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What’s Wrong With My Lap Band Diet?

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No matter which category you fit into, your diet is the major player you need to get right to lose weight.

These are so many possible sample diets to review to help you self reflect and pin point which areas of your diet you could change. Lets start with the sample indicated below displayed in the table.

Can you see the 5 points which can be improved?

9am, 1 weetbix and milk consumed in 10-15mins, no discomfort on eating

11am, low fat late'

2pm, 1 salad biscuit with cheese, consumed in 5 mins, no discomfort on eating

5.30pm pre dinner nibbles of cheese and biscuits, grazed over 40mins, no discomfort on eating

6.30pm 1 chicken thigh and steamed vegetables, eaten in 10-15mins, experienced discomfort on eating

9pm small bowl of nuts while watching TV, no discomfort on eating


1. Even though the Lap Band feels tighter in the morning, 1 weet-bix consumed in 5 mins is quite quick. This is indicating that the Lap Band may need more fluid. Hence only 2 hours later more food is consumed again, unfortunately the consistency was liquid again. This means that the receptor sites still have not been stimulated by the diet to induce satiety.

2. 1 salada biscuit with cheese for a meal is not sufficient food.

3. Nibbling pre-dinner will be due to hunger. The Band needs more fluid, insufficient amount of food was eaten during the day and most of the food was of a wet consistency.

4. The evening meal is fantastic, but eaten quite quickly. This confirms the Lap Band needs fluid to help control the hunger more. You would notice that some discomfort was experienced on eating the more solid food. This is due to eating too big mouthfuls of food and inadequate chewing likely followed by not waiting sufficient time between swallows. If fluid is added into the Lap Band ideally but the pace of eating was not slowed down, then discomfort on eating will result in food regurgitation.

5. The evening nibbles in front of the TV could be either from hunger as the Lap Band needs more fluid and or insufficient amounts of food was eaten during the day or habit

Reading this article you may be thinking, my diet is so different, I would love some feedback. Well the offer is there. Provide me with a sample days intake and I'll let you know what is wrong with your Lap Band Diet, to help you lose weight.

Start typing...........

great article

i think the majority of the people know what is wrong with their (diet)..

they seem to be hung up on (i am on a diet) .......i blame that on the past diets we all most likely did...over and over with the same results....lose, gain and lose and gain until we sought medical intervention.....i think many people also just eat the wrong things (easy, processed, fried, high calorie) in amounts their body cant burn off and it turns into fat.....that is what happened to me.....i do not diet..i eat what i like....but i take and am responsible for what i do eat and make better choices....sure i divert off path but am right back on it......and then some who have a WLS to help them just dont....

we have to make the choice to do the best we can with what we have (or dont have) and then do it without saying what am i doing wrong and start saying i am doing GREAT ...

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I kinda latched on to how much carbs were being eaten. I think natural carbs from Beans and veggies are Ok, but the bread or "biscuits" should be avoided. By biscuits, you mean crackers to the American readers?

Definitely they need to stay way from the liquids and eat slower.

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I don't see any good Protein until 1 chicken thigh at 6:30pm.....I'd be hungry all day! Even with the one chicken thigh, that's no where near the amount of Protein I "eat" per day.

I usually start with 20-40 grams of protein within an hour of waking. Usually Protein shake or Liquid Protein. Keeps me satisified until lunch.

lunch is deli meat, grilled fish, tuna salad, or lentil Soup (homemade!). Maybe some cheese or cottage cheese and a few crackers.

dinner is solid protein. Fish/chicken/occasionally crock pot pork or beef (rarely). salad, green veggie, sometimes potato.

I eat fish/seafood probably 10 times a week. My fav solid protein source by far.

Lots of liquids.....coffee all morning, Water, crystal light lemonade, Powerade zero, etc.

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I'm a self proclaimed carb junkie. I find myself following a high Protein low carb way of eating and it agrees with my band. I stay away from crackers and breads because I know that those are my kryptonite and if I started eating them it would be a slippery slope.

Also, I don't let myself veer too far off of my food plan. I'm sure that will change when I'm in my maintenance phase!

Nothing gets me more motivated than watching the numbers drop on the scale or pulling my skinny jeans out of my closet and being able to wear them.

I agree with the statement that people know what's wrong with their diets. I did! I just cant wrap my head around why someone would go through the process to get WLS if they weren't truly committed to taking the weight off. SMH! It's such a drastic measure.

I'll also admit in the beginning I was worried because I had/have so much weight to lose I wasn't sure I could do it with the band. To hell with that! Again, I will say how important it is to keep up your appointments with your WLS office. Even if I don't think I need a fill its just an accountability thing for me. And, I again SMH when people are having issues but haven't seen their Dr. in months. Why not? That would be the first thing I'd do!

TGIF. I hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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I'm new at this and of course we are all so different, but to me it's very important that I am not on a diet. Hallelujah! Out of food jail. I am trying to listen closely to my body and if I'm hungry, I eat, if I'm not hungry I don't eat. Surprisingly complex in all of it's simplicity because of all those years of severe dieting which got me mixing up signals, not responding to healthy hunger, holding off from eating, etc. So now if I'm hungry I examine it -- first need to rule out stress-eating if I'm feeling anxious -- then it's just a matter of which good choice to make. I love good healthy food and want to have a good healthy relationship with it.

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I kinda latched on to how much carbs were being eaten. I think natural carbs from Beans and veggies are Ok, but the bread or "biscuits" should be avoided. By biscuits, you mean crackers to the American readers?

Definitely they need to stay way from the liquids and eat slower.

I'm totally with you, Leepers. That's what jumped out at me right off the bat.

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Great comments guys. It is great to hear that we all agree with eating more solid food to maximize the effect of the Lap Band. Outside that I am SO HAPPY to see catfish87 report that it is not enough Protein at the meals, especially the second meal.

That;s right. If we are feeling hungry with the Lap Band it doe snot mean that we automatically put Fluid in the band. Lets look at the food choices and consistency first. Or an over tight band will make eating healthier food too difficult and move to slush.

Carolina, STOP DIETING, perfect once again. Yes we need to have a healthier relationship with food to help control the emotional eating. Or the Lap Band will be sabotaged.

This is where my following comments may not be welcomed. I do encourage carbohydrates form all food groups, and here is my disclaimer, based on an individuals personal preferences.I feel it is unrealistic to completely avoid foods from the breads and cereals category life long. Portion Control is the better answer. So when I look at the second meal, I would transfer the dry biscuit/cracker to a slice of bread as it will be more filling.

Guys I would encourage that you don't try and avoid carbs completely. Otherwise all you will be left to eat is animal Protein and carb free vegetables. I like to summarise the dietary plan as below:

  • Eat solid food requiring chewing
  • Include protein at each meal
  • regarding carbohydrates, there are two choices:

1. Avoid carbs at a meal

2. Include them but portion them to 1 serve per main meal

Hope that helps

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Have to agree with everyone. One biggie that jumped out at me, especially after my pre-surgery "lifestyle classes" - what the heck are you doing snacking in front of the t.v.? :) That's a "no-no"! To be successful, one must eat mindfully. One can't eat mindfully while watching t.v. And while a handful of nuts has great MUFAs, they also have a lot of fat and many contain a lot of sodium.

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Hi! Maybe you can tell us the PERFECT days meal...

I generally do a Protein shake in the am. I work so that is simple and 30 grams off the bat first thing in the morning.

Protein Bar at 3ish...

chicken or fish at lunch w/veggies and same at dinner.

I am told to get 90 grams of Protein a day ...

the Water is the hardest for ME! I am loosing only 1 # a week...I've lost less than a # a week...since June.

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Hi BeachBish

This is a great question and sorry to hear about your frustration. This question is amazingly timed. I only just provided some advice via email to an individual in the same situation who had not lost weight for a long time and then turned around and emailed me back telling me that she had lost 2 kg.

So how can I help you? Unfortunately there is no perfect diet, but rather an ideal diet. This; in my opinion would include the following:

(1) Atleast 1200 calories from quality food (Protein, fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy)

(2) I am keen that no food group is eliminated on a long term basis

(3) Ensure you can eat quality food without it getting caught before the band too often

(4) An intake of a minimum of 60gms Protein is ok

(5) A plateau will occur if we eat too few calories.

(6) I look for 3 quality meals per day and 2-3 Snacks per day based on exercise levels

(7) Protein supplementation is required based on individual needs and diet

So a very "simple' sample day could include the following:

Meal 1. 200gm yoghurt with 1/4 to 1/2cup muesli

Snack: 250ml Latte

Meal 2. 1x90gm tin of tuna, salad (+/- ¼ cup quinoa)

Snack: 1 handful of fruit

Meal 3. Palm size cooked protein (meat/chicken/fish/egg) with steamed vegetables

Snack: 300ml low fat latte

I know that we can incorporate more exciting meals, however if I keep it simple it provides more of a guide regarding portions. I do know there are a lot of people I see who have a lot less food. However, as you can see I am keen that the lap band is not too tight. I do get the best results this way.

Conversely, I also often see people eating 1000-12000 calories and then wonder why they are still not losing weight. I have never seen anyone lose their desired amount of weight on a 1000-1200 calories eating plan when the food choices predominantly coming from convenience foods high in fat., sugar or both.

In fact I am running a FREE WEBINAR on Monday April 14th addressing this plus more at http://lapbanddiet.com.au/free-webinar

I hope this helps to shed some light. We all need to eat to lose weight. Lets make sure the band is not holding us back from doing this.

Good luck.

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I got really concerned once I finally had the opportunity to see a dietitian...because I am still a little bit unstable on my legs to exercise vigoriously...she wanted me to eat a daily calorie intake of 1200. When I started to journal what I was eating in My Fitness Pal...I realized that was alot of food...LOL!!! Major freakout!!! So I analyzed what types of food I was eating, what set well with me and what doesn't and tried to use some of the meals she had printed out for me. then more concerns she told me to eat "the big no-no according to everyone on this green earth that has had WLS" "BREAD", I was so freaked out and no one responded to my plea's when I posted on this forum!!! So I called her back, she said YES you do need to eat good breads when you do eat them. so I chose one day to try it...I can manage bread...but don't eat it much because I am a breadaholic...the fear of eating it and can't stop...LOLRH!!! but I tried it and it went down fine, but it is something I will only be doing when I have to not when I want too. so getting back to my journalling...I do eat pretty good food choices and was proud of myself for that...but was still stuck (stalled-plateaued, whatever you call it) since I had my last fill. so I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong...the thing that I feel got me moving again was the fact that I ordered myself a trike to get some exercising in and my doctor (primary) also gave me to go ahead to head back to the pool for exercise too (knee replacements-no balance at all-due to my weight issues). it just seems that I am walking more around my job...making myself get up and move during the day and just thinking about my new exercising seems to have leveled me out...only down 1 lb and some ounces, but I am finally down again. so I hope everyone keeps up the good work (for I see all of you on these posts all the time) and we are all moving in the same directions "down" and getting to our goals. I know I am eating way healthier than I ever did before (even on WW) and on occasion allow myself a treat or two during the month...but am happy that soon I will be able to work those extra calories off either on the trike or in the pool!!! Happy Band Day to you ALL

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