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  1. only 10 lbs away from goal :)

  2. Bienvenida, don't be nervous, we are here for support.

  3. Manu

    Here We Goooooo

    All people tend to perceive change differently, some people can't stand a single discomfort without telling the whole world, you in the other hand can relate the pain/discomfort to previous incidents which is great, but make no mistake you will encounter new phases that you are going to go postal, such as your first fill, after the op usually they don't do restriction just the surgery itself was a shocker to lose weight but you are not really restricted. I love to keep in touch with you and help each other out. I am facing a different bear, being in the band about 5 years now, which I nearly lost 150lbs yet in the last year I being stuck in the biggest plateau ever hope to get some tips from you. Au revoir
  4. Manu

    Secretly Fat

    don't beat yourself down that hard, the first step in your 12 step program you mentioned, or even any program, is "Denial" and you seem to pass to 2nd step which is "Acceptance" so you are doing good, only 10 steps to go (sorry, that is not funny), but at least you are making progress right? You seem in pretty good condition in my personal point of view, but I am not going to lie to you either me losing 140lbs already makes total attitude change, I still have another 60 to go but at least we are making progress. Hope we can still exchange encouragement messages. Ciao bella p.s. and I am sure your hubby still in love with you, if you do this do it for the right reasons. Whatever those might be.
  5. Manu

    Another Plateau!

    I being on a plateau for the last couple of months but I am feeling great, as long as you can keep your progress then you should be in good shape. I being told that I need to do something different since the body gets used to just about anything. They recommend me doing weight lifting so I need to give that a try, just my 2 cents. Keep us posted.

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