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    A New New Dawn

    Misfit In Band Land

    I can totally understand your frustration and the waiting period can be daunting as we are all excited to start our journey. Try to be patient. It will come. You have dealt with your weight probably for a long time... what's a few more days. You DO belong. You are welcome and knowledge is power so it is good that you are on here even if you are not quite "there" yet.
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    I hate fake people!

    Sorry to hear about your friend's fire. As for your co-workers, they are co-workers, not friends. People are with their co-workers more than anyone else in their life yet they don't understand the bonding sometimes. Very sad for them. Meanwhile, raising money for the fire victim was great and must have made you feel wonderful. NSV!
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    I broke my sobriety last night

    Don't be too hard on yourself. The key here is, that you're right back on track today. This is how it's going to be through the rest of your life; allowing yourself a little something off plan on occasion, but then hopping right back on track. I was banded on 3/25/13, and decided that the Memorial Day BBQ I went to, would be the day I allowed myself some wine. I hadn't had anything to drink three months prior, and thought one glass would be all I could tolerate. Not! I think that I drank damn near an entire bottle! I tolerated it fine, but didn't feel very well for a couple of days. Not sick; just off a shade or two. I'd like to say "lesson learned", but I'm sure I'll have a day like that again. Felt NO pain & had a great time!!
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    Kimme - it's always a struggle, and we're not perfect people. That is what makes us, human. As you know from your own experience, sometimes this process flows pretty easily; we're highly motivated, feeling good, looking forward in a positive way.... Then, life happens & knocks us off of our foundation. This by NO means makes you a failure. It makes you, human. I've gotten a lot from your posts, and I feel confident that you will get back on track. Life is all about ebbs & flows, and I believe that a momentary setback will not stop you from moving forward on the path you charted for yourself. And please please PLEASE stop beating yourself up and driving yourself crazy with the "I should'a done this, that or the other thing". That will only keep you in a negative state. Accept where you are.....and move forward. NOT easy, I know! You've come so far, and you can continue on. A doctor once told me that success isn't being a perfect dieter. It's being someone who gets right back on track after blowing it. We all have to accept, that is the way it will always be. Life is not black & white. It's many shades of gray.
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    Feeling kinda lonely today

    You're doing exercise so soon? Does your doctor know? I was told no exercise for about 4-6 weeks, don't recall but it could have been the 6 weeks except for walking. Take it easy, you need to heal, you just had surgery and all surgeries shock the body. About being hungry, I have no answers except I like the protein shakes as the choice. Good and relax and don't over do it, please.
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    Terry Poperszky

    Listening to Mistress Band.

    Thanks Missy, I am more comfortable with the spoke word, than the written. I have been fat all my life, and the LB is a concept that I refused to even consider, so now that I have one, I need to find a way to use it to look at my life in a new way, Mistress Band is the person who is helping me do that. The humor for me is a reminder to not take myself too seriously, and a hint to others, that they may want to follow suite. BTW, just want you know how inspiring your journey is to me. You and several others on this board give me hope that one day I can succeed as well.
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    Yum...I am not sure I have had brisket cooked like that.... Sounds great. Merry Christmas.
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    11 Wks Post Op & Sabotage

    ...and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
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    Just The Beginning....

    One of my favorite sayings is "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." I understand your fears and they are good to have now because if they are were you know them then they will always stay fears and never realty. I look forward to reading your blog and going through this with you.
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    Tiffany Talbert Corbet


    God didn't make us with 85% less stomach, but he also didn't make us to give into temptation and get ourselves to where we are today. The idea is to use those he has put in our path with the talent and ability to perform a procedure that will get us back to where God wants us. Healthy and able to avoid the temptation the devil puts in front of us so we don't abuse the beautiful body and life God was loving enough to give us in the first place. Don't give in to doubt! God put you here at this time for a reason. I feel that I'm here right now because this is where God needed me to be so I could benefit from the procedure the has helped the medical profession perfect. Years ago they would have taken my stomach, or I would have been wearing a mu-mu waiting to die from a coronary or a stroke. Now with this procedure, I get to keep my stomach, lose weight, be healthy and live a long, happy life. Good luck!!!