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    My name is Denise but my friends call me Dee I live in Charleston, West Virginia I am so happy with my Doctor. Dr. Bali he is so awsome, I have already had my nutrionist to counsel me and now I am going tomarrow for my weigh in after that 2 more.
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    I am a church musician I play latin percussions as well as organ and keyboards. My life is very active I am in ministry so that keeps me going I am so glad to be getting this surgery.
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    I am the manager over mail services for Carefirst Blue Cross and Blue Shield
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    West Virginia
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  1. Atruldy66

    2 Mos Post Op

  2. Atruldy66

    1 month post op

    Lost 30lbs and still going on...
  3. Atruldy66

    January 28,2011 day of surgery

    I am and offical bandster now
  4. Atruldy66

    January 2011 Bandsters - Where are you?

    Hello Vickie. I just got banded on the 28th of January in a lot of pain right now but it will pass.
  5. Atruldy66

    Before Surgry

    Preety soon will kiss this fat good bye
  6. Atruldy66

    My personal testimony with Obesity

    I can remember back when I was in the 7th and 8th grade I was a wonderful size 7 had a body to kill for then it happend obesity it was my demon also my self esteem destroyer. When I went off to college I was still looking good but i was a size 14 then I got pregnant and my figure was history. As alot of us on here I went thru the stereo typical type of crazieness got married and during the marriage 3 more children came forth and i truly kissed what little figure i did have good by since the birth of my last child 18yrs ago my weight has been such a struggle. You name it I tried it, Dexitrim, Hoodia, Grapefruit diet, Atkins Diet, diet drinks, liquid diet, got some results from fasting but could not continue doing that. And at last there was an answer to my problem and that was lapband, I researched this procedure for a week before I madei a decision to do it. I am now waiting on my surgery date. And I must say God is so good because soon this enemy will be defeated called obesity. No longer will I have to shop at the plus sized by the way which are very expensive and hard to really find something that will look nice and sexy on you. I went out and bought some new silk gowns and pajamas that are several sizes smaller because I plan on getting into them I also went and bought a pair of jeans a size 14 that is what I was in college and I have them hanging up because in 2011 i plan on getting into those bad boys. I believe that when i lose this weight my breast will go down that will help my back and most of all my stomach also my parents both have diabities and I do not want that disease I know so many people at my job and in my personal life who struggle with it. I order the insanity work so as this weight starts to drop i can get toned up I want to be able to say a year from now I have reached my goal and my goal is 140lbs I now weigh 251 so I need to lose 111lbs in a year and I believe that with the help of my wonderful Doctor Dr. Bali who is so awsome if there people in the charleston west virginia area and you need a good doctor Dr. Bali is the man. Just send me a message on here and I will be glad to give you his information. Well enough of blogging Im divorced and single and June 9th is my birthday I plan on being 60 pounds lighter than i am now. Ask me to be a friend don't be shy LOL would love to have the support of other bandsters on this site. Denise.
  7. Atruldy66

    On my way to my journey

    Pretty soon a new beginning
  8. Atruldy66

    2months before surgery

    I can not wait i am so exited
  9. Atruldy66

    This is me 3 months before getting the band

    Ok showing you all how I look before surgery I have 2 more months to go.

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