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3 month plateau.....no weight gain or loss



I really need help. i have gone back to the dietician, spoke with the doctor, and even went to my regular doctor for some assistance. The weight still has not budged. They said add more protein so i did that. More aerobics ...still no change..kept a food diary..nothing. I have now went into a slump, I am eating as the dietician has required and i am now getting deressed because i am not moving forward. 3 months is a lonnnnnngggg PLATEAU. Does anyone have any suggsetions. i have had 8 fills in 9 months . Every month since the surgery. I have Prayed and cried ..and feel helpless. :blink:


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Have you heard of carb cycling? Some people use it on here for plateaus. You can find the book "Choose To Lose-The 7-Day carb cycle solution" it's by Chris Powell. I've bought the book (10.00) I have not used it yet because I'm not even banded yet . That changes Tuesday. Other people say it works. Maybe you can give it a shot. Good luck.


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Hello - I have not gotten the band yet but am looking into it. However, there is a book out by Dr Ian Smith (supported by Steve Harvey, Dr Oz and many other celbs) and it is called the SHRED diet. This book is about food confusion to keep your motabolism going and get you over plateaus. It is a 6 week diet and the book tells you exactly what to eat. I did this diet and lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks. I went on vacation and got off the diet and now am having a hard time committing. My portion sizes are out of control which is why I am considering the band. But if you are going through all that to get over that plateau, you might want to try this. It works if you are dedicated.

Most of the foods you eat are soup, chicken/fish, salad etc.

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