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Just Over A Month Ago...

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So it's been just over a month since my Band surgery. I'm down to 218. That's 17 pounds since surgery. For a total of 38 since start of my journey. I have been stalled for the last week or so since last blog at 220 and finally start to slide down this past weekend. No real change in what I was doing just had a pause in weight lost. I DID fit into a pair of size 16 jeans, on the 11th. I couldn't breath, but they were on for a few minutes. By this weekend I was wearing those 16's and breathing just fine. Had to go to a Boyscout event with my son this Saturday and saw a few parents I had hadn't seen in a few weeks. One mom came up and said, " Well hello Skinny! You look great" I had some real tough time this past week. Tuesday night my daughter comes in to kitchen while I starting dinner and says on of the scariest things I ever heard from a 7 year old. " Mommy, my heart hurts". So after listening to her chest, her rapid heart beat and taking her pulses, ran her to ER, than followed up with a cardiologist friday. She told him it happens all the time, especially after gym class...Great sweetie. She is now on a heart monitor for next month, all other test came back normal. Hopefully we will know more if we can catch something on the monitor. Thursday I had to put my baby cat to sleep. She was almost 18 years old and on her way to kidney failure. Poor little Roo. Then I had to tell the kids, not easy. All of this stress, and I stay on track and lost a pound. I have been in the past an emotional eater. I would have made a chocolate cake to morn the cat or grabbed some crap to eat at hospital, while waiting in ER all night in past. So even though it was stressful , it was a good indicator of my progress mentally. I don't get a fill til mid Feb. I start back to school for Spring term of Nursing school next Monday. I am very exicited to start back up and to not look like the stay puff marshmellow man in my uniform now. I still have a long journery to go to a healther BMI and me, But I know I can do it and I' on my way.

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Definitely say's something for your all around progress! Sorry for all you are going through. I had to go through the same thing with me Daughter at that age. We did all the test and then was told to continue to monitor it. After that she was fine. I hope all is well with your Daughter. Best wishes!

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wow! what a tough time you have gone thru and to stay on track... BRAVO!!! you have done extrememly well ! Keep up the good work, prayers out to your family for your little girl . And dont worry Little Roo is watching over yall in kitty heaven. I just put down my 15 year old Retriever, Colby, I may as well been burying my child. Couldnt believe how much I cried. Things will get better, just keep looking toward the summer and that awesome new swimsuit you get to slide into! Have a great day!

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