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Going into day 5 of my Liquid Diet!

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Start weights 300.2.lbs (May 15th 2010)


Day 4 of liquid diet 295.1 ( June 11th 2010) 18 more days of liquid diet.

4.9.lbs gone! I am not sure if this is a good number. I feel like I should be loosing more.:bored:


My diet consit of ESA Advantage Edge Carb Control. It has 110 calories ( depending on flavor) 3g of fat, 17g protein, 3g of carbs. I have about 4-5 shakes a day. I have all the SF crystal light I can stand. AND of course water.


Now the Facts are done here is the skinny on liquid diets...They Suck Major Monkey But!!!:)


It is harder than HELLLLLL to go from eatting to the point where I need the band.. to Just liquids and about... 600 calories a day. HARD AS HELLLLL!!!


Day one was the worse. I did great all day long. I cheated at night with a few baby crutons, carrots, 1/2 cup of chicken broth.


Day two was even worse then day one b/c I new what to expect! I did great all day.. cheated that night with green beans and just about a 1/8 of cup of mac and cheese.


Day three still bad but not as bad. Did great all day. Cheated just a little with chicken and rice at dinner.


Day 4!!!! SOOOOO much better. It is true what people write on here. By day four it gets better. I did great all day. I wasnt hungry. I felt better. Dinner came and I cooked for my family and I didnt even want to eat. I did end up eatting about an ounce of baked chicken. I started feeling really dizzy and I was about to walk my mile. Didnt want to pass out on the field.


I figure by Sunday ( day 6 ) I wont have to cheat anymore.


God bless anyone who can just get on this diet and ride it tell the end. I am just not one of those people. If I had the self control it took to just put down food. I wouldnt need the band.


I do leave tomorrow for Dallas! God willing my car doesnt break down again. My appt. Is Monday for my class, then pre-reg at the hospital.


SideNote** I am supposed to be useing Optifast or Bariatric Advantage. On monday I will get the Bariatric Advantage and ues that from then tell my surgery june 29th.


Personaly I did not know that I would be out of pocket for shakes.

I read on here where people had diets, liquid diets, but I did not know I would have to purchase my own 'meals.' Opti fast 100 a week or bariatric advantage 55 a week. I didnt have the money at the time. This week I will. So I have been using the ESA drinks.


I am no doctor... at all. But, I read on a post here that a person told me that we are addicted to carbs and once we flush that shit out of our system it makes the liquid diet much easier. Day 1 and 2 I said BULL SHIT! but, day 4 I am starting to understand. I wasnt hungry today. At all. My daughters Chocolate birthday cake I made her is sitting on my counter. I walk by it like 20 times a day. And I have no desier to eat it.


Now a week ago. I would have woken up in the middle of the night to snack on it I would have eatten some while cooking breakfast for my kids and so on. but, I just dont want to anymore. Maybe there is something to this carb thing!!!:thumbup::eek:


Sidenote** I was always a fat/calorie counter never a carb counter. HOllY HELL! If you are trying to stick to 20g of carbs a day??... YOu might as well dig a hole in the back yard and climb in. EVERYTHING HAS CARBS!!!! carrots, apples, green beans. I mean everything. And HUGE carbs at that. so, if you are watching your carbs like me.. good luck to ya!


Ok, I wrote a novel. :)

Good luck to everyone. xoxo Tori

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Thank you for your blog Tori...I am going to the surgeon on Tues for my first initial visit. I haven't heard any of this before so you gave me a really good insight as to what to expect. I think if you hadn't of told me that, I probably would've given up by day 4 so thanks for that....keep the blogs coming it helps that you are just that much ahead of me and I can see what you will be going through...thanks, Sandi xxx

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I am glad I can help! Good luck to you. Some doctors are not as strict as mine. I have read on here where people can still eat food on their diets. And some doctors dont require a diet at all.

But, If you have the liquid diet??!??!? God Help you. It was horrible the first few days. Last night was the first night in YEARS i mean 10-14 yers that i did not wake up to eat at night. ( snack on leftovers, make a snadwich... Like have a whole meal at 2am. snack again at 6am.. breakfast at 7am ) I would eat all night.

So I couldnt belive I didnt eat! And the chocolate cake is still on my counter.. I didnt touch it. I still cant belive this.

Now, I am scarred that when I get off this liquid diet... will I go back to old habits??? b/c I will be eating food again???

oh, If its not one thing.. its another.

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You are fantastic! I smiled through your whole blog! Because you sound just like me!! I only have 2 days till surgery, but everyday I want something different to eat...the other day it was fried chicken, then a hotdog, then yesterday I wanted a big hamburger with extra pickles! LOL I sound like a crazy pregnant woman! Ha!! Today I would do anything for just some mashed potatoes and gravy! But I'll stick to my shakes. :)

Best of luck to you!! Keep in touch and let me know how everything is going for you!

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Oh I hear ya!! lol. I told my mom Wed. that I wanted McDonalds on top of Long John Silver's and then some arby's!! OHH! tht does sound good. ( bad Tori! ) lol. My fav thing to eat was a hamburger with mustard/pickels/ketchup/ranch!! YUMM! And I ate that b4 I was ever pregnant. lol.

Good Luck on your surgery. Let me know how it goes. I will pray for you.

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