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Honesty is the best policy

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Most people who choose to undergo Lap Band surgery, do so because they want to change their body and improve their health. Most people understand what to eat to lose weight, however you need to understand how to do this in conjunction with the Lap Band. The Lap Band can behave slightly differently each day creating variability in the food you can tolerate. The most important consideration is to ensure that the Lap Band falls within the green zone. That is, the Lap Band is not too tight.

Clients do come to me frustrated that they are not losing weight quickly enough. My response always is; what is holding you back? The band or you?

I often get a confused looking client in front me. This question can be quite confronting and forces one to self-reflect and be honest with themselves. I believe honesty is the best policy.

With this article I would like to discuss a common challenge faced by most lapbanders, how much and how often one should eat? My philosophy is to keep things simple and easy to digest.

Realistically I like to see a minimum of three meals a day consumed. Rather than focusing on how much to eat, try and place the focus on eating quality healthy food that would fit on a small toddler portion plate. This portion should take 15 to 20mins maximum to eat, after which you should feel disinterested in eating more food and be happy to stop eating. Remember, it is not the role of the Lap Band to stop you from eating, this is your responsibility.

Ask yourself, are you really using the Lap Band to its maximum potential?

Happy eating

Helen Bauzon

If interested, on Wednesday night 27th November, I will be running a 30min live webinar where you can ask me any question, plus learn a key activity you can do to prevent weight gain during the festive season. http://weightlosssurgerydiet.com.au/index.php/online-webinars

i am now eating to lose weight..the band totally helps me with the amount...i do my part

by eating better foods ( Proteins, fruit and veggies).....nothing from a box......options are there...up

to the person to choose better options...baked vs fried...no wls will stop a person from eating anything..

a person MUST decide to make changes...no dieting needed...and until a person accepts that, no wls will work,

thanks for a nice post topic.

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