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I am post op 5 weeks and am having a lot of nausea problems. I can’t really eat anything and can’t drink those shakes not even close to getting 60-70 grams of Protein. I have a Dr appointment tomorrow, sure hope they can help me. Also I don’t want to be near anyone when I am trying to eat as I have nonstop burping. The smell of most things also turns my stomach, I know some of this can be attributed to burning mouth syndrome but was wondering if anyone else was having these issues.

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I’m 4 weeks post op and feel the exact same way. Anything with flavor makes me want to puke. The only thing I can stomach is Greek yogurt bars by yasso. Water even makes me nauseous. My nausea medication makes me nauseous lol. It’s all bad over here. When I do attempt to eat I have to close my nose so the smell of my food no matter what it is doesn’t make me Puke it back up. I’m just about ready to throw all the food away in my freezer. This too shall pass I guess.

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Long post but I wanted to provide what happened to me to try and help!!! Weeks 4-6 were exactly like that for me. Couldn’t even keep dissolvable zofran down. (Bizarre I know). Was getting like 100-150 calories & 15 g Protein a day... if that. I ended up GAINING 6 lbs because my body was starving itself. Also ended up at urgent care with a banana bag 3x bc of it 😕

Basically I was told I had 2 options. Wait it out, or he goes in with the scope. I said no thanks to the scope. I’m at 57 days post-op now, I’m eating (750+ cals/90+ g protein a day) and cooking and smelling things again. That nauseous pit in my stomach and sinking feeling in my throat that was there 24/7 is gone! It just happened. I woke up one morning and my mom was cooking eggs and I asked for some. Wasn’t nauseous like I used to walk through the house holding my breath while there was food being prepared. Ate 1/2 of a medium egg and slowly built up my textures and flavors and added on to my meals from there!

It’s tedious and it’s annoying and we have all these goals and rules, and we want to do it right so these things SUCK; but just stay the course, don’t get discouraged (I know that’s hard leaning over a trash can 5+ times a day, been there) but do the best you can with how your body is reacting post op, and hopefully with a little time and trial and error, it’ll get better like mine did.

Have either of you tried like swansons sipping Bone Broth? It sounds weird but is packed with protein, it does have a slight flavor and I add garlic powder and a pinch of Cajun seasoning, but I was able to tolerate little sips of it at a time when I was sick! It REALLY helped. I couldn’t do warm stuff for 6 weeks so I let it cool to room temperature, but some people the warm is really soothing and good for them!

Also, bari surgeon, NUT, and the 2 MDs I saw at urgent care all agreed that when you’re in that nauseous can’t keep anything down stage post op, the thing you should be focusing on isn’t protein intake or calories, but rather fluids. I didn’t even think about that. I’d get upset the Protein Shake made me sick; and quit putting anything near my mouth for hours. Trust me, severe dehydration is TERRIBLE. My lips and face were literally bleeding. My fever was over 102 and my pressure bottomed out. No hyperbole, one of those 3 days I drug myself to urgent care, I thought I was literally dying. I got on Amazon immediately and bought a 32 oz tumbler and I just keep it filled all day long and sip away. Not saying this to scare you, just want you to try and get your fluids in!!

Sorry for being longwinded, I know how y’all feel and I just wanted to provide some encouragement!! It gets better!! I didn’t think it would, but the difference between week 6 and week 8 have been light years. AND once I started hitting my calorie, Fluid, and protein goals again last week, I dropped 4 of the 6 lbs I gained in caveman mode!

If y’all need anything, please feel free to PM me!

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