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    Multivitamin and nausea

    I started the Bariatric Advantage Multivitamin Chewy - I feel nauseous right after taking one.... anyone else the same? Do you get use to it? Or is it better to switch Vitamins?
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    Post-op question

    I had pain the day of surgery and the day after and needed the prescription pain meds but once i got home for surgery, I didnt need any medication
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    Running out of steam

    500-650 calories. More than enough water. All supplements taken.
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    Running out of steam

    Taking your supplements? Drinking plenty of fluids? You may be focussing more on protein intake right now, but do you know an estimate on how many calories you are consuming daily?
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    12 years after surgery

    I am also 12 years out. Lost a lot of weight SW was 310 day of surgery I was about 265. I gained quite a bit back.... and 3 years ago started Keto and now I am about 145 (pre covid I was 135....gotta lose the covid pounds now) I was going through a divorce when I had my surgery and I never had good habits after. Basically I replaced food with alcohol (was not a drinker prior to WLS). Now I don't drink and take tons of vitamins. My labs have never been better but I still struggle with healthy eating habits. Every day though gets better and Keto was a lifesaver.
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    Purée and stall?

    Well I went down two pounds but it’s still a slow progress. Today I had my type of favorite chicken , I didn’t purée it . I just cut it up really small and chewed it a lot. Not eating food is a bummer but the reward will be great
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    Purée and stall?

    I feel the same. I started working out and I’m walking religiously and this scale is STUCK! I just want out these 200s.
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    Purée and stall?

    Yup! I’n the same damn boat . On 3 weeks haven’t gained but haven’t lost a single lb and it’s driving me crazy! All I’m eating is tuna and salmon as well! I heard it’s normal for a stall hope it ends soon!
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    Girl you just said exactly what I discovered a few days ago (I'm 3 weeks post-op). I'm not hungry, but sometimes I just CRAVE and I stopped myself several times - but why? It's usually the same thing for me as for you, meetings that go the way I planned, missed deadline, overall anxiety.
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    Post OP tip

    See picture! so I went home on Easter Sunday and thought Premier Protein 1 gram of sugar , 160 calories, 30 protein fit all the requirements, although it did some requirements not all of them so with this surgery you must follow to the letter. the only one true protein shake that I needed was Ensure Max Protein Shake this is considered a clear protein shake and I have been able to tolerate it. the other one I poured a 1 ounce cup and sipped less than 1/4 of it and immediately my stomach did not tolerate it, kept coming back up my throat. so I hope this helps you guys when you are post OP, remember all protein shakes are not created equal.

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