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  1. Jess55

    Post-OP PILLS??????

    My doc gave me no meds post op. And I didn't need any. I didn't have any pain meds after the first night. The only thing I took post op was my omeprazole which is a capsule, which my doc was fine with me taking once I got home. And he said I could swallow pills as long as they were the size of the eraser on a pencil
  2. Jess55

    Nausea in morning

    No, not drinking coffee, never been a coffee drinker
  3. I had band to sleeve revision on March 6th. I went back to work on March 17th. So I took 11 days. I have a physical job as a LVT. But me I'm not good with nothing to do and may have gone back sooner as I was very bored and restless. For me pain was minimal, I did not have any pain meds after the first night. Yes still hurt when I got up and down and especially in and out of bed and trying to get comfortable, but the pain was self limiting so no need for pain meds. I'm 3 weeks out and I do still have a little pain every so often in my right side, but nothing crazy
  4. I had my band removed and was sleeved on March 6th. I lost weight, but sadly I never found the green zone and ended up gaining it all back. (Wasn't at my highest, but never wanted to go there again). Even though I'm still on liquids (get to start purée tomorrow, yay!) it already feels different. Best of luck to you!
  5. Jess55

    6 days post op and depressed

    I had one week post op Clear liquids, one week full. Plus I had a one week liquid diet pre op. I get to start puree on Monday. I can't wait to have something with a little sustance! Though it will probably just be yogurt and ricotta bake and egg. I can't stand the idea of purée meats. Plus my Protein drinks
  6. Jess55

    So much water...

    I thought I was crazy. Pre op I drank a lot of water probably like 120oz or so. I used to pee all the time. I'm currently 10 days post op and already am getting like 90 oz or so and I feel like I'm barely going to the bathroom.
  7. I am 6 days post sleeve. I am supposed to go to full liquids tomorrow. I was wondering if I could have egg drop Soup? Or would I have to strain the egg? My diet said I could have strained cream Soups (I'm honestly not a soup eater besides egg drop). If not it's ok I really have no desire to eat right now but curious if I could. Thanks
  8. Thanks, I decided to get some and strained it (gave the egg to my dogs, they were happy). I only had a teeny bit though. I'm still trying to get my second protein drink down. I just wanted something different.
  9. Jess55

    Hospital attire?

    I just am very modest and don't like feeling like I'm not wearing clothes. Also I wouldn't feel comfortable walking the halls in just a gown. I really hope my hospital allows me to change. I understand why someone who is very sick in the hospital needs to wear a gown for accessibility purposes but if I'm stable post op why can't I be dressed. I guess I'll ask when I go for my pre op blood work on tuesday
  10. Jess55

    Sleeve or lap band

    I am hopefully revising to the band in the next month (last visit on Friday, then praying I get approval). I've had the band since 2010. I did well in the beginning with no fill. Then I stopped losing and tried getting fills, I started losing again but only because I really couldn't eat anything until late afternoon, even then i would still vomit things up at dinner. I never was able to find my sweet spot. I had my fill removed and by the time I got courage to go back to my surgeon I am the same weight as where I started . I did not originally want the sleeve or bypass because of the risks, but I know I need it now, so I'm willing to risk it. My coworker has the band and she lost weight and was even under weight, but I think she keeps hers tight as I see her eating soft foods at work a lot of the time (I could be wrong). But now she's gained some weight back too and seems to be struggling to lose it again. It's all up to you, but from my experience I would not recommend the band to anyone. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  11. I wonder if steroids would help me. I can barely walk some days and I'm on my feet 10-12 hour shifts at work. I had an MRI last month and have a partial tear of my peroneous Brevis tendon along with multiple ligament sprains in my left foot. I'm also 95% sure I've done something to my right ankle. But my feet are also killing me. I need something to relieve the pain Advil does nothing. I've never taken steroids before but I'll do anything to get some relief! Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  12. I've heard when some ones weight is over a certain point, it may not be safe to do bypass completely, so they do a sleeve (or maybe just make their stomach smaller). Then after they've lost a bit and it's safer they do the bypass part, where they bypass part of the intestines. Maybe that's what they meant Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  13. Jess55

    My first Appointment

    I don't mind at all. I'm a revision patient, but I'll tell you about both. For my initial surgery (lapband) and if this(rny) had been an initial surgery (different insurances then and now) the requirements would've been the same. Visit with psychologist and his/her approval; 6 month physician (other than my surgeon) supervised diet with an inability to lose 10% of my body weight within the past 2 years; 5 year history of morbid obesity; bmi or 40 or more with no comorbidities or 35 or more with a certain number of comorbidities from a certain list (I will put a screenshot in pics In addition to this, my surgeon requires attending at least one nutrition education class that is 2.5 hours long, and at least one support group meeting. I continued the support group meetings because they are soooo helpful. At these, the first 45 minutes is a group discussion with a licensed counselor then the bariatric nutritionist talks to us for 20 minutes or so and gives us tips and recipes and such. The next part is Q&A where preop patients ask questions of post ops. The last part, the preops and postops divide into groups and talk about whatever. There are 2 bariatric registered nurses and a bariatric dietician at these meetings. This time, I was a revision patient, and my surgeon required a refresher on the nutrition and a support group meeting since it had been 7.5 years since my initial surgery. Insurance only required a letter of either surgical or medical complication. My initial consultation for my revision was September 26. My surgery was December 15, 6 days ago. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. I'm a very open person. Screenshot_20161221-175846.png Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using the BariatricPal App I'm jealous. Lol. I'm revising too and they made me do the entire process again. All the pre op clearances and the 6 months. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do the 6 months and have my surgery this month. But the insurance coordinator said insurance would never approve without it. Now I have to pay my deductible again, pulse my out of pocket witch I'd already paid some of as well. Money I don't have, Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  14. Jess55

    I'm too Fat

    You're 5'10" and the doctor said your goal weight is 145? That seems low. I'm 5'2" and my doc said my goal weight was 143. I don't know what your body type is but my doc said I had a large frame. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  15. I'm in the process of converting my band to sleeve. I have (hopefully my last) appointment with my surgeon on 11/18. I have an echo scheduled for the 3rd. So here's my question, my left foot/ankle has been bothering my for about 8 months now. I've been putting off getting it checked feeling that maybe it was weight related. I've finally gotten to the point where I want to get it checked out because it's getting worse and inhibiting my life. But I'm worried if I go for an MRI insurance might not want to pay for the surgery. I know it may be irrational, but I'm concerned. Do you think anything will inhibit their decision. I have Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. Thanks Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  16. I asked my surgeon if he's done many in the same procedure and he said yes. He didn't really push the fact that he'd rather do it in two procedures. Like I said I cannot take off work twice. Plus the fact a leak is a leak. I do not see how it is more dangerous in a sleeve vs bypass. I work in veterinary medecine and have seen many foreign body surgeries (where they are removed either from the stomach or intestines. Some who already have a septic abdomen from their intestines perforating). Same amount of danger if your intestines leak vs your stomach. Yes, I have seen some die too from it. I am more than fully informed. This was one of the main reasons I didn't want the sleeve or bypass to begin with. The risk of peritonitis. But I am more than ready to assume that risk. It is a risk. They are cutting into your stomach and it can happen
  17. I'm trying to convert to the sleeve too. I also felt bullemic with the band, not the binging, but when I had fluid in my band I was puking at most meals. My doc removed all my fluid like 4 months ago and I've still had a couple stuck episodes. My doc made me do the entire pre op testing again. Luckily they didn't make me do the sleep study again, that was awful. I just got my letter from my pcp so they can finally submit it to insurance. I'm crossing my fingers they will approve it, since I no longer meet the 40 bmi requirement and I don't have any comorbidities. We're hoping they will approve it due to complications.
  18. My goal is 135, which is the high end of a normal BMI. However my surgeons goal is 143, because I have a large frame. I don't think I've ever been anywhere close to those in my adult life, so I probably need to see as I get close.
  19. Jess55

    PCP clearance?

    I hear that, I've been trying to get a letter from my pcp stating I'm a good candidate or something for surgery. I went there in April and I was hoping she'd just write the letter for me, nope, she's making me come in again. I think it's because she tried to push diet pills on me last time. Now I couldn't get an appointment for 3 weeks. I'm so annoyed with her. Given that I always wait like an hour to see her, one time I couldn't get an appointment due to back to school visits (I go to a family practice) and now this. Once I get clearance for surgery I'm going to find a new pcp
  20. I'm so happy to read these posts. Especially about the chicken and broccoli. Lol. I had my band in 2010 and never go to the green zone. Either it was to loose or the fact I couldn't eat lunch but then could eat most anything for dinner and didn't get full. When I had my fill in I was puking at most any meal. I felt like a forced bullemic (without binging). I had to go throug all the pre op testing again, but now they are going to submit to insurance and I'm keeping my fingers so crossed that they approve due to complications. Because good and bad I'm under the 40 BMI with no comorbidities. I just want this band gone and lose the rest of this weight. I still have 60-70# go. I look forward to not being hungry and being able to eat small meals and not get stuck!
  21. I want to go from band to sleeve. I was to,d I need to do the whole pre op work up again which I am finding really annoying. Apparently insurance will approve removal at this point but won't even consider revision until I do the whole thing, psych, support group, etc. I just hope I don't do it all and then they still decline revision since I'm below a bmi of 40. I am like 36 right now.
  22. I'm hoping I can get approved in time for a June 8th date. I'm trying to revise from the band and I go back to my doc tomorrow after last going he told me to see the cardiologist and pulmonologist and my pcp. I already have that week off of work from vacation time I had left. If I can't get approved for that week I probably will have to wait until July or August when I can get another week off of work without actually telling my job in having surgery. My supervisor/friend knows I have the band and I don't feel like telling him yet that it's failed.
  23. Jess55

    Pre-Op Diet......Again!

    When I did the pre op diet which was 5 days full liquids and 2 days clears I found it much easier than I thought it was going to be. When I've tried to do a liquid diet on my own just to try to get back to basics, I've found it miserable. Not sure why it's different.
  24. Jess55

    Trouble getting water in?

    I was wondering the same thing. I'm used to drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Especially while working out. I sweat a lot.
  25. Jess55

    Spicy food anyone?

    Good question, I was wondering this myself since I love to put lots of jalepenos in my chili!

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