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    I'm just a girl who is tired of 'fighting the fight' with my weight. I live a blessed life in every other aspect---just want to get healthy so I can enjoy things that I've never dared to try due to my weight...
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    I'm an avid gardener and like working in the yard. I also like to make jam and pickles, etc...I love to take macro photographs of flowers, bugs, etc...And I like to cook. Unfortunately! Ha ha ha! :-)
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  1. Jamie1970

    I'm half way there!!

    Thanks for the well wishes...And Catherine--if I can have success like you've accomplished, I will be a VERY happy Bandster!!!
  2. This liquid diet has been an eye opener, y'all! Writing down everything I "eat" has been interesting, too. Just 8 more days of this and then I'm BANDED!! <<sigh>> I'm glad because this 'all liquid' thing is tough!! No cheating though which amazes me!! :grouphug: Anyhoo---just wanted to say to other people on the liquid diet------ if I can do this, anyone can!! Just hang in there!! You can do it!!
  3. How fabulous for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's is GREAT news!! Maybe my call will come soon!! Cross your fingers for me!
  4. Jamie1970

    And so the WAITING begins...

    Thanks for the kind words, everybody!!!
  5. Hey everyone...I got a letter yesterday from my doctor's office saying my packet has been sent in to my insurance for final approval...And guess what! I only have to expect between a 1-10 week wait for an answer...10 weeks!!!????? Dang!!! Cross your fingers for me that it comes much sooner than that. I'm so anxious to get to where I want to be that the 'waiting to start the journey' thing is killing me! LOL I can honestly say I never expected in my life to ever be excited about the prospect of starting a 2 week liquid diet! <<chuckle>> Anyhoooooooo......Just had to send a 'shout out.' Hope everyone is having a good day!
  6. Jamie1970

    I've got a DATE!

    Hey, that's great news! I've got one more requirement to meet and then maybe I can post the same message you did!! Goo luck!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hello to everyone! I just recently joined this site and have very much enjoyed reading all the stories people have posted. The thing that has struck me most is that people here are so open and honest and willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to their weight issues and how being heavy has affected thier lives. How wonderful to be surrounded by people who "get it." People who have never struggled with thier weight can't really fathom what it's like---knowing that each of you share a common link with me is comforting. It appears that you couldn't ask for a better support group than the one here! Like I said---I am just starting down the LAP-BAND® Path. My first visit with the Doctor is May 17th. I will be seeing Doctor Procter Jr in Gainesville, GA. Wish me luck---and know that I look forward to being a future 'success story!!' Warm regards, Jamie

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