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Pouch reset

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Ok so I'm new to this but I have a few questions I had my gastric sleeve done 4 years ago. I lost 80 lbs and then in 7 months was pregnant. Since I gained all my weight back has anyone else ever been In this situation??? If so did the pouch reset help I still get full i just need to change my lifestyle eating habits

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Try this, @kharvard15 ...

Complete Five-Day Bariatric Reset Diet

The Five-Day pouch reset is a "reset" diet for people who have had gastric bypass surgery

and might be starting to regain weight.

Step 1

Drink only liquids for the first two days of the five-day diet.

You'll need to drink at least two litres of Water in addition to low-carb Protein Shakes. You can drink as many shakes as you want; the point of the first 48 hours is to take a break from your eating habits. By getting all of the nutritional needs from liquids, you'll be forced to pay attention to how often you were eating, snacking or simply grazing. Remember: The goal during this phase isn't weight loss, but mentally re-setting your habits. You can't make your pouch smaller through changes in diet, but you can learn Portion Control.

Step 2

Eat only Protein the next three days.

On day three, you'll eat "soft protein" such as eggs and cottage cheese.

On day four, you'll eat "ground meats" -- such as meatloaf and hamburger.

On day five, you'll eat "solid proteins" such as chicken breast or a piece of fish.

Limit Condiments, such as salsa or Mayonnaise. Foods should be as dry as possible -- which will help you gauge how full you are.

You're allowed to eat as much as you'd like and as often as you like, but you must stop eating 15 minutes after you start. Do not sit and eat for longer than 15 minutes at any point during the final stage of the diet.

Step 3

Do not drink any liquids 30 minutes before eating or with your meals.

Liquids can help push foods more quickly through your pouch, allowing you to eat more than you should. Many facets of the five-day bariatric pouch reset diet are similar to the post-op diet followed right after surgery.


Plan ahead because the diet restricts the types of food you can eat. Make sure you have the foods you need on hand. The goal of this diet is to make you conscious of your food choices and stop mindless eating.


According to the National Institutes of Health, "bypass surgery alone is not a solution to losing weight. It can train you to eat less, but you still have to do much of the work. You will need to follow the exercise and eating guidelines that your doctor and dietitian gave you."

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The "reset" diet is a good way to restart your diet and get back on track, but it's a myth that you're going to do a liquid diet and your sleeve is magically going to revert to its original size after surgery. Evaluate your eating habits. What are you portion sizes? What are you eating? Are you keeping a journal? How often are you eating? Have you introduced a lot of slider foods back into your diet?

It's easy to think that your stomach is back to its original size if you're not eating the right things. If you're eating a lot of slider foods it's pretty easy to have the illusion that you can eat as much as you did prior to surgery. Stick to dense Proteins and eat those first before anything else.

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Just weigh/measure food and don't go above 4oz for Protein at a serving, stop snacking/grazing. The pouch reset is a mind game, you cannot physically 'reset' a pouch, if it is truly stretched only surgery will fix that and the only way to know is to have your bariatric surgeon do a barium swallow test. You know what to eat and what to do to follow the original guidelines.

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