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  1. I had to jump through many hoops to be okayed for Lap Band placement because of age. I feel a little pressure because I was of an age that my surgeon felt hesitant to take me. (My family begged a little because of the onset of high blood pressure, boarder line diabetes, obesity & etc. for which I was taking meds.) I had my surgery at a teaching hospital and when we checked with my insurance company they were enthusiastic. Better to treat before onset of a disease rather than after. Anyone know of older patients?
  2. I was gone a month and my e-mail catch got full & then sent back incoming mail. BariatricPal.com disconnected me & now I can't get back in. I only have the one e-mail address, I'm 84 years old. I don't know what to do. Can anybody help me? Thanks! Joanne M Holl jmhacct@runestone.net
  3. I was gone a month and my e-mail catch got full & then sent back incoming mail. BariatricPal.com disconnected me & now I can't get back in. I only have the one e-mail address, I'm 84 years old. I don't know what to do. Can anybody help me? Thanks! Joanne M Holl jmhacct@runestone.net
  4. I was gone a month and my e-mail catch got full & then sent back incoming mail. BariatricPal.com disconnected me & now I can't get back in. I only have the one e-mail address, I'm 84 years old. I don't know what to do. Can anybody help me? Thanks! Joanne M Holl jmhacct@runestone.net

    Hungry all the time!

    If anyone mentions food I'm ready to eat anytime day or night. I stay away from sugar but crave things like taco salad, watermelon, brats. etc. (All in the summer season now.) I have denied myself for so long, I feel like I want to satisfy my longing by bingeing. I realize some of it is emotional eating, when my family came from a distance I cooked up a mountain of good food and then when they left I ate all the leftovers. I got off my regular routine and can't get my "zone" back.
  6. The Bariatric Center may be able to help answer your payment coverage. They have a record of how it is handled in your state. Suggest you ask for their help. Also your Primary Care Provider should write you up as a candidate for the surgery, and your coinsurance or maybe medicade will pick up the balance & future visits. Good Luck! Jo
  7. Congratulations Tracy, be sure to tell your husband to insist. You will do better if youi have a pal or spouse to cheer each other on! Was your class interesting? Hope to see you both on the other side.

    September Bandsters

    My LB date is 9/8/06,Vanguard 10CC placed Abbott NW teaching hospital, in Minneapolis, MN.

    My YAY me present

    I have one just like it only aqua in color. Got it all rigged up last fall & put big hooks up in my garage to hang it & then never brought it down to ride. But I am promising myself I will this Spring. Suppose the tires will need air. . . . but my son put new ones on it last year so maybe it's okay. This has been such a long winter I do hope warm weather arrives soon! I have a picture we took with the bike all cleaned up, I'll have to brouse around in "my pictures" and see if I can find it. Cheers you up to just look at it. . .

    Did you name your band? :D

    What do you mean by boned? Or is it a joke & I am missing it?

    Did you name your band? :D

    I named mine Sybil. JMH
  12. Don't want to get into politics, but I know what I would do. . . . . . I would contact my Federal & State Legislators and ask them what you should do. . .. . . . . & I would really get involved! That law wasn't really meant to do that. . . a bunch of politicians just screwed up! If our mothers & other women hadn't spoke up in the past we'd still be barefoot, pregnant and waiting on men!


    The migraine hits me "bang"anytime I try to quit the coffee (caffine). My daughter-in-law is a diet coke addict and it hits her when there is not coke in the house! I'm just lucky the news media has changed tunes and coffee is back in good graces again. I say at my senior age I've given up everything (you know: reg job, good eats, sex, etc.) but my "coffee"!

    Lost my mojo. Can you help me find it?

    I understand where you are at. . . . I had my band placed in 2006 and sucessfully lost 70 pounds. In years following my husband died & then I had breast cancer which with resulted in surgery. Now I've returned to the bariatric center and my surgeon just smiled & told me I'd stretched my pouch above the band he would see me in one year. I've gained back some of the weight and am trying to mentally get on track. Next week I have an appointment with a therapist to guide me and hopefully get me on path. I like your word "mojo" because I need a push & a good shove to find my way back to the good life. I do love my band and it's placement resulted in correcting diabetes, high Blood Pressure & other health problems. I can't see where a sleeve would do anything for me. . . . . . I believe my problem is me.

    Sick a lot!

    Welcome to our Forum. No, this is not normal. Yes, please return to your batiatric clinic and get their help. In the meantime I would log/journal everything eaten and reactions & take that to them. Their nutritionist can becone involved to assist in that regard. Remember why you decided to get banded and search for answers to best use your band (tool) to become well/healthy & happy. Wishing you good luck! JMH

    Good Questions & Good Answers

    I have a request, that everyone take the time to fill out their profile & or update them, it just makes it easier if you are requesting advise for the responders to have that information. Also interesting to know if you are international or which state of our own country you are blogging from! If you want to be private just enter the state & skip the city or origin. Thanks!

    snide remarks

    You got us all at your back. . . wishing you a great healthy banding success! Jo
  18. I had this happen several weeks ago, and I was flustered. Then I found I wasn't logged in! You can read & remark but you need to be "logged in"! Sometimes when you are away from the machine it loggs you out. Why? I don't know! (Why this jumped to the top of your question I have no clue!) Jo Thank you for that, kctequeen. I appreciate your input. Say, do you know why I would be 'blocked' from replying to someone who posted a response to my post? This would be 'chasingadream' post. I have a reply I would like to post and when I went to do so, I was notified that I was blocked from doing this. Is this the norm for a 'support' forum, do you know?

    Surgery today

    Wish you smooth travels into our lap band world! Where are you from? Being a nurse will surely be of good help to you. You have the schooling on nutrition which seems to me would make it "right on" JO
  20. Name, real or screen~Joanne M Holl Goal weight for February 28th~ Weight on February 1st~262.4 Age~83 City/State~Grant Co MN Dietary goal for February~ Exercise goal for February~ Personal goal for February~ Date banded~09/08/2006 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~32.1 Do anything special for Valentine's day?~No

    Words I never thought I would hear...

    I thnk I would cry if someone ever said that to me!

    Pre-op today -Drama in the waiting room!

    Gosh Pretty Thick1, I don't think a loss of 74 pounds is mediocre. Don't jump to conclusions too fast. Are you doing that well? Slow loss is best as it stays off, and as years go by that will be important! Bless you young banders and I wish you good health.

    Tea lovers speak up!

    What is DD?


    I would ask for a copy of yourrecords each time you check in with your doctor or your bariatric center. It would be interesting to see how they record this. Wishing you good health & great banding!

    Is there any foods that you totally miss?

    Pie. I bought a rhunarb/strawberry pie from good bakery and had 1/3 of 1/6 slice for a few evenings. It was so satisfying to have at the end of a big day. Actually when I logged my calories for the day it wasn't too bad. Better than ice cream (which is harder to just eat small dish). . . I have bought low-cal-milk ice cream & put two tsp in glass of diet rootbeer for low-cal float. . . I don't do cake & Cookies. . . too many calories & really not one of my wants. . . Bread I toast & can skip buying as I find I have to throw it out . . . . birds like it on their flat-feeder though. I used to love vegetables but now without butter & cream sauces I find myself leaving them as I reach my saiety. Not good, but I am trying by using seasonings and no salt. I have multi Vitamins to make up for any dietiary shortages. Good Topic!

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