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Port Pain After Fill

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Has anyone experienced pain around the port area?

Ever since the surgery I have been tender and felt pain around my port area. No pain at all around the band or when I eat.

I got my first fill last week and ever since the pain has been worse. It hurts mostly when I am lying down.

Is this normal?

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I had a fill last week and it was hard for my dr. to find the "spot" so she kind of dug around to find the port.

I had to go back in for a .5 unfill in the afternoon. I was sore for 2 days but now it is fine. I had circular bruise as well. I feel ok and this fill is WORKING!!!!:(:thumbup::)

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You don't say how long ago you had your wls. I had some discomfort for a while post-op. Tenderness.

After a fill the area is tender for a few days, too. My doc uses local anesthesia when he fills. I've had 4? fills. The last one I was the most tender but nothing terrible.

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