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Are Those My Cheek Bones I See? Things I Discovered This Week..



So after a bit of a stall in weight loss, I hit a milestone today. I am now down a total of 40 pounds from my start weight. The last two pounds took their sweet time comng off but today I was so excited when I got off the scale I was jumping up and down -naked, in my dining room. Thank god my kids were still asleep. Now only 80 lbs more to go. I am third of the way to my goal and I'm use over a month post op. This week I made some discoveries I want to share:


First- If I'm going have any money left to buy nice clothes by the time I reach my goal weight I need need to figure out how to get clothing now for my change body that doesn't break the bank but I still feel good in. I bought a pair of size 18 jeans two weeks ago-$25 on sale - too big now. All my other jeans too big to wear out of house cause if I move around too much they fall down, or they look too frumpy because too big. So...I found a new second hand store that had just open near by a friend of mine took me too on Wednesday. It was nicer then most and had some really nice clothing for cheap. I got three pairs of designer jeans-one still had original price tag of $65 -size 16, all for under $20 TOTAL! - They were really tight on Wednesday, had to lie down to get zipped, but not so bad today. I actually got them on and up while standing up with no problem.


Second- Oikos Key Lime Greek Yogurt-If you crumble up a small bit of graham cracker on top, It tastes very much like a Real Key Lime Pie. 11 grams of protein and 150 calories. I felt like I was being so bad but I wasn't.


Third- When I was putting makeup, to go to meeting at kids new school, on this morning I noticed I had cheek bones again!!! So cool. I actually skipped to my friends car in my new not too tight jeans.


Take care everyone.


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wow 40 lbs in a month??? that's awesome. I was banded on 12/16 and i'm discouraged b/c i'm not shedding any pounds. I lost 11 right after surgery and that's it..I did shed some inches though b/c now my clothes are getting too big. I just long for the day that i step on the scale and notice a difference... So do tell us, what are you eating and are you exercising??

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Thanks for the positive feedback. It is funny how close I feel to all my Banded friends online here. My 40 pound lose started on Dec 4th on my preop liquid diet. I lose 20 pound prior to surgery on Dec 19th. Then the next 20 came after surgery in the last 5 weeks. It came off fast at first then almost total stopped for a couple weeks before last 4 came off. I was going to gym or walking on track at least 4 times a week til last 2 weeks. Then I just been cleaning out my house like a mad woman before nursing school starts back up this monday. I got rid of 10 bags of clothes(not all mine- kids too) and three trips to dump to clean out kids rooms. Laundry non stop. so even though I wasn't at gym, I kept moving all day. I have at least 2 protein shakes a day and/or a greek yogurt. That gives me about 45-55grams of my day's protein. I am really scared about not get all my protein in, so I have either one at breakfast and one at dinner, lunch or as a snack. I make either unjury or click in the morning. Sometimes with a bannana or strawberries blended in. I actually keep two cases of premade shakes in my car. I have muscle milk light(100 cal) and GNC lean shakes. I hardest thing before being banded was eating on the go. Running here are there for kids and getting fast food, so I have my shakes in the car and never have to worry that I am starving and need to crap so I don't go crazy. If I don't have my mornng protein shake I have an egg or baby cheese omlet. I have soup/ and small salad for lunch. I have been going out a lot the last couple weeks, since I have off and I was trying to catch up with friends. I just put the side items or 2/3 of meal in a to go box before I start. Or just order off appetizer menu. For example Thrusday I went to Japanese Hibachi for lunch with my girlfriends. I was really nervous, they serve it with a salad, which I ate and about 2 cups of fried rice and 1/2 cup of veggies. I got scallops and shrimp. I was afraid anything else would be to hard to swallow. I actually got stuck in the first two bites!! I was bummed, I think it was the veggies, to hard. I had two spoonfuls of rice- so it could have been that too. Not sure. I just sat there for about 5-10 minutes til it passed. After I then only ate the scallops and a shrimp. I packed up all the rice and veggies for my kids for dinner. Dinner I made a lot of soups, and mealballs or fish. Chicken can be ify. Can't always get it down. Steak not so easy either. I tried pasta for first time this past weekend. Just a bit or two. Mostly I just eat the meal sauce. I made fish last night. Tonight I had an egg for dinner, I went to egg farm with kids this morning and got a load of fresh eggs. So I had one for dinner. yummy fresh. So that's me. That's what I do. Good luck, don't worry if scale doesn't move for a while it likes to pause for a more dramatic effect sometimes I think. Ok I have rambled on enough. Take care. Suzie

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SO awesome Suzie! Wow 40lbs, such an inspiration! I know what you mean about keeping protein drinks in your car. I have a baby container (literally purchased in the baby aisle) that has three sections. They each fit one scoop (20g protein) powder in it and I ALWAYS have my shaker with me. I just never want to be somewhere and give in because I'm not prepared.

I went out to eat at one of our favorite italian restaurants where I would normally consume about three beer bread rolls, 1/2 of a huge cheese garlic bread and then a full plate of pasta. TONIGHT though I had a literal pinch of bread, then I ordered the grilled salmon with baked potato and broccoli. I had her bring out a box with the meal and immediately wrapped up most of it. I had "just enough". I'm still finding when that last bite it, you know. I also think its funny that everyone kept saying, are you SURE you don't want something to drink? I finally got a tea and took a few sips (timing it so I would not be eating 15min. before) so it worked out perfectly then I took the tea to go.

Have you had a fill yet? I'm kink of looking forward to the 9th of Feb. I've done really well, but looking forward to no hunger between meals.

Keep up the fabulous new you!


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Wow, you are doing awesome! Nice to hear your story! I understand the clothing situation, that's for sure. But I go to Marshall's, Ross and TJ MAxx. My friend came over yesterday and I unloaded alot of clothes to her. She asked me why do I have so many clothes if I am going down in size. Well, for 1, those stores aren't too expensive. And secondly, I'm gonna look cute in whatever size I may be!! I don't want anything frumpy anymore!

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wow thats amazing! very inspiring. its only been a week since my surgery but so far im about 15lbs down. hopefully ill get where i want to soon. thanks for sharing ur story and def keep us posted to ur success.

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Mags, Thanks for the idea. I like the baby food container idea for protein powder. I actually got an battery oped blender for my locker. I get my first fill on Feb 8th. I will let you know how it goes before you go the next day. I can't wait, I doing ok too, but willpower is not all it crack up to be sometimes. Mostly evenings, get hungry, I go hide in my room when kids start to snack. Would like to get the help from the band if I can. Suzie

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