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Tired Of Waiting......taking A Break From Site...i Think.



I've been a bit obsessed with this site. I've read so many blogs and other posting....I've even started writing my own blog. I think I need to step back because no one can rush time. Time will come in its own time. I have a challenging job, got vacation coming and then same week I return, I have surgery. I just want to bypass it all and go to surgery. I say that but I know or at least believe, I'm waiting the surgery but I think of the pain some people have had after surgery. I've been reading too much, processing and not processing it all. Another part of me thinks what if it doesn't work. Yes, I've been super positive about this but all it takes is a seed of negative thinking and it can truly grow into more.

I think I am going to have to take a few days away from this site just to get my bearing. This site is a good thing for me but I am a bit too focused on it. I need to do other stuff. Maybe a brief break. I get up getting on the site, check my email for responses....get home and I am here. I am way past my bed time and I am here. I've never utilized anything to this magnitude. It is good but too much too fast for me. I have to go to bed and I will be back........probably in the morning, lol.


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Wow. I could've just about written that SAME post around January!! You really do obsess just trying to figure out what life will be like post op. Taking a break is a great idea, especially the week before surgery. Limit your time on here or you will freak out on what people are writing. Go flush your brain of it all for a while. That's a good idea.

If you've decided surgery is right for you, then don't let any negativity from anyone ruin that for you.

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Ditto to Dooter, I felt the same as both of you. I worried 'bout the pain and all of the changes but I was already having pain with the weight so I did my pros and cons and the surgery won out and I only experienced a bit of pain the first day, its been pretty smooth since. But your right, if you feel like you need a break then you need a break! Its very easy to get confused and freaked out with all of the different stories.

Best Wishes To You and Take it Easy!!!

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Thanks all. I am good. I just want my turn and I try to patiently wait. I want to move into next phase of my life. I know there will be physical pain (from surgery), mistakes (possibly eating wrong) and hopefully great triumph (weight loss). I get excited for all those there in a place I want to be in. Just want my turn with a great weight loss. It gets scary because I felt like this with Lapband only to fail. I cannot leave my support system. Thanks for all comments.....it helps me a great deal.

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I would say that I a VST stalker.....i don't have internet at work, but I make sure to read through the day on my blueberry.....wow, this post hit home. I want to see how everyone is doing, what questions pop up through the day, and I just love looking at photos......ummmm I may need intervention!

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