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    Pre-op feeling bad

    I am a little better today but woke up starving in the middle of the night. However, I am HAPPY that i’ve lost ten pounds in 5 days!!!!
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    After surgery diabetes

    Positive post for people living with diabetes and in the pre op phase. I became a diabetic at 29 in 2018 my first blood sugar reading was 329 A1C 13.5.I was put on meds metaformin and insulin, but changed my lifestyle and was running too many lows so was taken off. In 2020 I started to get real bad yeast infections( TMI) checked my blood sugar 521 A1C 11.5 scheduled an appointment with a endocrinologist was put on humalog and trujao soloster. After getting my A1C down to 6. I was put on ozempic and trujao. Two weeks after surgery I was told discount all meds and that I didn’t have to see my endocrinologist anymore. Since surgery resting sugar is always 70 never below and after a meal in the 90’s the highest it’s been was 104. Sorry for the long post but I wanted you all to know my struggle. Btw I had surgery 3/3. I hope others who are undergoing surgery due to weight and diabetes get the same blessing!
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    Multivitamin and nausea

    I started the Bariatric Advantage Multivitamin Chewy - I feel nauseous right after taking one.... anyone else the same? Do you get use to it? Or is it better to switch Vitamins?
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    12 years after surgery

    I am also 12 years out. Lost a lot of weight SW was 310 day of surgery I was about 265. I gained quite a bit back.... and 3 years ago started Keto and now I am about 145 (pre covid I was 135....gotta lose the covid pounds now) I was going through a divorce when I had my surgery and I never had good habits after. Basically I replaced food with alcohol (was not a drinker prior to WLS). Now I don't drink and take tons of vitamins. My labs have never been better but I still struggle with healthy eating habits. Every day though gets better and Keto was a lifesaver.
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    I used to never eat breakfast before surgery. Now it’s my favorite (and biggest) meal of the day. First thing in the morning is 24oz of water with a squirt of Crystal Light and my multivitamins. Then, my typical breakfast.
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    6 months post op...CAN'T EAT!!!

    4 months post opp. Can only tolerate protein shakes sometimes. Typical day for me is 1-2 protein shakes and a bottle of water if I'm lucky.. Occasionally a bite of soft food. Most of what I eat / drink comes back up. Rny dec 3 2020. Been on iv fluids since mid December 2020 . All scans and tests are normal.. Noone can tell me why I'm so sick. Surgeon finally told me it must just be in my head. Like thanks . Cause i want to throw up and be weak and have headaches and spend all my time at infusion clinics or Dr apts 😭
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    Post OP tip

    See picture! so I went home on Easter Sunday and thought Premier Protein 1 gram of sugar , 160 calories, 30 protein fit all the requirements, although it did some requirements not all of them so with this surgery you must follow to the letter. the only one true protein shake that I needed was Ensure Max Protein Shake this is considered a clear protein shake and I have been able to tolerate it. the other one I poured a 1 ounce cup and sipped less than 1/4 of it and immediately my stomach did not tolerate it, kept coming back up my throat. so I hope this helps you guys when you are post OP, remember all protein shakes are not created equal.
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    No Weight Loss

    I stalled exactly at week 3 for 2 weeks. Just put some extra focus on getting as close to your liquids and protein goals and to maybe add in some more walking to try to get out of it. IT WILL start back up again so don't let it stress you.
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    No Weight Loss

    I was March 9 also and I have only lost 26
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    A little motivation

    First pic is me on Christmas in 2018 and second pic is me in early December 2020 (I was at my highest weight in the first pic and around 208 in the second pic)

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