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  1. NYsLegend78

    For the singles here... Just do this..

    35 in Belleville NJ banded 9/2010 w 2 kids
  2. NYsLegend78

    Unsupportive Wife

    My wife would tell me the same thing that I can do it on my own and then my Dr told me he wants to see me reach 40 for my kids sake and I decided to do with or without her support. 100lbs later I'm feeling great and in better shape then her
  3. NYsLegend78

    Why Do Women Hide There Inner Freak?

    I'm down for making films
  4. NYsLegend78

    Why Do Women Hide There Inner Freak?

    I wouldn't complain
  5. NYsLegend78

    Why Do Women Hide There Inner Freak?

    Haha wtf that's epic r
  6. NYsLegend78

    Why Do Women Hide There Inner Freak?

    Krussell I agree with you I hate feeling fake around a group of women cause I have to watch what I say and then I find out that they are just as bad as men
  7. NYsLegend78

    New Jersey

    I'm in Paterson
  8. NYsLegend78

    Powder Room Question....

    Just remember the taste is affected by what we eat sonic he's a heavy meat eater it's going to have a metallic taste to it while people that eat fruits have a sweater taste. Hmmm I wonder will the protein increase because of all the protein I eat lol
  9. NYsLegend78

    Problem With Protein Shakes

    Trust me Unjury is delicious. I throw some chia seeds in it to fill me up
  10. NYsLegend78

    Regarding Support Groups

    Wow I've been thinking of going to my hospital support group but had no idea it could go negative. I hate nothing more then man bashing women SMH
  11. NYsLegend78

    Did your sex life change after lapband

    My stamina is through the roof but my wife's just not for it as much as I am
  12. NYsLegend78

    Fat Comments...

  13. NYsLegend78

    Fat Comments...

    Your husband made the right choice but I would still have cheated him on if he laid the guy out : )
  14. NYsLegend78

    Powder Room Question....

    Of course it's worth it. You guys are getting a little work out from it lol

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