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  1. Happy 63rd Birthday Golferette!

  2. 1 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary Golferette!

  3. Hey Priscilla!

    I was just checking in on you! How are you feeling??? Robin says Hi :o)


  4. Hi, I am not sure how all this works, I responded but it came up on my page instead of yours!

  5. Hi Patti Sue,

    I'm doing OK, thank you. I've lost 30.8 lbs since surgery and 13 pre-op for a total of 43.8. You are going to love Dr Aceves and his staff...all are very attentive to you! I am still corresponding with Dr Aceves thru his office nurse, Gaby. I'm still dealing with trying to eat very slowly and chew my food till it's practically liquid but it's...

  6. I see you went to Dr. A, I am going in two weeks. How has it been for you? I am so excited!

  7. wash

    Who Plays Golf?

    I was sleeved on Jan 6th. I went to the driving range about 6 weeks later and walked 9 holes by the end of March. I walked 18 once this month but was wiped for 3 days. I find I just don't have the stamina to walk 18. I now ride 18 but am still very tired when I'm done. I usually come home and nap for 2 hrs! I'm having some slight anemia problems so that might be why I get so tired. Priscilla
  8. Sent you a friend request. I see you are also a Dr Aceves patient. I had my surgery with him on 1/06/2011. Priscilla

  9. Hey!!

    I am still having a tough time with food but brothy soups and water are my friends! lol My metabalism is starting to work again so i am losing the weight pretty darn fast. There are tons of stuff that i just cant eat but I dont mind. Pleae let me know what happens with the GI test. I sure hope they find what is wrong with the reflux. Please keep me up!

  10. Great news! I got a new PCP today...an internist who also has other bariatric patients that he follows and does the routine testing for. My 1st appt is next Fri for a 40 minute "establish new patient" visit, then I have an appt for a physical in the beginning of May. Thank you everyone for encouraging me to find a new PCP. Priscilla
  11. Hi - See my answer to "groovearmada." Priscilla
  12. My surgeon recommends your 1st check up 3 months after surgery. It consists of an Upper GI (check for strictures & leaks?), and the following blood worK: CBC (to check for anemia and lack of Vitamin B12) SMAC 24 Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (sugar, cholesterol, Calcium and hepatic functioning) I know my surgeon has many patients that don't bother with the Upper GI if they are not having any problems. I am having severe reflux so I think it would be best if I had it done. Priscilla
  13. Mine was left open to close on it's on and I just had my surgery with Dr Aceves on 1/06/2011. Priscilla
  14. Thank you for all your replies. I'm going to find a Gastroenterologist to follow me and I'm also going to start looking around for a new PCP. Priscilla