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I weigh things on a food scale in terms of ounces.

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Both. You want to pay attention to volume because your capacity is limited. Stick with the volume amounts your team has given you. I was instructed to eat about 2-3 Fluid ounces per meal/snack initially. You probably already know that increases over time as you tolerate it.

However, in order to track nutrition, you need to know how much your food weighs so you can accurately log it. Are you using My Fitness Pal? You can sometimes find ingredients by volume but usually it's by weight for non liquid items.

For practical purposes, I eyeball the volume and weigh it on the scale.

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^^^ This. ^^^

To our docs, the most important thing is that we stick to our volume targets and don't exceed them. By doing this, we protect how big our pouches become with maturity!

It took me SOOO long to "get this"! Cuz i'm very precise about data and logging! And it's hard to consistently log by volume. So my solution is to use 1/2c size measuring cups set on a scale. I use one measure to dice tiny pieces of meat, then weigh them. It's usually about 2 to 2.25 or 2.5oz of meat/fish/shellfish/lean Protein per 1/2c volume measure. Then I use the other 1/2c measure to loosely measure my veg. Depending on density and amount of cooking/water, it's usually 1-2oz of veg.

So I eat 1 cup per meal at 1 year. And about 4-5oz max by weight--about 2oz of protein per meal + 2 Snacks. I get all my protein in that way.

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13 hours ago, MeaganMB said:

When it comes to meals, should I be focusing on the weight of my food, or the volume of it?

I agree with logging, weighing, keeping your meals within volume.

You posted this in the sleeve section.

With the sleeve, You will be able to consume more food as you progress out from surgery. It will be noticable when you experience this for yourself. Your sleeve has not stretched to full size. (if you think it has stretched get it diagnosed by a surgeon) Sleeve pouches are banana shaped. RNY/Bypass are an egg-shaped pouch. You may need to develop strategies to fill the extra food volume/capacity to keep hunger down without going over your calories and macro's.

Wishing you the best,




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I go according to weight as well for Protein. then I add veggies, etc. as long as I eat my protein first I eat until I'm full of whatever else.

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      Have decided on the Lap Band.  Excited, tomorrow 7/24 I have my consultation with my surgeon!  Hoping he will approve me.
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        Best of Luck

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      Ok...so keeping my daily weight updated on here is getting tedious due to the the daily 0-3 lbs fluctuations.  Soooo...I figure I'm just going to update every 1-2 weeks moving forward.
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      1. FluffyChix

        Yeah, I kinda do it when I see a new low. Then it fluctuates up and down up and down until I finally see a new low. Mine went down to 131 on Saturday but is now back to 133, lol. So I won't log it till I see 131 for a second time.

        I do my daily weight graph in My Fitness Pal. Much easier and it keeps a cool graph!!

      2. ms.sss

        Me too (sort of). I gifted myself a fancy-shmancy smart scale back in January and it wirelessly updates the data to Apple Health in my phone, which in turn automatically updates MFP (among other apps I have). Very hands off on my part. Updating BP was the only manual weight updating I was doing, which has stopped being fun and instead become a job, now that the weight goes up and down so much.

      3. FluffyChix

        LOL the joys of maintenance! ;) NOT!

      4. sillykitty

        Like @FluffyChix I updated at every new low, consequently I'm now listed as my lowest weight. I should probably update it to where I've been maintaining, which is +3 lbs or so from that weight.

      5. FluffyChix

        Nah, keep your low and stay aware of your upper threshold so you don't hit it. :D ;)

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      7 days post revision... I am wiped out! I forgot about the energy depletion stage 
      Logically I know there is some fat left for use... But not much
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        I put a call in this morning they will get back to me shortly.

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        Yay!! I bet they will say yes!

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        Hope you get back to your old self soon!

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        💜STAY STRONG💜

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