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    Three Month Mark

    Today is my three month post sleeve day, and I have lost a total of 61.4lbs!!!!!! This is wild- I'm SO close to my high school weight again. No more blood pressure or cholesterol meds, I have more energy than I've had in years, I crave healthy foods and eat well... this is the reason I had the surgery. I needed that push to get me going. It's been the best tool I've ever had to become healthy. I am just legitimately so happy to finally feel like a human again... after I'm finished with my breakfast, I'm going out on my new bike for a victory lap lol
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    I weigh less than my husband!!!!

    That sounds like a really fun milestone!. Unfortunately my husband is a skinny little thing and only an inch taller than me. Not sure if that will ever happen - and if it does, it will be when I am already normal weight. 😂
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    JRT Mom

    I weigh less than my husband!!!!

    My hubby and I used to be the same size and I'd wear his jeans, which ticked him off because he'd go to get a clean pair and I'd be wearing the last clean pair. The thing that made him happiest about my weight loss was that I couldn't steal his jeans any more. It was a non-scale victory--for HIM!
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    I had just started the process when the virus picked up and so far have been able to have my initial consultation, psych evaluation, and 1st nutritional meeting all within 2 weeks of first contact. I hope I am not missing out on too much by not doing office meetings, but they have been doing everything virtually and I am hitting all my action items. Have my 2nd out of 4 nutritional meeting in a couple of weeks, so have been working on eating better and trying to tone up prior to surgery, which would tentatively be in July. It makes it easier when I can't just run out and get my normal fast food :). Hoping those with surgeries coming up can get in soon. So excited for this journey!
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    Three Month Mark

    From what I hear, everyone loses at different rates, and if you start heavier, you lose a little faster. But your numbers are still amazing! And I'm glad you feel better.
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    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    Congratulations on making the decision to come back to the forum and get back on track. Set some mini goals for yourself, ad try to make it fun to see how much weight you can lose by July 1st. Lots of hugs!!! You can do this!!!
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    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    It's a new day where I am now. I am sitting in front of my computer sipping on my morning protein-coffee while reading comments here. Thank you all for the kind responses.. I am happy that I came back to the forums. ♥ I am getting myself back on track today.
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    Hunger Question

    I know that I need to chew even slower. Thank you.
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    you are amazing and what I love the most, is your smile. Funny I just looked back thinking your Before pic you wouldn't be smiling but you were. Amen to loving your self at all weights
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    Amazing. Congratulations! Sent from my SM-G973U using BariatricPal mobile app