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    36lbs dwn moving slowly but moving and I'm excited....No one can get me dwn  Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Most of my cosplay have been closet cosplays (cosplays made out of premade clothes), so nothing too impressive. My Kiki cosplay was completely from scratch, however: If I ever get plastics I'd love to be either Neo Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon.
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    WOW I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAR I'VE COME. I started my diet journey 5 months ago today. at my heaviest in the surgeons office I weighed in at 322lbs. I was admitted to hospital for surgery 256lbs now I'm 3 months post op and feeling great. JUST hit 190lbs this morning and also realised I'm just 7lbs away from the top end of a healthy BMI. I'm doing so well I might even get down to 180lbs yet and that feels amazing. I've been doing a lot of fasting and that has really helped. I've also got my new rowing machine and started using it tonight; it is hard work that's for sure 😀 officially lost 132lbs now 😄 I still say RNY BYPASS was the best choice I've ever made and to anyone else looking at bypass don't stress too much I've not had one issue or complication so far!! THANKS. MIKE.
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    Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday! I love a good transformation pic, how about you? Show them to me!😍 I'll go first.. Stats: Height: 5'0, HW: 194, SW: 187, CW: 130, 10 months post sleeve
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    *Opens thread and sees my addiction spreading to others*
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    I think its because generally, the weight loss sort of triggers a confidence thing in you and you begin to realize your worth, which in turn makes you more likely to reject those who don't.
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    I splurged this week on new underwear, the first since surgery. I was careful to use my measurements to buy them and brought them home and washed them, as I always do before wearing them. I took the panties out and immediately said to myself, no way my big a** will fit these, to my surprise they fit. I did and said the same for the first lacey bra I've had in decades. It fit too. I need to be kinder to myself and not allow my head to talk to me like this. An exciting day and a big victory that I can't share with anyone but my husband, he's thrilled BTW. I suspect it will take some time for the head to catch up with the body. Now if I'm in an accident and rushed to the ER I will be known as the granny in sexy undies, and not granny panties!
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    AJ Tylo

    New here with questions!

    It all depends on you Stay on a very low calorie diet - Move and walk, Follow the rules and it will flow off you. As you can see by my stats i flowed off me, This is a mind game also so get your mind and body in control and enjoy the journey, Being healthy is a great feeling I would say the expect 15 pounds a month as a average for a female but the harder you work at it the better you will be off Enjoy and congratulations
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    Cheated and disgusted

    1) What the hell is vegimite? 2) If we didn't all cheat, none of us would have needed surgery
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    New Hobbies or interests anyone?

    I now have a false eyelash addiction that I'm trying to give up 😂