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    • summerset

      Having a feeling of restlessness. It will take some more days though before I can take up exercising again (someone else scared of things like myocarditis, no?). Still having some cough and core throat.
      Having a cold just plain sucks.
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    • summerset

      Test yesterday was negative. So we now have a patient with symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, a negative-positive-negative test constellation and nobody seems to really know how to proceed further from there and referred to the public health department. 
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      1. GreenTealael

        Antigen/Antibody testing available?

      2. summerset

        Yes, PH department was just like "Well, no quarantine for you, go back to work!" - yeah, the hell I won't with an infection of the respiratory tract. I'm on sick leave until the end of the week per my GP (waiting for the paper to arrive with mail as they don't want you to come in in person if possible).

        Hospital is a bit more cautious than PHD and didn't press me to come back tomorrow. They suspect recent unnoticed infection and wanted me to come in today for drawing blood for antibody testing. So now I'm stalking my labs for the results from home via VPN-client.

      3. BayougirlMrsS

        So sorry to hear this ..... i'll keep you in my thoughts and prays for a speedy recovery. Praying that all goes well

    • Pandemonium

      The vacation was great and lovely and I stayed very active while still getting to sample foods I hadn't yet tried since surgery.  After getting back, I decided to stay off of social media for a little while, which also included these forums.  I had a lot of work in the office to catch up on and needed to focus on that.  Of course, the past week or so I have been struggling a lot mentally and emotionally.  I've desperately wanted comfort food and have done well not giving into that temptation.  This week doesn't feel like it'll go much better, but October always seems to be the worst month for me. 
      Had an anxiety dream last night involving a substantial weight gain in the past week.  Absolutely no basis in reality since I've stayed on plan.  I think it stems from Saturday when I ate some extra calories due to a 2 hour hike earlier in the day that burned 900 calories.  The extra calories brought my total intake up for 1025, as opposed to 700-800.  And my extra calories were from curry egg salad, so it was a protein packed choice.  And yet, my brain some how decided that would lead me to gain 10 pounds in one week and threw that are me while I slept.  Brains can be jerks.
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      1. WishMeSmaller

        Glad to hear you are doing ok. I noticed you missing from here and was a bit concerned as it sounded like you were dealing with some stuff.

        Great work with staying on plan on vacation! Always a tougher than the routine at home.

        Welcome back!

    • mil_unloaded

      I’m getting a little impatient waiting for my final consult with my doctor (December 1st). I know it’s right around the bend, really, but I’m ready already. If they called me tomorrow and told me to begin the pre-op diet I’d be like “Yes what is the protocol,” and BAM, started. But I’m just waiting...patiently.
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    • klmcin2020

      Hi everyone, for those of you that have their surgery  from today to Nov. 11 please post if possible how you are doing and feeling, and your experiences. I am excited for all of you and can't wait to hear and learn and get any tips you may have. 
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