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Scary Toes

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So today I was so excited I got on the scale and it said 220.5 I my journey started at 256 so after a few days stuck at 222-224. I was down to 220 today. I was so excited I took a picture of the scale. My sister was so excited too, except text back not to take another picture of the scale until I had a pedicure. My toes were scary. So tommorow I off to get a pedicure, I had had time to get one in the last...ok I can't remember my last one, but September? Between going to Nursing school, studying, and then in October I sort of cut through my two fingers instead of pumpkin. My hand surgery actually said it was more come than one would think, slippery pumpkins. So once my fingers and tendons were sewn back together, I could drive til the week of my lapband in December. Now that my hand is working again and can see my toes again- I guess it time to go for that pedicure. I feel really good now, so far so good. I had my first post op visit on the 5th, but nofill til Feb. That was disappointing, but I'm doing ok now that kids are back in school and I have been keeping busy. Got a few things stuck. chicken, and something else I can't remember that I didn't chew enough. Not a fun feeling. I have lost 15 pounds since my surgery on Dec 19th. This week I have been going through my clothes. My friend is making me try things on so I can see them hang there and then toss into the goodwill bag. Today I actually got a pair of new jeans on ....Size 16! I got them zip and on, they were a bit tight but I was still excited. Ididn't wear them long, But it was still cool. I gladly put my 22's and 20's into the goodwill bag after that!. We dropped off all the bags at good will. I can't wait to go shopping when I get smaller. Trying not to buy too much too soon. But My pants kept falling off so I got a pair of 18 and one 16 to work towards. Now wearing my leggings and workout pants that I can adjust waist. Ok that's all for now. Good luck to all of you! Off for my pedicure! Suzi

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LOL! Enjoy your pedicure!

On a more serious note, I'm glad your hand is healing and that your band is working well for you. You're doing great!

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Be carful with the 'stucks' as you're not fully healed yet. LOL, I've been known to brush on a little nail polish before posting that pic (oh, and don't grab the camera until the weight registers first...I'm blonde). -BG

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I actually was thinking of taking a picture of the scale and I am only down a few pounds and 3 week pre-op! I have to get down to 218 by Feb. 2nd for my pre-op appointment, and I'm down to 218.1 today! So I am thrilled! I think I'll be somewhat lower than that especially after the 2 weeks of liquid protein shakes/one small meal regimen which starts on 1-25-12. Not looking forward to that! But, all these steps get me closer to my weight loss goals!

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