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  1. loridee11

    My lap band removal

    It's always a good idea to talk to your surgeon when you have more pain than expected and the swelling you describe so they can confirm if you need to be seen. I had my band out in August of 2019. For me, my incision where the port was removed was larger than when it was put in. I also had a small hard section there for a while - maybe the size of a ping pong ball --- my Dr. told me they pull the tubing and all out through that area. I also recall it taking a 3 or 4 weeks before the pain went away completely but it was never significant --- I didn't need anything more than OTC painkillers.
  2. Thanks for sharing - it's helpful to hear what others experience. I rarely get full - I almost always measure 5-6 oz of food and stop when that is gone. I do sometimes just feel done with some of that left though, not really full, just had enough. When I do get full it's because I didn't measure. Even then, I eat slow and chew well and I've never gotten sick or had any issues. Oddly, when I do get full it's a fairly similar sensation to pre-surgery.
  3. loridee11

    HAIR LOSS!!! UGH!!!

    My Dr. mentioned it the prepared materials, but I haunted this site for months before surgery and knew about it from here and from video's on YouTube. But yes, it would be great if the Dr's would share a little more on the side effects (3 week stall, hair loss, etc...) so it wouldn't be a shock when you have them.
  4. I had a lapband and had a pretty similar experience. I lost 145 lbs and was doing great - except I'd wake up choking on acid and throwing up/sliming was an almost daily experience. I tried various fill levels and any amount caused this. So eventually I was unfilled entirely and put back on all my weight. After a few years I finally decided to do surgery and I decided on gastric bypass because my surgeon shared that many people who heartburn/reflux before will have it worse with Sleeve. I had RNY 12/31/19 and have had a really great experience - better than even the early days with the band. I've had just a little bit of heartburn even with RNY, but Dr has me taking some meds and thinks it will resolve (technically still healing). I'm only a little over 7 months out but so far no regrets. Oh! And I have dumped exactly 3 times. I can have fruit and even 2 glasses of red wine and I'm fine. I even had a bite or two of a sweet and I was fine. But, I tried a margarita and had less than 1/3 of it - dumped. And I had a piece of birthday cake and dumped (2 times --- sometimes I take a bit to learn). To me that's a good thing. Dumping is very unpleasant, and as a result my desire to eat sweets is really dampened which is good!
  5. I've been really lucky in that I haven't had a ton of hunger since surgery. Even now, I may get hungry or I may not. However, I have also noticed I don't get "full" on 5-6 oz of food (lean meats and veggies). For the most part, I stop eating at that amount and I'm no longer hungry - but again, not full. I realized I don't really know how people who don't have weight problems do this. Before surgery, I would eat until I was stuffed most the time and I'm pretty sure "normal" eaters don't do that. But do they look for a feeling of being full, or just no longer hungry? For those of you who are out further and in maintenance - do you eat to when you are full? Or do you stop when you are just not hungry anymore?
  6. I am officially 7 months post surgery and am incredibly happy with my progress so far. I'm down 122.4 lbs total, and 80.8 since surgery. A few of my NSVs: - The arthritis in my knees causes significantly less pain - I am walking 2 miles most days, and hiking when I get the chance (up to 6 or more miles) - My strength and endurance is increasing. I still get winded and need to take breaks (especially on inclines) but there's no way I could have done some of the hikes I'm doing pre-surgery. - I'm down from a tight 2X to a L or XL. - I have collarbones again Below pics is from shortly after I started my journey (pre-surgery) to this morning.
  7. Congrats on your surgery! I'm now thinking of all the beautiful towels I could have at home since I don't need bath sheets anymore
  8. loridee11

    Gastric bypass july28,20

    I had bypass on 12/31. I was SO nervous the morning of surgery but overall I had a pretty easy recovery. I made a commitment to myself before going in to the hospital that any time they asked I would walk (and I would ask to walk if they didn't ask at least every 2 hours). I think that really helped keep the gas pains down and set me up for an easier recovery. They had me drinking water & crystal light and eating SF Jello in the hospital (maybe 2 tiny bites is all I could get in with the swelling) and they had me taking my vitamins the next day (I triple checked since that seemed crazy but I had no issues). My program also had us on modified liquids from day 2, so I had a tiny bit of greek yogurt my first day home and it was fine. I took tiny bites, and waited to see how I felt between bites. It's crazy how quickly you get full but makes sense when you think about the size of your new stomach and the swelling. I always had water by my side and sipped pretty much every 10 mins (aside from 30 mins after eating). The first week I walked around the house 5 or 6 times a day and then I moved outside and quickly got up to a mile (I still try to do around 2 most days). I was definitely tired and fatigued the first month or so, but after the first day home I didn't need to nap or anything else - just took it easy aside from my walking. Congratulations and good luck!
  9. loridee11

    What to pack for the hospital

    I took WAY to much stuff and the only thing I used was my chapstick, toothbrush/paste and hairbrush. I didn't even need my phone charger or anything since I wasn't on it much and I wore the same clothes home that I wore to the hospital, and I wore the hospital gown & socks while there (they gave a second gown to wear when walking to cover up the backside.
  10. loridee11

    HAIR LOSS!!! UGH!!!

    I feel for you. I’m a little further in my journey and am still losing a ton of hair. I knew going in it was likely and I accepted it as a cost of the surgery, but it is still really disturbing. I’m using a thickening cream after every wash to fake it a bit and I plan a cut once salons reopen.
  11. My program wanted us on meal schedules so 8; 1 and 6 (keeping in mind a meal may be 2 oz of greek yogurt) and to always have water/fluid by us and to sip all day except for 30 mins after meals. They also had me on vitamins from my first day home which I thought was odd but I had no issues. The first couple of weeks I was also doing small walks 5 or 6 times a day since I couldn't go far. I did drive at day 3 to go pick my dogs up from the kennel. I wasn't on any pain meds and it was close so I had no issues.
  12. loridee11

    Cannot quench my thirst

    Maybe try a no sugar electrolyte drink. I bought Propel Zero powder and drink a couple of those a week and they seem to help more than just straight water.
  13. Thanks all. The lowest I've been in my adult life is 183, around a BMI of 27. (Even in high school I was well obese. I felt pretty good at 183, but I think I would have felt better a little lighter (I carry a lot of weight in my legs and at that point, my upper body was good but my legs were still pretty heavy). I guess I'll see how I feel when I get back around that level and decide if I want to keep going. But based on that discussion and what I am hearing hear, I think I'll likely end up over my original goal of 150, but somewhere below 183. Maybe 173, which would be a BMI of 24.8 and officially not overweight (I really want to be in a "normal" range at least once ).
  14. I just had my 6 month check up with my Dr and I had the chance to ask them what my goal weight should be. Their "goal" for me is to be comfortably in the overweight category - somewhere around a BMI of 27. This seems high to me, and my personal goal is to be in the healthy weight range, around a BMI of 22 (which I know is aggressive). Her rationale is studies show people who are overweight but exercise, and people who are of average weight but don't exercise have about the same morbidity. So, they focus on getting us firmly out of obese, then worry more about activity. For those of you whose Dr's gave you a goal weight or BMI, where did it fall?
  15. I had someone drive me home and then I was alone through recovery and it was fine. Just make sure your house is set up with easy access to your diet and fluids and that you don't need to lift anything and you should be fine.