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  1. So, five weeks post op on Tuesday. I am on solid foods now and I am 24 lbs down since starting my pro-op diet june 8th. I am having no BAND issues. I am having a mind issue. I eat and I make my self sick b/c I want whats left on my plate. I dont have my first fill yet but I was really hoping The band would be more than this. Right now I am thinking I should have gone Bypass or sleeve. I was just hoping the want to eat would go away. I hate being full and mentaly I still want something. HOW do I get rid of this. again, wouldnt have needed the surgery if I didnt have an eatting problem!! Just FRUSTRATED!!!!!!
  2. I am 9 days post op... here is what is bothering me: My back hurts almost all the time.. Normal? When I am hungry it littleraly hurts... My stomach my back my head. This never happened before. I could go all day and skip breakfast and lunch...Now I have to eat something. I was wokein up at 4am yesterday b/c I was so hungry. I tried to ignore my gut pain, back pain.. but couldnt. I had to go and eat a little piece of meat and a cracker just so I could go back to bed.....Normal? I know I am supposed to be on liquids still but damn going on 5 weeks of liquids.. I am doing soft mushies and liquids too. just looking for some help. Thanks.
  3. I cant begin to tell eveyone how much this site has helped me. On my way to surgery I was having pre-surgery jitters! I just kept thinking to myself what other people went through and how much it was worth it in the end. Today on a 'sore'day I just keep telling my self everyone has been through this and they are fine and I will too..soon. To be honest the first reasons I did want bannded is b/c I hate the way I look. I have always hatted the way I felt aobut myself and they way I looked in clothes. I guess the 2nd reason was for my health. It wasnt until I was getting on the surgery tabel when I realized how much more stuff I will be able to do with my kids when I am healthier and smaller. hit me Like a ton of bricks. And that is when true happines for the surgery hit me. I cant wait to go swimming with my kids for the first time. My 4 kids 6,5,4 and 2. Thats a lot of past-summers comming up with excusses why I couldnt get in the pool with them. But, next summer. I am all in. I am missing out on too much. so thank you for this site and everyone who post. Your words are what got me through the drive to the hospital and what kept me in the hospital when I wanted to run. lol. THANK YOU all and good luck. -Tori
  4. Ok. let me start with my pre-op diet. 3 weeks of optifast shakes, sugar free drinks, sugar free jello and that is it. I SUCKED on this diet. It was the most horrible thing in the free world. I was starving to death! I felt like total crap. I did my shakes and diet during the day but at night I would have some chicken ( baked ) or a bite of what I cooked for supper. The whole time I would beat my self up b/c I am cheating all the time. How in the hell will I be able to do the post-op diet. And will I even be able to get my band b/c I am cheating. Just a horrible time for me. I had my band June 29th ( yesterday ) got to the hospital at 5am. Signed some paper work. They took me to the back room and I changed my clothes, peeded in a cup and sat in bed. Two nurses came in and started my IV ( wasnt so bad ) and gave me my Heperain ( spelling ) shot in the stomach. This didnt hurt me at all. Some people say this hurt, but I didnt hardley feel it. They we played the waiting game. My doctor, his nurse, surgery nurse and anistisiologish ( spelling ) came in over an hours time to talk to me. Finally the anistisologist came in, gave me some drugs to relax. I guess I relaxed. I remember everything though. I was wheeled into the operating room. Creed was playing kinda loud. but I liked that ( distraction ). I scooted over to the table. They started setting me up and then Kid Rocks' All summer long started to play then they put my mask on and I went to sleep. Woke up with a VERY sore throat. Coughing. I was crying. I wasnt unhappy or sad or mad or hurting. just crying. lol. I told the nurse I had to get up and pee. She told me I needed to stay in bed a little longer. I told her,no. I need to pee now. I guess she didnt belive me and I acctualy started to pee on myself ( i guess with the drugs I had no ability to hold it in, I tried!!) she finally let me up and i Got out of bed just fine and walked to the bath room to finish peeing. lol. I walked just fine and sat down just fine. I was sick to my stomach. but they gave me some meds for that. I got back in a CLEAN bed. lol and rested. She gave me more pain meds and I just chilled waiting around. I was a little sore but nothing like my previous, horrible c-section. about an hour later I was put in a wheel chair and brought to Xray where I did the barium swallow. I was more than happy to do that nasty shot of barium. My mouth was sooooo dry!! and sticky and nasty! So, then I was put back in the wheel chair and they gave me a wet wash cloth to whipe my mouth out and try to get that barium out. But, i loved my wash cloth. it was so nice. they wheeled me back into recovery. I just sat in my wheel chair and sucked on my rag. lol. then about an hour later the doc said I was good and I could have water. The nurse gave me 5 medicine cups ( like the cups that are on nyquil or pepto ) full of ice and water. I had to drink one every 10mins. best thing in the world!!!! I drank them just fine. Then i got some pain meds to go :yikes: and then my IV was taken out and I got dressed and off to home I went. We stopped by walmart on the way home and got some things I needed. I feel the best when I am up moving around. I came home and fed my friends dog and took her for a walk. relaxed for a little bit and then walked the dog some more. I feel great! iam sore the most where my port is, and my back and left shoulder is sore but nothing thats not tollerable. I do take my pain meds every 4-6 hours. ( I am not here to prove anyting. Pain sucks and I dont want any lol ) Last night was a little rough. My back and shoulder hurt. SO I was up walking alot last night. but I am good today. Just got out of the shower and about to feed the dog and take her for a walk again. I just cant express how relived I am. After my HORRIBLE c-section I had my self expecting something like that. But, when its nothing like that recovery. I feel.... great. The best part is.. is im not hungry. for two days I am just not hungry. My band isnt filled at the time but, you know right where you feel hungry??? That is where my incisions are and I cant tell if I am hungry or just sore. But, I rather feel sore for the rest of my life then hungry. lol. I am just relived that it is IN me and I have it. I am writing down everything I drink for my post op apt. the 13th of july. take care everyone.
  5. Tori1983

    Leaving on SUNDAY!

    Cant belive that 3 weeks have gone by already!! I am leaving on sunday at 1 to head to my friends house ( 5 hrs away) then leave Tuesday at 4 am to head to the hospital!!! I am ready. I am not nervous yet. lol:scared2: I will probley get nervous on the ride to the hospital. Its funny but the only thing I am worried about is my IV. lol. I know that is stupid. but after having my c-section and recovering. I KNOW nothing is worse than that recovery. I got my pain meds today. Ready to pack!! going to walmart tomorrow to get my GAS X and some other things I will need that week. I am ready. I hope that my liver will work with me and it will not be inlarged. I am ready ready ready!! Lets get-r-done. I am going to the movies tonight. Seeing Knight n day!! :smile: I dont care what anybody says. Tom Cruise is still HOT HOT HOT:thumbup: xoxox To all. I will write back next time hopefull Bannded. lol.:tongue2:
  6. Hey Jamie. I am still off the wagon. I am doing the liquid diet but I eat a little at night, I just can not do this all liquid thing. I am not worried about it ( at this point ) I have stressed myself to the max's! these past three weeks. I am still down 6lbs and I still have 6 days tell surgery. I am ok with that. I am praying since my weight hasnt effected my blood suger/pressure or anything else maybe my liver wont be inlarged. *hopeing* I go in 5:30am Tuesday!! I am leaving this weekend for Dallas. Thanks Jamie!! How have you been doing???

  7. I am going into day 5 of my liquid diet. I have lost 5.8lbs. I dont think I am loosing enough. I have read on here and watched Youtube and people are looseing like 11-14 a week! My doc didnt give me a certain number of Lb's to loose he just put my on the three week liquid diet. So, I guess my question is How much weight did you loose on your liquid diet? What was your surgery day out come? Did you get banded or liver was too big and couldnt get banded? Thanks everyone
  8. Unlike alot of "threads" I am reading on here. I am having a HELL of a time on this liquid diet. Its not easy! I am obsessing over my weight every min of the day. I weigh my self at least 5 times a day. I am so worried I am not going to loose enough weight and I will wake-up from surgery with the nurse telling me He couldnt do it b/c of my liver. I am driving myself complelty insane over this. Day 4 was the easiest. Day 5 I felt like SHIT ran over! I was hot, and had heart burn and my stomach burned and I felt week and dizzy. HOrrible. This has just been a nightmare. I am ready for this surgery so I know I have the band. I wont have to worry about not getting it. 13 more days of this shit, then I have my surgery. The nurse monday said Dr.Kim like patients to loose 5-25lbs. Thats is a huge sliding scale. I am an "EXACT" person. give me an exact number. Oh, I just feel like I am loosing it. I am worried all the time about my liver and what's it doing. My husband isnt any help with me at all on this. He is aggainst the surgery. ( but he has always worn a size 32-34 all his life ) He thinks I just dont have any will power, and i need to just get up and move more and eat less. I am 27!!! if thats all I had to do. I would have done it while I was a teenager and spared my high school years of hell!!!! sorry to vent guys,Just needed to get this off my chest. :devil_smile:
  9. Thanks everyone for the support. I am back on the BANDwagon. I did really good today. Its funny... I only saw one person on here mention heartburn. I NEVER have heart burn.. ever! Just when I was pregnant... the day I had my babies.. no more heartburn. but now, this diet. I have KILLER heartburn. As soon as I drink my shake I can just felllll it come on. Horrible. I have put the scale away. I am not doing myself anything good about obsessing about this. Either I will get the surgery or not. I am the deciding factor. . I'm acctualy am on the lower side of blood preasure. and blood sugar is normal. So, I am hoping that this will play a role in the size of my liver and its not to bad to start with. I am putting everything i have in these last 12 days and hopefully it will be good enough. To the pose above. about cutting me all the way open and c-sections!! girl you are right:cursing: I had a c-section in 09' OMG! worst pain in my life! horrible. I cried for 3 days non stop after mine. The most horrific moment in my life. I told my hubby that if Kohen was number 1 instead of number 4.. he would be an only child. lol. the whole time I am think..." and women opt to have a c-section????!!!:scared2:" lol.thanks guys. YOu have been an huge help.
  10. That depends on your doctor. My liquid diet is EAS shakes, sugar free drink/jello and water/ crystal light and that is it. but alot of people on here dont have to have a diet. or some have a liquid diet where you can have Soups and a small meal but, watch your carbs. So, it all depends on what your doctor wants you to do.
  11. Tori1983

    Stupid liver!

    Monday was my class. It was really good.. informative. Liquid diet is still kick my a$$! I am ready for this to be over with. I am sick to death of worring about my weight! Am I loosing enough? will the doctor be able to do the surgery? how much is everyone else loosing? Just on and on and on. I weigh myself at least 5 times a day. I fee like I am being lost in a weight black hole. just 13 more days of this shit. I want this over with. I want to KNOW I have the band that way I can focus on my weigh. Feeling really down today. Depressed, anxious. Feeling that if I dont get my band it will be my fault. with no one to blame. 13 more days....
  12. Thanks guys, Yes. only liquids. EAS shakes, sugar free drink and Jello. I have cheated. I am not going to lie. But, not bad cheats. Only chicken ( baked ) or just a bite or two of supper. NOthing bad or horrible. I just dont know how I can make it another 13 days. How do I shead at least 6-8 more pounds. I need the weight OFFFFF!! Oh, I cant stand to think If I dont do this I cant get the surgery.. its all just too much. I feel that IF i get the band I can let this mental hell go. I will have the band an be able to work with it. I can handle the two week liquid diet after surgery. B/c I can have chicken or beef broth and other Protein shakes and other liquids. but this is just toooo strict. IF I could just put down the food I wouldnt need this surgery. Oh, I need the next 13 days to go by fast.. but then I dont. b/c I need the time to loose the rest of the weight... oh what hell!!!
  13. Hey Jennifer, It was nice meeting you on monday. How is you diet going?? I just have 13 more days? I had all my pre-op reg at the hospital. EKG, Blood work, X-Ray. All very painless. I am just waiting for them to call me with a time to be at the hospital. Cant wait!

    I am ready to get this over with and start living with the band. Have a great day -Tori

  14. Tori1983

    Going into day 5 of my Liquid Diet!

    Oh I hear ya!! lol. I told my mom Wed. that I wanted McDonalds on top of Long John Silver's and then some arby's!! OHH! tht does sound good. ( bad Tori! ) lol. My fav thing to eat was a hamburger with mustard/pickels/ketchup/ranch!! YUMM! And I ate that b4 I was ever pregnant. lol. Good Luck on your surgery. Let me know how it goes. I will pray for you.
  15. Tori1983

    Going into day 5 of my Liquid Diet!

    Start weights 300.2.lbs (May 15th 2010) Day 4 of liquid diet 295.1 ( June 11th 2010) 18 more days of liquid diet. 4.9.lbs gone! I am not sure if this is a good number. I feel like I should be loosing more.:bored: My diet consit of ESA Advantage Edge Carb Control. It has 110 calories ( depending on flavor) 3g of fat, 17g protein, 3g of carbs. I have about 4-5 shakes a day. I have all the SF crystal light I can stand. AND of course water. Now the Facts are done here is the skinny on liquid diets...They Suck Major Monkey But!!! It is harder than HELLLLLL to go from eatting to the point where I need the band.. to Just liquids and about... 600 calories a day. HARD AS HELLLLL!!! Day one was the worse. I did great all day long. I cheated at night with a few baby crutons, carrots, 1/2 cup of chicken broth. Day two was even worse then day one b/c I new what to expect! I did great all day.. cheated that night with green beans and just about a 1/8 of cup of mac and cheese. Day three still bad but not as bad. Did great all day. Cheated just a little with chicken and rice at dinner. Day 4!!!! SOOOOO much better. It is true what people write on here. By day four it gets better. I did great all day. I wasnt hungry. I felt better. Dinner came and I cooked for my family and I didnt even want to eat. I did end up eatting about an ounce of baked chicken. I started feeling really dizzy and I was about to walk my mile. Didnt want to pass out on the field. I figure by Sunday ( day 6 ) I wont have to cheat anymore. God bless anyone who can just get on this diet and ride it tell the end. I am just not one of those people. If I had the self control it took to just put down food. I wouldnt need the band. I do leave tomorrow for Dallas! God willing my car doesnt break down again. My appt. Is Monday for my class, then pre-reg at the hospital. SideNote** I am supposed to be useing Optifast or Bariatric Advantage. On monday I will get the Bariatric Advantage and ues that from then tell my surgery june 29th. Personaly I did not know that I would be out of pocket for shakes. I read on here where people had diets, liquid diets, but I did not know I would have to purchase my own 'meals.' Opti fast 100 a week or bariatric advantage 55 a week. I didnt have the money at the time. This week I will. So I have been using the ESA drinks. I am no doctor... at all. But, I read on a post here that a person told me that we are addicted to carbs and once we flush that shit out of our system it makes the liquid diet much easier. Day 1 and 2 I said BULL SHIT! but, day 4 I am starting to understand. I wasnt hungry today. At all. My daughters Chocolate birthday cake I made her is sitting on my counter. I walk by it like 20 times a day. And I have no desier to eat it. Now a week ago. I would have woken up in the middle of the night to snack on it I would have eatten some while cooking breakfast for my kids and so on. but, I just dont want to anymore. Maybe there is something to this carb thing!!!:thumbup::eek: Sidenote** I was always a fat/calorie counter never a carb counter. HOllY HELL! If you are trying to stick to 20g of carbs a day??... YOu might as well dig a hole in the back yard and climb in. EVERYTHING HAS CARBS!!!! carrots, apples, green beans. I mean everything. And HUGE carbs at that. so, if you are watching your carbs like me.. good luck to ya! Ok, I wrote a novel. Good luck to everyone. xoxo Tori
  16. Tori1983

    Going into day 5 of my Liquid Diet!

    I am glad I can help! Good luck to you. Some doctors are not as strict as mine. I have read on here where people can still eat food on their diets. And some doctors dont require a diet at all. But, If you have the liquid diet??!??!? God Help you. It was horrible the first few days. Last night was the first night in YEARS i mean 10-14 yers that i did not wake up to eat at night. ( snack on leftovers, make a snadwich... Like have a whole meal at 2am. snack again at 6am.. breakfast at 7am ) I would eat all night. So I couldnt belive I didnt eat! And the chocolate cake is still on my counter.. I didnt touch it. I still cant belive this. Now, I am scarred that when I get off this liquid diet... will I go back to old habits??? b/c I will be eating food again??? oh, If its not one thing.. its another.
  17. Tori1983

    2-Week Pre-Op Diet

    AMEN! I Hear you!!! I am on day 4 of my liquid diet. My liquid diet is: Optifast shakes 5x a day ( do not use these b/c they are way expensive) I use the ESA advanced edge carb control 2g of carbs, 110 calories, 17g of Protein, 0 sugar, 3g fat. Only $4.47 for 4. I usually have 4 a day. Any sugare free drink and sugar free Jello. That is it. The first day was BEYOND painfull. Day two was worse!! but I am on day four and things are much better. I did cheat the first 3 days.. Just a little meal at night time. Tonight I was doing so well but, I felt really dizzy so I had a small piece of baked chicken maybe 1 oz. I have lost 5.8lbs in 4 days. I walk a mile at night. but, yes this IS THE MOST HORRIBLE DIET EVER!!! it is beyond hard to go from eatting ( to the point were we need the band ) to nothing. Liquids that is it!! Very hard, frustrating, and so much more. Everyone said on here by day 4 it would be better. and mine was. I made supper tonight and I didnt even want to eat. I was just feeling so bad I had a little protein. Keep it up. I am fighting the fight with you. :frown: We can do. Just think of the big picture!!! I have to keep repeating this to myself every five mins. good luck!!!
  18. I dont know why you wouldnt follow his instructions. My doc looked and at me and told me " tori I can get you donwn to your goal, but you are going to have to follow the rules that I give you to get you there." I am all in! liquid diet is kick my ASS!! but, I only cheated the first day and that was crutons and baby carrots. I am willing to walk to the moon and back for man who tells me he can get me to my goal... out of my fat suit and back into life. Just my opinion. good luck
  19. Hey JM! Yes, I am doing the class on 6/14 at 10am!!! then I go to the hosptal at 1 for pre-reg. I live 4 hrs a way so they are trying to loop all my stuff together. I started my liquid diet on 6/8 and as of 6/10 I am 3.5 lbs down. I am 3 week liquid diet. you?? they never told me how much weight I would need to loose did they tell you? I guess I will see you on monday. have a great weekend

  20. Ok, call me a freak.. but I am on my FIRST day of my liquid diet. And I am starving to death! befre you judge let my give you my liquid diet: Optifast shakes 5x a day any sugarfree drink sugarfree jello and that is it!!!!!! no broth, no small meals. that is it. It is day one and holly hell!! How will I make it 20 more days of this!!! How did everyone else get through this? I mean come on!! I am fat I like to eat!!:tongue2: and you go and give me jello??? hello!!:eek:
  21. Tori1983

    Holly Hell Batman!

    Thanks everyone for the support. today was sooooooo hard. I did cheat a little. I had too. I felt really bad and so hungry. I had 6 baby croutons, a 1/2 of chicken broth and 4 baby carrots. I guess I missed the boat on carrots having carbs. I always looked at calories and fat. Never at carbs. Now that I am watching carbs. Holly Hell! but, back on track tomorrow. I am looking at it like this. I could have stopped by McDonalds or some other fast food. I choose healthy cheats so I am not going to beat myself up over it. I will continue tomorrow. i am thinking of getting low fat low carb beef jerky. Just to put in my mouth and chew on when I hit those " I AM GOING TO EAT MY COUCH IF I DONT GET SOMETHING" moments. :eek: Dr.Kim in the ft.worth/dallas area is my doctor. Surgery is June 29th. Mellisa ( from dr.kims office ) sent me a letter saying what i cant eat. Optifast, sugar free drinks, tea kool aid etc. and sugar free jello. I havent had any jello yet. but I am done for the night. b/c I cheated I am not going to have my last shake. And I will go walking for an hour tonight. :tongue2: to make sure I walk off what I ate. ugh! I hope by day 4 this will be much easier!!!! I wish they made a pill or a surgery where I was never hungry again. I would love to go through lfe and never want to eat!!!
  22. Tori1983

    Liquid Diet/ life of hell!

    Ok. I was supposed to leave Big Spring Sunday for my class and to pick up my liquid diet stuff. Last week my van's engine blew up!!! I mean smoke pooring out!! It died! but, my wonderful hubby is working on replacing the engine. Saturday night ( 8hr from leaving for Dallas) My Suburban wont start:eek:! The Timeing chain??? went out on it!!!:eek: I was pissed that I arranged for my mom to watch my kids, And my friends were expecting me. and now NO CAR!!!:cursing: so, I was cig free for over a week!! but I had to have one. broke down and smoked one! but, just one! After a day of crying and thinking that my surgery was going to be cancelled. I called my dr. office today. they told me to start my liquid diet today and the class will be next week. and surgery is still planned for the 29th. Made my day MUCH better. I was doing research over the NET. and I found that to shrink your liver you need about 800 calories a day, very low carbs, somewhat high protein. I am using the EAS Carb control. I will use this tell next week when I get to dallas and pick up the Optifast. Start to pray one of my car's will be fixed by sunday.
  23. OptiFast vs. Bariatric Advantage Should I save the money and go with Bariatric Advantage... or is OptiFast worth the money??:thumbup: I have to be on these for 6 weeks. Thats a total of $600 if I got with OptiFast.
  24. Tori1983

    Bariatric Advantage

    Thanks for the offer! Wish I did live closer!!! living so far away sucks, just a bit:thumbdown:. When Dr.Kim did your surgery... what was ur day of surgery like? shots in the stomach, hip? after surgery???
  25. Tori1983

    Bariatric Advantage

    I am leaving this Sunday to head that way. My appt. is on Monday to start my class and my diet. Dr.Kim is def worth the drive. I wouldn't trust any of our "doctor" around here. I guess Optifast it is. I just have a very hard time parting with money for myself. exspecially for drinks!! lol. Surgery is the 29th!! Cant wait!:thumbup:

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