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Help choosing a surgeon in MX

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and need help finding the right surgeon in MX. I'm from California. I've been struggling with all the requirements these different Dr's put on us. I had a goal weight to meet and I just cannot lose the rest of it, I mean that is why I need the surgery Bc i cannot do it on my own. Any advice will help. Thank you

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A friend went to a lighter me in Mexico. She had a good experience.

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I would highly recommend Dr Elias Ortiz, from A Lighter Me... As an ICU nurse I had high standards for the surgeon who would do my sleeve. I am nearly 2 years out, and am highly satisfied with my results and the people and staff, at the hospital, A Lighter Me and the hotel, you stay at, are awesome. Since I have had my surgery, and the results I've had, my brother in law, my nephew, a co-worker of my sister and a friend of mine have had surgery with A Lighter Me, and I've heard nothing but positive results. Good luck on your journey!

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After doing some serious research I found that the surgeon I was going to use is bad news. We found a News program from San Diego that did a series on "Dr" Almanza with Weight Loss Agents. PLEASE do NOT use him.

I cancelled my surgery and they tried to say it was a smear campaign... We are currently looking at other surgeons or staying here in the USA.Best of luck. Just do your research!

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I would love the opportunity to discuss our surgeon Dr. Jalil Illan and BariatricPal Team MX services with you.

You can read about Dr. Illan here


Watch what our patients have to say about Dr. Jalil Illan, Oasis of Hope Hospital and BariatricPal Team MX


Tour the Oasis Hospital


Please feel free calling me 619-900-7808 when you have a free minute.

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Okay. Thank you

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I don't if you have heard , there's a few support groups on Facebook.

You should be able to get some help with your diet and sergon in Mexico.

I myself thinking about paying for my VGS.. I want a sergon here in US.

Dr Umbach in Las Vegas charges $10,400

Dr Pleatmen in Michigan charges 11,400

Facebook WLS page

Bariatric Eating support

Bariatric Weight Warriors

Bariatric sleeve rebels

Best of luck finding someone.

Take care

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