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Banded 10 Years Ago..... considering revision surgery

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Have you made any decisions on what you're going to do yet?

Like you I had a lapband in 2010, I am having revision surgery to a bypass in January....I am heavier now than I was before I even got my band. 😬 I had a consultation with my surgeon - he said he doesn't recommend sleeve revisions from a lapband, so that is why we went with the bypass. The lapband and bypass work in different ways, so you won't necessarily be in the same boat 10 years down the line....but I absolutely understand your worries.

As for recommendations, I'm having mine done with Healthier Weight. The surgeon (Rishi Singhal) who specializes in revision surgery is based in Birmingham so I'm having to travel up there from London but I'm happy with his experience and level of expertise in revision surgery. I found out about him after seeing him on the news having done a very large ladies bypass - BBC Midlands Today interview Rishi Singhal about weight loss surgery and NHS funding - YouTube

Good luck with whatever you decide!

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I was banded back in 2008, and lost 120 pounds over the following years. In 2016 I got a piece of broccoli stuck and slipped my band. My original surgeon’s office wouldn’t let me revise and said since I was so successful with the band then we should try to get it working again. Well fast forward three years, never got the band working again, the pain while eating was worse, I had bad acid reflux, and I regained 50 pounds. A different surgeon in the same office said she would revise to gastric bypass after removing my band. She’ll try to do it all in one surgery. She said she would only do the GB in lap band removal cases because with the scar tissue from the first surgery it wasn’t safe to make the new stomach the way it should be with the sleeve. So December 17 (fingers crossed no COVID delays) I’ll finally be getting the band removed and GB done. Good luck with your decision!!

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