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I'm having a really hard time getting any fluids in. Over the past month I was getting in maybe 8-12 ounces of water/fluids on a good day, so I obviously got very dehydrated, which subsequently made me nauseated, leading to less Fluid intake, ad infinitum. I've really felt like garbage and have had no energy. I had a visit with the NP last week and she ordered IV fluids, so I got two liters a day for four days (Friday-Monday). I gained six pounds over the weekend just from IV fluids, and I definitely felt better, but I'm still not able to get fluids in so she wants me to get a PICC line and get IV fluids for at least the next week until I'm able to start increasing my oral fluid intake.

Has this been an issue for anybody else? It's not just Water I'm having a hard time with, although that is definitely the worse fluid to try and push right now. I used to chug water like crazy and I usually love ice water, but right now I just can't tolerate it.

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