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Stupid liver!

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Monday was my class. It was really good.. informative.

Liquid diet is still kick my a$$! I am ready for this to be over with.

I am sick to death of worring about my weight! Am I loosing enough? will the doctor be able to do the surgery? how much is everyone else loosing?

Just on and on and on. I weigh myself at least 5 times a day.

I fee like I am being lost in a weight black hole.

just 13 more days of this shit. I want this over with. I want to KNOW I have the band that way I can focus on my weigh.

Feeling really down today. Depressed, anxious. Feeling that if I dont get my band it will be my fault. with no one to blame.

13 more days....

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Girl, STOP weighing yourself 5 times a day!! I know that is easier said then done but it is just bringing you down. In the past, I could gain 10lbs in a day because of my swelling.

Remember that even when you get the band it won't be a piece of cake. There is work to do and frustrations to work through. You will have good days and bad days. It is not the miracle cure. I have seen some on here with high expectations for the band only to be disappointed to find out that the band really isn't the fast weight loss tool they hoped it would be. There are those that lose the weight quickly but they are the exception not the rule.

As far as the liver, I had thought too that was stupid. The doc came out and said my liver looked good. I said Great I have a skinny liver. Now I say my liver is bikini ready. Seriously, it sucks that you lose weight first in your liver. CRAZY TALK!!

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