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  1. 2excited

    Long Time

    AWESOME! You are one determined lady! I am doing good but not as good as you! About 42 pounds down and thats without exercise (bad knee and back but I know its no excuse). I have a 20 pound goal by May 15th so we shall see. I just spent a fortune tailoring some of my old size 22's. I now am in a 18 and some of those are a bit loose. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
  2. 2excited

    Oh, so much...

    9 pounds thats awesome and I am too a slow loser!! I am a little over 40 lost, my goal was 50 by Christmas but now I hope by Easter. Its not easy at all. But your right 40 less than what I was is great, I would have never been able to do this without the band.
  3. 2excited

    Oh, so much...

    Sorry to here about all the stress you are under! You look great in the picture! Just curious how much is in your band now? How much is your total loss? I have been stuck at the same weight since December and it stinks! I have not been working out. I guess I have to ad that to the mix ASAP. Wishing you the best!
  4. 2excited

    No restriction

    I just had my third fill and I am at 6cc's. My doctor is now puting in small amounts. 4.8, then .4 and .8. I feel slight restriction, nothing more than I did on the first fill though. So I understand. I lost 30 since banded in June and now I am STUCK at my weight! How big is your band? What was your starting weight?
  5. 2excited

    keeps getting better

    Good for you!!!!! You are doing awesome! I hit 30 pounds GONE this weekend! Clothes are falling off but I want to wait a little longer to get new ones.. hoping to lose 15 more by December!!
  6. 2excited

    new weird thing....

    I have had the same issues since I had my second fill (.4cc's for a total of 5.2) Wednesday. I have to walk around for a minute then it passes and its all fine after that. Thanks for the tip on the tea and applesauce I will try it. I too leave for vacation tomorrow and was sowooried about getting this second fill so close but its all good! Have a great time!!
  7. 2excited

    1st fill

    Hope all goes well for you!! Drink lots of water!!
  8. 2excited

    Just got my first fill....4.5 CC's... YAY!!!

    My doctor claims he put 4.8cc's in my band. I was resstricted for 4-5 days and then everything was back as it as before, actually it was easier to eat. I am hungry, I can eat anything with out getting stuck. I am very cautious, and I only lost 2 pounds since first fill almost 3 weeks ago. I go for another fill the 11th. I am wondering if I hit 6 weeks after my surgery and all my swelling went down. I hope you have better luck with this first fill than i did!!
  9. 2excited

    First fill

    Good luck with your fill!! I am also stuck at 21. For 2 days after the fill it went to 25 but once I started eating solids again it went back up I keep complaining I can't lose any weight and my family is like you lost 21 in a month what more do you want!!!! I was worried about the same things before my fill and I am fine, a little too fine now so I am looking forward to 2nd one on the 11th. Good luck!!
  10. 2excited

    Feeling better!

    Wow so much better today! It all started Friday afternoon with headache and dizzy! I was still function-able but I laid down around 11:30pm and the room was spinning I slept for an hour woke up sick to my stomach. I spent the whole night dry heaving, dizzy, nauseous and going to the bathroom. No pain in stomach and I was able to drink liquids just fine. I had my fill Wednesday and I wasn't eating much but I WAS eating! I don't get migraines often, I think the last one was 2 years ago. Maybe it was that, maybe I was lacking vitamins., electrolytes (I drank Gatorade all weekend) or perhaps a virus. I have issues with vitamins making me nauseous since I was a kid. I take the Flintstone vitamins but stopped the day before my fill. By last night I was eating normal again. Woke up feeling good and the best part is that the scale says I lost 5 more pounds!! When I called the doctor they said maybe too tight but I don't think so I have been eating solids (grilled chicken, quiche, cheese) and drinking a lot. Well I guess I will pay more attention to the headaches and see if it happens again. I have thyroid issues too I think maybe I will request some blood work just to be on safe side!
  11. 2excited

    It's Official

    Great News on 20 pounds lost!! I am a shopper and would love to buy some new stuff but I am holding off. My cousin saw me for the first time and said you need to buys some shirts that fit! I keep washing them in hot water and putting them in the dryer!! I hit 25 pounds lost yesterday! I was really sick yesterday but I am better today not sure what it was .. right now I am saying a virus or migraine I dont think it was band related because I can eat and drink without a problem.
  12. 2excited

    My BIG Day is tomorrow!!!

    good luck! I was a nervous wreck too..it really is not bad! I have had 2 kids and 2 knee surgeries this was by far the easiest and less painful procedure!! Remember WALK WALK WALK even day 1! I slept on the couch for 3 nights so I could walk during the night without bothering anyone!
  13. 2excited

    Advice please.. not feeling well

    So I had my fill on Wednesday. He put in 4.8cc. I was fine Wed and Thursday. I stated to feel shaky and dizzy around 3pm Friday. I ate some solid food and was ok. A couple of hours later dizzy again, so I ate a little more solid. Nothing stuck, no pain everything went down fine. I started feeling dizzier around 10pm and my husband suggested drinking more so I did. I have been up all night dizzy and nauseous. I am urinating a lot so I don't think its dehydration. Now I cannot eat or drink anything without dry heaving. I called the office the covering doctor told me to take zofran this weekend and if its still bad Monday to call my regular Dr. and I may need an unfill. This is the worst I have felt since having the procedure and I can't help thinking it may be a virus but is that a little coincidental. Like I said no pain in stomach just a lot of gurgling. Any advice from experienced bandsters?
  14. 2excited

    3 weeks post op.. (almost)

    Well Monday is 3 weeks post op for a total loss of 20 pounds. I only lost 1 pound this week. Hey I was happy:thumbup: I thought for sure now that I am on regular foods I was going to gain!! I had a couple of interesting moments this week trying foods and being STUPID :laugh:! Even though my band has no fluid I can not eat nearly what I ate before and dry foods have a really hard time going down. I got a turkey and swiss wrap the other day took one bite and felt like I was choking.:smile2: It was weird I would have thought the stuck feeling would have been lower but it was stuck right in my esophogus. And what did I do... drank water.. nope wrong thing to do. I actually used some of the tips I saw on here and streched my arms over the doorway and it was all ok in a few minutes. I find it VERY hard not to drink while I eat. Probably one of the hardest things to get used to! My next appointment is for my first fill on the 21st, I am determined to be at least 5 pounds less by then!! The best thing that happened to me this week was my dad (always very critical of my weight) saw me in shorts and said hey I notice already NOW DON'T GET TOO SKINNY! I really appreciate all the posts on here they help more than you know!
  15. 2excited

    Any Regrets?

    Banded 6/21 and I was VERY Scared and skeptical at first. I have no regrets! I have to say it really isn't that hard!! The most difficult part for me was the week after surgery. There is a lot of swelling and restriction and I thought I would NEVER be able to eat again "normally". Now 4 weeks out I am 22 pounds lighter and feeling good!! I have been putting on weight steadily since having my daughter 8 years ago. I weighed at the start of this process what I weighed nine month pregnant!! No matter what I did I could not loose weight, this is the first time in years I am successfully losing weight and I don't feel deprived! I didn't tell people becasue I knew I would get that negativity!
  16. 2excited


    Three pounds is great! I had my fill yesterday and I am hungry a lot too. I had mostly liquid yesterday but they told me I could have soft last night so I had a piece of quiche. It took a really really long time to digest, no pain just really full. I am eating very light today but I am HUNGRY! I go back August 11th for fill #2.
  17. 2excited

    Finally First Fill!

    Hey everyone! I had my first fill today. It was pretty easy for the most part, a little (ouch:ohmy:) pinch and it was all over. I drank a little barium and watched it go down slowly through the band! He said he put in 4.8cc's. I did not eat breakfast today as per their instructions and I was hoping this fill would take away these HUNGER pains but it didn't so I will have a muscle milk later. I am really hoping this helps with more weight loss. I have been fluctuating between 19 - 24 pounds loss since starting the pre op diet. My doctor wants me to go for another fill on August 11th! It was interesting in the waiting room there were woman there that were not losing weight from the band. It was a bit discouraging. Listening to their stories I wonder if it was more of their own issues than the band or the doctor. Well I am staying focused and I have to get my butt out walking more. I will make every excuse in the world not to work out and I have to stop!!
  18. 2excited

    A Little Weak Kitten Today

    Feel better! Amazing how all doctors are different. I had fill yesterday and they want me on soft solids by tonight. Only liquid was lunch yesterday, then soft for dinner and breakfast. We shall see how it goes!!
  19. 2excited

    Its that time...My 1st Fill

    Good Luck I go Wednesday so please do tell when you get home!!!
  20. 2excited

    Is this me?

    You look FABULOUS! I know the feeling about the clothes!! I can't wait!! But I agree I too often say why the heck can't they make "cute" clothes just bigger!
  21. 2excited

    Great Visit

    Great news!! I go for my fill next week too and I am not sure if I am ready yet.. my doctor only does fills 2x a month which stinks. I am on Thyroid meds too and I thought weight loss does not effect that since it replaces the hormone that our body does not make. I take a low dose of BP med and they said they will monitor every 3 months.
  22. 2excited

    Up North! And other news...

    Good for you!! So you go for your fill 2 days before mine.. you will have to tell me all the details!! Wishing you the best of luck this weekend!!
  23. 2excited

    Lost the bet!

    That is my biggest problem too I eat quickly. I find that I stuff things down way to quick and regret it after the 3rd bite! Good luck!!
  24. 2excited

    I finally got below 225.

    Thats awesome! I am just curious since you have so much restriction what can't you eat at all?
  25. 2excited

    With healing comes hunger?

    I had mine on 6-21 and I feel hungry OFTEN! This started Friday for me. And I can eat just about anything since there is no restriction. I unfortunately tested that this weekend! I am still eating WAY LESS than I ever ate before and I have not had any sweets. I lost 19 pounds as of last fridays weigh in but I have a feeling now that I am on soft foods this week the scale will go up. When is your fill? Mine is the 21st!

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