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    Having a hard day today...

    Hey everyone. Doing so much better these days. Actually had to go onto the pill to help my hormones level out. Only temp though.. really until I lose the majority of my weight. 43lbs down now and feeling good. Hope you all are doing ok too. Hang in there!
  2. Hey all - Just wanted to reach out because I am having a difficult day. I've cried three times and just feeling down. I am three weeks Post OP and I am surprised it has taken this long for me to feel some of the effects. I miss food. Not in the way of feeling full or having some emotional need - I just simply miss the taste of food. The point I am at in my diet - I can only have canned/packaged tuna or scrambled eggs.. along with the softer foods from the previous weeks. I opened a pack of the tuna today and it smelled horrendous. I just started sobbing and my wife said to throw it away... we'd get the kind I did like at the store in a bit. Is it just me or have any of you felt like this? I just feel like a ball of emotions the last two days.
  3. I have heard that some people tend to move towards plant based meats after WLS, but I know many who still do eat red meat. The ones that don't said they simply didn't care for the taste anymore after surgery. I have tolerated everything I've eaten so far without issue... well, except for Lemon Pepper packaged tuna. My tummy did not like that. Everything else has been fine. I am one of the lucky ones that haven't had complications with food or drinking. The journey is different for everyone.
  4. Chris10Mariah

    Plain Greek Yogurt ~ what can I do with it??

    Next week, I’m going to put a pack of hidden valley ranch dip in mine to have with veggies!
  5. Chris10Mariah

    Food Before and After Photos

    Okay all... I am new here and I've been going through this thread, so I figure you guys are best to ask. I, too, am a fellow foodie and cook - so I CANNOT wait to be able to start cooking again, trying new recipes and eating actual food. I am about to go into week three after surgery and finally get to have eggs and tuna... maybe a 1/2 piece of toast. So... here's the burning question: I've read RNY patients should avoid cabbage. As a Scot-Irish American... this makes me sad. However, I see some of you eating Brussels Sprouts.... which I LOVE with some bacon in a pan!!!! Have any of you had adverse reactions to them? (I already no longer have a Gallbladder since ten years ago... so I know all about dumping syndrome, etc.) Btw - first thing I am making when I get to have real food is Shakshuka in my new ramekins I just ordered... with a little Truff hot sauce on top!! I cannot wait.
  6. Hello all! I just signed up after reading some of your stories and I wanted to become part of this community. I will try not to make my story too lengthy. I am a 38 year old female, originally from the Midwest, although I have lived quite a few places in my life. Midwest will always be home, though. For almost ten years, I was trapped in an emotionally abusive, sometimes physically abusive marriage with a narcissist wife. I didn't really care about myself or my well-being. During this time, my father - who never had any major ailments in his life - came down with congestive heart failure, fighting for his life with an LVAD for three years... dying in the middle of a restaurant with my mom and their friends. I am sure you can imagine at this point in my life - I didn't even care if I lived. There were many times I thought about driving my car off of the bridge on the way to work - but I thought of my mom and sister. I couldn't do it to them. My health declined, I had chronic feet issues that led to me finding out I had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis so bad that I had neuropathy in both legs/feet. My weight was in the 260s. Even after my medicine lined out my thyroid levels, I still could not lose weight - this was around December 2017 - also the time I had Achilles repair surgery. Flash forward - May 2018. I knew I had to get out. I started working out, low carbing... I could only lose around 25lbs on my own, then nothing. No matter what I tried. July, I finally did it. I left with two duffle bags, 100 bucks in my pocket and my truck. I moved in with family - surprisingly all of them being there for me after they all pulled away because of my ex. I then applied for transfers with work because I knew I had to start completely over. I was accepted and moved to the east coast in December 2018. Since then.. I met and married the absolute love of my life this past summer, June 2020. I was promoted to management with my company. I've paid off all debt from my previous life. I've rediscovered all of my old hobbies and likes. Now, I just had RNY on 4/13/21 to finally take control over the last part of my previous life.. to lose the weight and enjoy the life I deserve completely. I couldn't have done it without my new wife. She is my rock and my biggest supporter. The most amazing person I've ever met. Sometimes things in life happen... we can't explain them. We have to have the courage to go with it and to see what's out there. We all deserve to live our best lives. Down 25lbs so far and already feel so much better. Thanks to you all for being such great inspirations to me!
  7. Chris10Mariah

    New here - Here's a little of my story....

    Thank you so much! Really, I just thought of my dad through it all... what he went through, how he fought to live and everything I've done has been so tiny compared to that. We only get one life.... we can't waste it.
  8. I loved tomato juice before surgery and I love it even more now!! I do water first thing, then juice and I just started introducing coffee back into my life.
  9. Chris10Mariah

    Why am I hungry

    I was like that the first week with mine... so I added a little Ripple plant based milk. Really helped. Who would have thought... plant based milk. LOL

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