. Kayla

    Surgery Scheduled!

    Congrats on your surgery date!!! I am glad to hear that you have decided to do a liquid diet on your own. Look forward to hearing about your journey =D
  3. Kayla

    No Pre Op Diet?

    I would ABSOLUTELY recommend a pre-op diet of some kind I had to do two weeks of straight liquids and it really prepared me for how life would be after surgery. Good Luck look forward to hearing about your journey. =D
  4. Good Morning everyone!! I have a cold and this is the first one I have had since being sleeved in August! I am not sure what I should take for it I know that your typical cold medicine has a TON of sugar in it. Any suggestions would be appreciated I sprayed some of the Zicam spray in my throat this morning and had the sudden urge to puke everywhere which I haven't had that feeling since 2 weeks after my surgery!!!
  5. Sorry I haven't been on in a couple of weeks....Spring Semester at school started and I have been throwing all of my time and energy into that I would love to here from everyone see how the first two weeks of 2012 has been treating you! I know I have been doing AWESOME still losing weight and feeling great =D
  6. 2012 is finally here! I know for me 2011 was an AMAZING year of ups and downs but I am so excited about the coming year.....I plan on participating in my first 5k with my Grandpa in October, Can't wait to go buy a bathing suit this summer, I am taking my little sister to Sea World for her birthday and very excited not to get tired walking around in the HOT summer sun!! I hope everyone had a great New Years weekend I kicked mine off on Friday with some friends from high school that were in town....Dancing until 3 AM and it felt GREAT!! Then on Saturday had a low key night in with some more friends & yes I had my first sip of alcohol since my surgery at Midnight I had some Moscato & it wasn't as GREAT as I remembered =( lol!!
  7. Okay so we have finally made it through the two HUGE eating holidays of the year!! Why do they have to be back to back??? Anyways I would love to here how everyone did managing their sleeves through the holidays?? Maybe even some recipes that you have modified to work for your sleeve?? I will start off by saying my main focus through the holidays has still been on getting all of my protien. I have finally started getting my hair loss under control and I don't want to back slide now. Even though I have super thick hair I can definitely tell a difference in the thickness!! As far as Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners go though I am pretty picky....I don't eat pork because I think its gross so the fatty ham at Christmas was easy to resist. My Dinner plate consisted of 4 Cubes of Cheddar Cheese, a bite size Quiche, and two deviled eggs. Thanksgiving was the hardest for me because I am the designated Green Bean Casserole maker in the family and I don't make it traditional and by that I mean the mushroom soup is replaced with Velveeta there is bacon and ham instead of fried onions about a pound of shredded cheese on top!! Before my surgery I could really eat some of this green bean casserole I tried on Thanksgiving and my Sleeve didn't like it I also have a really hard time with poultry mainly because I don't eat dark meat and we all know that white meat can be a little on the dry side especially when my Papa forgets to turn the oven down until and does it an hour later(God I love that man) I was able to put some gravy on it and stomach it a little but the gravy was fatty and caused me to have a horrible Gallbladder attack. Thank God that came out last Monday =D I haven't tried modifying any recipes yet my Dad's wife did modify the traditional Pumpkin for me on Thanksgiving and made a sugar Free Pumpkin Mousse I will get the recipe from her and post it!! This was AMAZING!!! Look forward to reading your posts!
  8. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas I know mine was filled with wonderful family and friends!! I had an absolute amazing time! Check back often I will post things everyweek kind of like "Hot Topics" to discuss if you have any suggestions on topics you would like to discuss feel free to start a new topic feed!!
  9. Hey Everyone my name is Kayla I am 22 years old I live in Central Florida about an hour south of Orlando! I am currently in College for Nursing I have 2 years left I was one of the crazy kids that went right after High School and jumped into a car payment and Credit Cards! But I am on track to a rewarding career!! I am the oldest of 7 children the two most recent additions to our family are my 3 year old sister Lucy she was born 3 days before my 19th birthday and my sister Sean Renee she turned 1 back in August those two are my WHOLE World!!! I have a wonderful support system in both my Family and Friends they are all ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I was sleeved 4 months ago on August 8th!! That day has changed my life forever....I have had an amazing recovery most recently I had to have my Gallbladder removed but that was a small price to pay for how amazing I am feeling I am going to include a post that I had put on the board a few weeks ago for everyone to read!! "If someone would have told me a year ago today that I would weigh less than 300 lbs I would have laughed at them and thought they were crazy I mean I weighed in at almost 400 lbs and felt horrible about myself and wasn't going anywhere until that night I went to bed thinking to my self I have my whole life ahead of me what am I doing why am I killing myself with food I realize now how selfish I was being I wasn't caring about anyone not even myself I was denying my family the daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and granddaughter they deserved. I was also denying my future spouse who ever he might be a wife and future children. I couldn't sleep that night wondering if I was going to wake up the next morning I was scared to close my eyes because I didn't want it to be the last time I did. I prayed to God and asked him if he would give me the answer I was looking for something to help me. Weight loss surgery has always been in the back of my mind but I was to embarassed to say something to anyone not my family or friends. I was scared of being judged because for some reason someone was going to think she didn't try hard enough or she is taking the easy way out. The next morning I opened my email at work and the first one I came to was an informational email about Lap Band...and my story to a new life begins there. I registered for a seminar the first I could go to was in Orlando with Dr. Weir...I went to the seminar I met him and his nutritionist Nadia and they were both AMAZING people for the first time I felt like I had a future. I will never forget the first time I met Dr. Weir I immediatley felt at ease with him....That night I filled out all the necesarry paper work to get the process started towards a better life. The next morning I called my primary care physician and made an appointment for what would then be a series of 6 appointments over 6 months. Everything went smooth from there....I had decided to change my procedure to Gastric Sleeve at first my family didn't understand why but once they understood they were behind me 100%!! Most everyone on my team at work was aware of my surgery and to my amazement noone judged me for it they were all so supportive. Once I got my approval from insurance I was scheduled for surgery in 5 weeks August 8th!! I have to admit that when I found out in January that I had to do 6 months of prep I was upset and thought GOD it is going to drag on FOREVER...But then I started counting the weeks days hours and minutes til surgery and my excitement was building I have to admit there was some anxiety but I just absolutely couldn't wait!! My Dad Mom and Grandparents were the only ones I wanted at the hospital and they were all SO supportive....I remember my Papa staying with me until the ABSOLUTE last minute he could and he was the first one there when I woke up. My hospital stay seemed like it took forever but 2 days is nothing compared to a whole lifetime of opportunity! Now here I am a few days shy of 4 months out from my surgery and I weigh 295 lbs, I know I still have a way to go but Damn I think I look AMAZING!! I am getting compliments from people I didn't think knew I existed, and I am not afraid to tell someone I had surgery I am so proud of it. I am now doing things I haven't done since high school I run 3 miles a day I work full time I go to school and I still have energy left!! Its amazing!! I am so excited about what my future holds!! Sorry for any misspelling lol!!"
  10. First Off Congratulations on deciding to change your life forever! Some people will say well why don't you just diet instead of having your stomach stapled & I will tell them that is easier said than done and the decision to have surgery for me atleast was not an easy one!! I am not going to lie the first few weeks are HORRIBLE you are in pain and trying to figure out what works with your new stomach but I never felt hunger I am 4 months out now and still sometimes I will feel hunger but for the most part nothing. Your hunger is going to be all mental so I suggest in the 2 weeks leading up to your surgery find one activity to focus on when you think your hungry...My activity was walking so anytime I thought I was hungry I would walk and now I am up to jogging 3 miles a day!! Soon you will notice that your focus isn't on the next time you will be able to eat but the whole world that has opened up to you because of the extra baggage that you are leaving behind every day!! Good Luck with your surgery!
  11. I am now 4 months Post-op! I have lost 100 lbs and have included a before and after picture from a year ago!!!
  12. Kayla

    Dill Pickles For A Snack Wth?

    I have always loved Dill pickles!! And although my Doctor didn't say hey eat this if you get hungry in between meals I do any ways!! I love really spicy food and I get the Texas Pete Baby Dills and I usually able to eat two of them....Also I love pickled Okra!!
  13. On my 2 week Pre-op I lost 27 lbs!! You girls are doing Fantastic and will be so happy after your surgery.
  14. Kayla

    One Day Until Vsg Surgery !

    Good Luck!! It'll be over before you know it....and you will be on your way to a whole new life!!!
  15. It is VERY tough to eat what you are supposed to right after surgery. Hell I am going to be 4 months out tomorrow and I still have trouble some days...just make sure once you are used to getting all of your liquids you really focus on protien!! I can't emphasize it enough....I have been having hair loss thank God I have thick hair so it isn't that noticable.

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