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Go With Your Gut!

When we do not pay attention to our intuition there is a low level anxiety/energy that constantly runs in the background of our mind/body. And we consciously (or not so consciously) think things like “I know I should speak up for myself at work, but I don’t want to make waves.” “I really should have an omelet for breakfast but the donut looks good, I know I’ll feel sick afterwards, oh it doesn't matter, I'll eat better tomorrow.” “I never should have volunteered to do that project: I don't have the time, but I didn't want to disappoint my friend.” “I know my partner treats me disrespectfully, he doesn’t really mean it I know he wants to change. I’m gonna keep my mouth shut and hope he changes soon.” etc. Having all this background chatter is annoying. Guess What?? Overeating or eating foods that make you sleepy or foggy is a GREAT way to dull that noise. However if you want to lose weight and keep it off in a healthfully, you must learn to respond to your overeating triggers in positive, self nurturing way. If ignoring your intuition is one of your triggers here is a simple way to begin to notice your intuition. When you make a commitment to "playing around with this" you will undoubtedly begin to be more aware of your gut instincts in more important areas of your life: relationships, work, health. Once you start to trust your intuition you will continually be guided to people places and things that you support you in your quest to life a healthy joy-filled life!

This comes from my Nurturing Nudge # 55

Go With Your Gut!

Practice listening to and acting on your intuitive hunches. If this is a new concept for you, start out with small things like trusting your gut when it comes to getting in the fastest moving line at the bank, or finding a great parking spot. In these instances your intuitive hunch is the very first feeling/thought/inclination that comes up when you pose a question. For instance your intuitive hunch might be to get in a longer line at the bank, something your rational mind would argue. But I challenge you to go with your gut. More times than not I bet you find that your intuitive hunch was right. Another easy way to better trust your instincts is to call or email a friend when the thought of them pops up in you mind. Whenever I do this I usually find that my friend was just thinking about me or that he or she needed my support at the exact time I reached out to him/her.
This is great practice for learning to live your life in connection with your Higher Power, your Intuitive Knowing, which will always guide you to act in ways that are loving and respectful to yourself and others; that support your Highest Good.

Know this: You have all the wisdom and knowledge you will ever need inside you. Practice accessing, listening to, and acting on its promptings. When you do this you might be surprised to notice that you experience a feeling of lightness and increased energy, a greater sense of well being, and a sense of things flowing easily and effortlessly!

It is soooo cool to follow your instincts and see that they were right on even when they made no logical sense!

Kinda makes your heart giggle!!


I trust my gut!

My intuition guides my every action!

The more I listen to my intuition the louder it speaks!

My gut rocks!

Live In Love 😘


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I have been eating nothing but McDonalds Hot & Spicy’s plain with only cheese but haven’t been exercising since October when it started getting cold. I stopped loosing weight but haven’t gained any back either. I’m having a hard time getting motivated to finish my journey. I only like about 30-35 pounds to reach my goal weight.
Any suggests other than to stay away from McDonalds ?

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