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    JRT Mom

    No goal weight?

    Mine also didn't give me one. I picked one that sounded healthy, but I'll take whatever I can get!
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    No goal weight?

    I didn't have a goal weight my goal was to lose enough weight to have hip replacements and any more was a bonus.
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    No goal weight?

    I have a final goal weight and I set a few goals for myself along the way. I'm not going to stress about it but I like to have something to shoot for to help keep me on track. I have a long way to go but I didn't put the weight on overnight and I know it won't come off overnight either.
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    No goal weight?

    @TheJuice202 that sounds smart. I'm only 10 weeks out so I have a long ways to go. I'm sure a lot of people need a number to keep pushing. The further along I go I feel like I may need to do the same thing to keep motivated! I've just always eaten pretty healthy.. so I know the weight will come off.
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    Mood Swings!!!

    Idk why but my moods are crazy!!! One moment am fine next moment am sad another moment am mad as hell!! I had my surgery almost 4 weeks ago! Next moment am crying kind of depressed is this normal? Does anyone else feel like this?☹️😞
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    Time off

    I work in an office, very sedentary work. I had surgery on a Tuesday and returned to work by the following Monday (6 days). I'd say that if you have a relatively sedentary job, you could probably return relatively quickly. However, just because you CAN doesn't mean you should. I know that I had pretty bad fatigue for at least 3 weeks after surgery. In my 1st week back, I fell asleep at lunch one day. And for several weeks, I crashed every Thursday and fell asleep in the chair right after dinner. If I had to do it again, I probably would have taken a 2nd week off.
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    Time off

    I had a desk job (am now retired). I took three weeks off but could have gone back after two. I felt fine in general, but the tiredness lasted a month or so.
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    Drinking wine

    I didn't have any wine for two months after GS and have discovered that by adding back at least a glass of red wine at dinnertime I have had no tolerance issues at all...in fact haven't felt it at all. That being said, they are pretty empty calories and I'll be giving it up again for Lent.
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    3 weeks in!

    Congratulations to you, @Mizztiterita and @kswin79 on your success so far! As AJ said, it will all work itself out in the end. Try to be mindful of all the changes you are experiencing. I'll bet you are losing inches even if the scales aren't moving. You are successfully following your plan. Have you measured to track the inches? I just started doing that to get my base before surgery, but it is something that was suggested to combat the inevitable stalls. Keep the faith, you're doing the right thing! Good luck, @IAmGrace on your sleeve tomorrow! Will be keeping you in thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted as you are able during your recovery! (HUGS)
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    most insurance companies require a 3- to 6- month supervised diet like the one you described (some surgeons do as well, but it seems like more often it's the insurance company). A lot of us are required to do this. I found it VERY helpful. It eases the transition between pre- and post-op life so your change in lifestyle after surgery doesn't seem as radical. In mine, I was supposed to limit myself to 2300 calories (I was eating 3000+ before), gradually increase my protein and decrease my carbs, wean myself off carbonation and caffeine, practice separating drinking from eating, exercising 3-5 times a week, etc. I lost 57 lbs in the process and I really think it helped with the transition. as far as "losing weight with it and therefore not needing surgery" goes, I'd lost 50-60 lbs a gazillion times before - but the problem was, I could never keep it off. I'd hit a wall, bad habits would start to creep back in, I'd stop monitoring myself as closely, and the weight would gradually come back on. With surgery, I've been able to lose ALL my excess weight and keep it off. Plus when you do this on your own, you're constantly fighting biology. Your gut bacteria, hunger hormones, metabolism, etc, are all fighting to put that weight back on. Surgery resets all of that, so even though it's not easy, it's not an impossible battle, either.