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Hi all. First time posting and looking for some advice. Had my band surgery 41/2 years ago and initially lost 35kg. Within 5 kg of my goal weight. Then slowly over the last two years have gained back 18kg and have really struggled. Tred joing a gym and have been following the Keto diet but having no luck. Really struggling to keep most things down and find I regurgitate nearly every meal Went back to the drs and they have suggested a barium X-ray and to ‘reset my band’ and start again or get the bypass surgery. Does anyone have any advice for me or experienced a similar journey ?

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My story was different but I did convert from lap band to RNY. If you do end up going that was, I can say that it is WAY easier to lose weight on a bypass than a band!

Goid luck with the journey - stay in touch...

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I am in the same situation. Need the band out. Looked into both sleeve and RNY. Am going RNY because the band has given me reflux and sleeves usually exacerbate this.

Terrified that eating will never be the same and scared of change but nothing tastes as good as slim..

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I was in a similar boat, had the band back in 11/2011, lost 70, then gained some back and then just couldn't lose anymore weight no matter what I did. So, I had the band removed and revised to RNY, wish I had done so sooner.

Also, something they doesn't get discussed often, Your band could have some serious issues and you won't know unless they open you up. In my case, I had no *major* issues, I had some problems with certain foods, ut no slippage or erosion. Yet, when they went to remove the band for revision to RNY, the band was 100% encapsulated with scar tissue and took 3+ hours just to remove... So, you might not have any symptoms and you could have a ticking time bomb band in you, like I did.

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      Uh oh! Something happened to Matty this week. I was in a local Wawa (think east coast convenience store) and a gorgeous girl ran smack into me while I was grabbing a grape Propel - just couldn't deal with anymore water today. She was texting and walking ... okay, yeah, this missed me as Gen X'er. Well she looked up at me and flashed me one helluva smile. I was feeling pretty good that day so it was time to bring out some game, "So you know I can't let a gorgeous girl who crashes into me go without getting her phone number." LOL! She turned beet red, asked for my phone and sent herself a text message from mine. She said, "Because you men never call ..." I don't know quite what I was thinking but figured it would be one heck of a ride. What is it with me and short girls? I seem to attract them and I don't honestly care about height. She's all of 5'4". I knew she was young but it didn't occur to me how young. What did I just get myself into?
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        This is an awesome story Matty! I'm so happy for you. I hope you have a blast :)

      2. Orchids&Dragons

        I'm delighted for you! Have fun!

      3. Mattymatt

        Thank you! It's all a little too surreal because all of my relationships have been people I've met online.

      4. FluffyChix

        Be the ball, Danny..." :)

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      It's more successfully minded to ask questions like.... When can I begin working out.... Or when can I return to work as opposed to when can I eat that or this again.....
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      Scheduled for July 18th! Means the 2 week liquid diet starts on July 4th! 
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    • Charity G

      Down another three pounds and had my one-month post-surgery follow-up (although its actually be 7 weeks tomorrow, their scheduling sucks). The nurse practitioner was pleased with my weight loss (36 pounds in 7 weeks) and told me I was cleared to go back to water aerobics and whatever else I would like to pursue exercise wise. Now to find a new pair of tennis shoes
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    • Heather Alexandra

      I will begin posting my journey on my Instagram. Its hcockerham7 if anyone wants to follow. 
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        I just followed.... Look forward to seeing greatness....

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