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  1. I also agree. There are SOME nice changes, but overall the setup is completely confusing. I also hate the new notifications system. Its like I get notified of every single thing 4 different ways, yet I can't find what I WANT to find, like my subscribed threads. Everything's a mess. Bring back the old site!!!

  2. My tastes have changed like that too, I almost never want fried foods anymore. The only ones I can handle are fried foods that are not breaded, like fries... and I only have a few. I really identified with what you said... 'waiting for the shoe of disappointment to drop'... I'm in a stall right now, and even though I know stalls are normal, I'm so afraid that this is the point where it all goes away and I gain all my weight back. I know with my MIND that it's not possible because I eat so little and exercise so much. Yet I am still afraid.

  3. Congrats, you are doing awesome! I agree, you have to be really attentive to what your body is telling you. I pay extra attention especially when eating out to listen to my tummy and try not to overeat. I am in 18's now but only some, others are still too small... I would LOVE to take the 18's off your hands when you move down a size, if you don't know anyone else to give them to :)

  4. Welcome to the world of blogging! I have been a weight loss blogger for going on 10 years. Needless to say it was time for REAL, lasting weight loss.... thank you VSG!!

    For the weight at which you started, your loss is going at a very good weight!! It is slower when you weigh less. I've done 60 lbs in 11 weeks but I started at 310 lbs so that's why!

    I liked your post very much and I hope you keep blogging! If you are interested my VSG blog is here: Health and Happiness

  5. Thanks Kathy!!! :) So much. As far as your blog URL, when you are in your dashboard click "view blog" and then copy the url that you get. It will be the name you chose originally and then .blogspot.com ... i will try to go look for you as a follower in a bit!

  6. Can you tell me what the hernia feels like? I am wondering if I have one. As much detail as you can share would be really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing your 6 month update, I will definitely go check out your youtube videos.

  7. Tiffy, have you had your thyroid tested recently? Maybe it's possible that you have developed hyperthyroidism? I don't know what can cause it to develop but maybe all the changes could have brought it on. If it was that it could be as simple as adding another pill to have you happily maintaining.

  8. Thank you for posting this! So many people seem to stop posting about their progress after the first few months. It is nice to see how stable things are for you - you are doing great!! I look forward to checking out your photos too.

  9. Wow, that is so wonderful to have your husband now fully on board. Having his support will help you be much more successful! I feel very lucky that my husband wants to have surgery also and we can go through this stuff together.

    I'm so sorry that you're feeling like you can't leave the house. I have had times like that and take it from me - staying in the house actually makes you feel more depressed. At least get in the car and take a nice drive with the windows down, or something like that, where you will still feel like you're not out in public as much but you can get sun and fresh air. It really helps you feel better.

    You MUST start the journey of learning to love yourself even while heavy... it is hard but it is possible. I weighed 295 on my wedding day (at the time that was my highest weight ever) even though I had wanted to lose for my wedding, I gained. But I was so happy and truly happy with who I was that I didn't even care... and everyone said I looked more gorgeous than ever, and asked if I had lost weight. I laughed inside thinking, um no I gained like 15 lbs! But you know, I was confident and happy and that truly shows and makes you more beautiful on the outside!! Find one thing about your appearance to compliment yourself on each day when you look in the mirror. Keep adding to it. So today maybe it's your smile. Tomorrow maybe it's your smile and your eyes. Then it's your smile, your eyes, and that cute freckle. Whatever... eventually you will really start to like what you see. Weight is only one part of who we are and you can't let it define you. Be happy with yourself NOW, and that will only make your happiness even greater when you ARE thinner. If you rely on the thinness to make you happier, it won't live up to your expectations. Best wishes!

  10. What a wonderful story - I'm so glad you finally found the right tool to help you succeed. Although I never had quite your fitness level, I feel the same way, that I am a pretty 'healthy' fat person when it comes to exercise. When I was around 250-260 I could easily do hour long workouts, and I saw all the skinnie minnies come into the gym and hop on a machine and daintily workout for 10 mins on a flat level... while i'd be doing hills and inclines for an hour. It felt so unfair! I think fullness and portions have always been a problem for me too and so I expect a lot of success with this because I'm willing to do all the work. As someone who as also been heavy my whole life, I think your body just gets comfortable with it and weight loss attempts become harder because your body just doesn't want to do it anymore. I know all the right things to do but when I do them, my body barely loses any weight now.

    I hope we both have wonderful lasting success!

  11. As far as having 110 lbs to go look at it this way, how many times have you started, thinking about how far you have to go, only to stop after 20-30 lbs and go back up? That won't happen this time... sleeve is an excellent tool and it works if you work it. So yeah, it may take time, but it will be far less than without surgery if you were continuing to yo yo and try on your own. Even if it's a year, or two.... then you have arrived. I think back and man if I'd done this 6 years ago when I first thought about it, I would have been at a healthy weight for 4-5 years already! Instead I'm 310! My highest ever!

    So yes just hang in there, and it will come! :) Best wishes.

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