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  1. Happy 28th Birthday Bry!

  2. Bryn

    Lasagna Cupcakes!

    thanks all! gonna head out tomorrow to get the wrappers. saw the pics gramaof4...just makes me crave them more! haha
  3. Bryn

    Lasagna Cupcakes!

    I want to make these! Can you get wonton wrappers from a general grocery store or a specialty store? Thanks!
  4. I sadly have gained weight, but only about 3 lbs. thing is, I fluctuate like it is no one's business! I can't seem to get below 210 but it is my fault. I am increasing my exercise routine and revamping my eating habits. I need to stay on this site more because I tend to stay on track when I am here. I left for a few months and just lost it
  5. thanks for the responses! I have started and I am doing the lean program and I am only 3 days in and you're both right, it's intense but I am trying to stick with it. I too may not be able to complete in the 90 days (full time student/full time job) but I'm trying my hardest to complete it as described. Everyone I've spoken to that has tried/completed P90x said that the yoga was the most challenging. I do that one tomorrow lol. While of course I don't see a difference in just 3 days, I most certainly feel a difference. I sleep more peacefully, I'm no longer tired throughout the day but I do notice my appetite increasing which is kicking up my metabolism i believe. I've increased my Protein and do the recovery drinks afterwards; I realize that's a crucial component. thanks again!
  6. Bryn

    Whatcha eating today!!! Tuesday

    B- light Activia (4oz) with 2 tablespoons of Protein granola S- light string cheese L- 4oz chicken parmesan (breast) & 1 turkey wrap S- 6 boiled shrimp D- 6 boiled shrimp & 1 cup of kale water-120 oz. exercise- 45 minute full body workout
  7. Bryn

    diet coke

    Soda is the only thing that I haven't touched after surgery. The cravings do go away, you just have to fight them within the first 6 months (for me anyhow). And to the person who mentioned beer above, lol you're so right. I took a sip of my SO's beer once completely not thinking about the carbonation and I damn near died lol.
  8. I will be 1 year out at the end of April. I am 60 something pounds down and I would like to at least reach 80lbs out. I get to the gym about 4-5x/week but would like to switch things up and I got P90x today. My SO is doing it and now I want to. I am of course going to modify some exercises (looked through some of the routines today) but overall it seems like what I want. I can hit the gym in the morning and when i come home from work I can do the P90x. I've seen people get great results from it. I finally got my eating back on track so this can only be beneficial for me. Just curious to read anyone else's stories (good and bad). Thanks!
  9. I had my surgery in April 2011, so I am 8 months out. I have lost approximately 70 lbs. My doctor is satisfied with this weight loss and says I'm losing at a good pace. I agree and I hope to lose 30 more lbs. by my surgery date to make it 100lbs lost. The thing is, I don't eat that great. I have tried to keep a journal/log of my food, and it worked in the beginning but I have been through a lot in this past year and I will start up again (part of my new year resolution lol). I think I drink too many calories...well I know I do. Starbucks has always been my friend and still is; I plan to decrease this habit in new year. I know what I need to do, but I'm so stupid as to why I don't actually do it. I go to the gym regularly about 2-3x/week and I plan on stepping my game up to 4-5x/week and gonna start up P90x with a friend. I got out of a relationship in september and started a new one before thanksgiving..we are still together and I'm the happiest I could be right now. he does not know about my surgery and I don't plan on telling him being that we are still early into relationship. he does notice how little I eat. He also tells me how dedicated I am to my eating habits (although I think I eat like crap, he thinks I eat perfectly healthy). there are times where i will go to panera and foolishly get a large chili..knowing good and well I can't even eat a third of it. this is what messes me up, I still think i can eat like a normal person. I order things I use to eat because I fear people will catch on. I can get a meal at a restaurant and eat til i feel a bit of pressure and stop...take it home, and i have the rest for 3 meals later. I have no idea why this makes me mad. It's gotten to the point where I stopped going out to eat, i make my own meals but then i cook as if I'm cooking for a boy scout troop. My mind has not processed this surgery. I feel like I'm half and half. I get it, but I'm afraid of going forward and I have no idea why. for the past two months I haven't lost any weight ( i believe i have gyno issues and I am going to doctor in 2 weeks for that issue), but i feel i have cause my jeans do not stay up and my belt is too big; so i'm assuming i'm losing inches. but it kills not to see the scale move. i've told my doc and she said that's fine. i just get beaten up over it. she suggested i sit in on support groups, and i will. i will need to find one in which i'm comfortable in. I guess I am venting cause I have no one else to talk to about this. Mentally this is harder than i thought. especially when you do it by yourself. so I plan on frequenting the site more to get advice and to talk. thanks for reading
  10. Bryn

    Ashamed of WLS?

    I don't tell people at all. Thankfully the VSG allows me to lose weight at decent pace. I had my surgery in April and lost 70 lbs since then so my look doesn't seem drastic. When people ask me how I do it, I say I eat smaller portion sizes, exercise more and eat healthier. It's all the truth, I'm just omitting my stomach is smaller causing me to eat less. I can still eat all the bad food I use to and not do an ounce of exercise, and eat every two hours like I'm not suppose to, and I wouldn't lose as much. But I choose to do the right thing thanks to my sleeve. Personally it's no one's business what I do to my body, and if other people judge you, then eff them. You have no idea what other people do during their free time so it's no business of theirs to know what you do. If you tell people about your WLS and they say something smart, just tell them you are a healthier you and no one can take that away from you at this moment.
  11. Bryn


    Let's just say that when I'm at goal weight, I will be getting a lift
  12. lol i think it's cool when i first saw mine, i immediately took pics. now i can't get enough of em.
  13. just became single a week ago. glad i got it over with and did it. was in a relationship for 2.5 years with someone i feel i settled with. weight has been lifted off my shoulders dunno if i wanna meet someone this soon yet, but gonna stay in here and read through some things. but i do want to get back into the dating scene, so i'm excited about that. would be nice if there were a site for WLS patients to date etc.
  14. 1 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary Bryn!

  15. 1 years has passed since you registered at SleevePlicationTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary Bry!

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