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    Who the heck is this woman?

    So... A little back information is required for this story. I’m a hairdresser (36 yrs) but first I’m a wife and mom , a great friend and up until just a few months ago a caregiver for my dad (he passed just recently) I have always been a giving person ( total pushover) NEVER put myself first and have had tremendous stress trying to get my child with autism the help he needs .. all this I ATE over, and ate and ate.. it was ma thang. I was always running around taking care of all and losing track of me along the way.. this past February 4th I had gastric by pass and I am changing so much I can’t believe it.. my self esteem is great and I am becoming the woman I have dreamed about becoming for DECADES.. this to the displeasure of a few folks who I have been there for even at the sacrifice of my own health and well being..well, their pushing back, disgruntled and perplexed as to why I will no longer cater to them and I’ve had some heated debates and tears from those who were used to having me at their beck and call.. the amazing thing is I have no guilt in putting myself first but the peanut gallery has a LOT to say about it... just this week I have been asked " Who is this new woman” it will require such changes to these friendships that it might mean walking away and choosing my self for a change.. I’m really excited and I can’t believe the freedom that comes with releasing that guilt that made me be so self destructive.. I’m not the woman I was months ago... and I’m darn glad!!!
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    Straight talk…Get a copy of your surgeons/directions plan and food progression for clarification. You need to know if this is something you can stick to. You have to want this enough to change. I hope you go into this with realistic expectations. Just because a few people on this site can eat anything and not gain weight does not mean that will be your personal experience. Many don’t keep the weight off long term eating what they want and relying on restriction alone. If you eat off plan and notice it slows/stops your weight loss you many need to stick to your dietician food plan. (read all the posts on regain and revision) I’m five years out. I maintain in the 130’s. I had to work for this. I followed my plan. I was consistent not perfect. I got to goal in six months ( not the norm with the sleeve) How bad is it if you enjoy food? I love food and I don’t feel deprived. I enjoy trying new recipes and ingredients. I make healthy versions of old favorites. I go to restaurants and social events. It easy to find protein and veggies and other items on my plan that keep me in weight loss mode. I also stay within my weight loss/ maintaining calories and macros. Your diet will change when you go into maintenance mode. You will be adding more carbs and can indulge within reason. Stomach issues: Most sleeves can tolerate anything without dumping syndrome (sleeve surgery intestines are not altered) Other surgeries once sugar hits the intestine they dump. Only my opinion. If you can’t control sugar and food choices, the sleeve many not be a good fit for you.
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    Halfway Point!

    I just passed my halfway point, and am feeling really good today! It may be slow, but it's better than not losing at all, or gaining. Feeling strong and knowing I can do this!
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    I use Cacique brand bras from Lane Bryant and so far am not having any problems with fitting in the sagginess.
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    Do You Do This?

    This was all I needed to read to know how much I 💖 you..
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    Of course there is the risk of side effects with either procedure. From what I've read and what I know though, dumping, which is having to run to the bathroom after you eat, is more common with the bypass. I had the sleeve, and it's happened to me once or twice in 14 months. You will eventually be able to physically eat whatever you want; now, the issue is: will those foods help you reach your weight loss goals? I usually eat really well; for instance, an egg and a couple of bacon for breakfast, fruit for a snack, grilled chicken for lunch, etc.... but every now and then I allow myself to have something I really want...maybe a donut even, but it's not all the time and it's not regularly. You can have the foods you love, but you may not be able to have them everyday if you want to lose weight.
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    You’ve lost 23 lbs in less than a month. This isn’t an issue with WLS, it’s an issue of having unrealistic expectations
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    Victoria secret fitting was way off. I walked out in a c cup and the girls were almost to my chin and looked like a shelf to set your coffee on. Soma fitting was great. Double D hides the side boob situation.
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    I second Soma. The underwire in the bras that I have are high enough on the sides that it holds in all the side boob. And they hold their shape for a decent amount of time. And the outer side of the cups are firmly structured so that it gives your boobs a nice shape. And the straps are comfy. And no, I do not work for Soma, lol.
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    fruit is mostly water and compresses down to nothing in your stomach. Thus, most of us can pack away a lot of it. But all that sugar?? And the calories? Seems like a lot this soon after surgery. I agree with the above poster - is this on your surgeon's plan? Wouldn't have been on mine, but...