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  1. Jess55

    Shakes to shake things up?

    I’m almost 9 months post op. I’ve been losing very minamally the last few months. I’m talking like 4 pounds in the last 2 months. I’m very frustrated. I do admit I haven’t ate great. Starting Friday I plan to do a liquid diet for the next 1-2 weeks. It will make me miserable. But I need to get some losses started again
  2. Jess55

    Back to Shakes?

    I've been debating going back to shakes for 1-2 weeks. I've been practically stalled for the last few weeks. Losing less than 0.5lbs a weeks. I'm almost 6 months post op. I've been struggling to get under 200lbs and getting so frustrated. I'm going out of town for a few days, but I think when I get back I'm going to do it. Do you have to do the full post op diet? Or is 2 weeks shakes sufficient then just go back to eating small amounts as normal? I hope it will start me losing better again.
  3. I had a band to sleeve revision almost 6 months ago. As for pain post op, I was in less pain, though the band was my first ever surgery. I took pain meds for three days then. For the sleeve I didn't take anything after the first night. Although I did stay in the hospital 2 days due to nausea. And I did have some nausea weeks 2-4. As for restriction. It is so much different than with the band. A few bites with the band and I'd be in pain, but then I could eat anything. I never found my sweet spot. With the sleeve, no pain from being stuck, just an uncomfortable feeling if I ate to much. I'm much happier with the sleeve I'm a slow loser, not terribly, but slower than a lot of people on here. Like I said I'm almost 6 months out and including my pre op im just under 50lbs lost. Would I go back to the band, hell no, or would I ever recommend it to anyone, no way. The band is horrible and I don't know why it's still used. Do I regret having the sleeve, not a bit, only that I didn't revise sooner, maybe I would not have gained back everything I lost with the band [emoji20].
  4. I am perfectly content with leftovers. I don't go out to eat much, but when I do I look forward to having multiple meals out of it. Sometimes it does last to long though and I end up throwing it out since I usually don't eat it every day. Also I do not really like to cook, so when I do I prepare larger quantities. I'll divide it up and freeze it. Especially good for when I work, I just grab something from the freezer and I'm good to go. I do need to come up with some different meals though since I find myself rotating through the same 4 days things
  5. Good to hear you can safely take miralax more than once a day. Even before surgery I've had chronic constipation. I never really discussed it with doctors because I was to embarrassed. I would go once a week, if that and be very uncomfortable. I had been taking miralax daily and was better but I had stopped. For the past week I've been taking it daily again and things have been much better.
  6. I know some surgeons are more conservative, but 10 days after surgery my doctor cleared me to lift 40#. I work with animals so I specifically asked and I was kind of surprised when he said that, but I was completely fine doing it.
  7. Jess55

    exercise and stalls?

    I've been going to the gym and doing the elliptical and other things since I was 2 weeks post op. 2weeks ago I went back to doing kickboxing which I haven't done in 9months. Last Monday my weight was up 3.2 lbs!! I was devastated, I had to talk myself down saying there's no possible way that was real. It was just that my muscles wasn't used to doing that type of workout anymore. Tomorrow when I do my official weigh in (I'm an everyday weigher but only count Monday) my weight is going to be down those 3.2lbs plus some extra. So just remember excercise is good for you, but yes, you may see a temporary gain, but it's only temporary. I did read it can last 2-3 weeks, but it will go away.
  8. Jess55

    Post-OP PILLS??????

    My doc gave me no meds post op. And I didn't need any. I didn't have any pain meds after the first night. The only thing I took post op was my omeprazole which is a capsule, which my doc was fine with me taking once I got home. And he said I could swallow pills as long as they were the size of the eraser on a pencil
  9. Jess55

    Home alone?

    I think it all depends on you. I was sleeved 4 months ago (revised from band 6 years prior). Both times I was alone post op. I have two dogs 25 and 30 lbs. I had absolutely no problem taking care of them. Did it hurt bending down, yes, but it only hurts for a minute then went away. I just put my knee up when my dog tried to jump on me just to try to avoid that pain. I was walking my dogs for their longer walk the day after I got home. I never took pain meds after the first night. Never had gas pain or anything So it depends on how you heal
  10. Jess55

    Thick Blood

    When I draw blood from animals, usually their blood is that dark and thick when they are dehydrated. Like they said to you. I would recommend trying to drink more. And you can't tell if blood is hemolyzed until you spin it down. Unless it took so much force to pull you just know it's going to be hemolyzed. As for the vegetable thing, no clue about that.
  11. Jess55

    How long were you off work?

    I had a band to sleeve revision on March 6th. I was in the hospital 2 nights due to nausea. I didn't take any pain meds after the first night. I took 11 total days off of work. I probably could've gone back after less than a week. I am an LVT in the emergency department at a specialty veterinary hospital. I was fine on my feet 10 hour shifts. I just didn't lift any dogs over 40 lbs my first 4 weeks (my doc gave me the 40lb limit, I know for most it's less). I think I was in less pain for this sx vs the band. It hurt only when getting up or getting down
  12. Jess55


    I can understand that. I'm 11 weeks post op and I have lost 34#. It's seems slow and I have yet to drop a size in my clothes (I have tightened my bra, but that's it). I was hoping by now I would be in smaller scrubs. They are definitely looser, but no size change yet. It's tough. I am a revision from lap band and I was slow then too. You just need to think it didn't come over night nor will you lose it over night. I am just keep doing my thing. Going to they gym 4 days a week for an hour. I'm trying not to go crazy, because I think that's what knocked me down last time. (I was going 6 days a week and sometimes twice a day, which isn't sustainable for me). I figure this way if I start to really stall I can bump it up. Just keep working it and it will happen.
  13. I'm having the same problem. My measurements don't seem to be budging that much. I've been taking measurements since I started my pre op diet and I'm budging up top. I was on my loosest bra hook and I just put it on the tightest. Surgery was March 6th. Also my body fat percent isn't moving either. I work out 4 times a week for an hour. I've checked my body fat with one of those hand held devices and I'm only down 3.2% since my pre op. I'm so upset about this. I mean I don't expect it to drop overnight but I expected a little quicker. I am a revision from lap band and I was a slowish loser then too. But I felt I lost inches more. I've only lost 32# since my pre op diet. I'm trying to up my calories and protein to try to help. Since I've only been averaging 700 calories and I don't want to kill my metabolism.
  14. I didn't get one and honestly I'd rather just order a normal meal and then have leftovers for a few days. I'm not huge on cooking (trying to work on that) so leftovers are fine with me. Lol
  15. Definitely not. I have developed a liking for zucchini as zoodles which I never ate before. But my taste buds did not change with surgery. When I was younger the smell of fish always made me nauseous. So I have always associated fish with nausea so I refuse to eat it.

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