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  1. Happy 41st Birthday LyndaRN!

  2. I went home the same day! I requested too! I had a 9 month old at home and was feeling great! So he let me come home.
  3. Hey pretty lady! I am doing good! I sent you a youtube msg. Looking really nice! Just trying to get to goal!!!!

  4. Hey girl! How are ya?

  5. LyndaRN


    Minime CONGRATS!!!!! You are I have very similar stats and you make me realize that I TOO can get to goal. My doctor knows I can and so do I. I just am beginning to realize it though. I know when I hit 135 which is my goal too I believe I will be in disbelief too! SO excited, happy and thankful that you shared your journey with everyone here!
  6. Yes Mini Me! I live for a "new" set of numbers! That is how I got through this entire journey so far! I will be REALLY excited to get to the 139, then the goal will be so close I can taste it! LOL!
  7. Today I made it into the 140's!!! I have been stalled in the 150's for weeks so when I jumped on the scale I was dancing after I saw 149! I feel I will actually get to my goal! I may lower it once I get there! Whoda thunk that! I usually upped it LOL!! I just had to share my excitement!!!
  8. I just crossed the 6 month mark 4 days ago and what an awesome feeling!!! I am so happy with this surgery and grateful I was able to have it! BEST decision I ever made! If you are considering it, DO IT!!!! Check out my youtube channel and subscribe! I will be doing a 6 month update very soon!!! YouTube - lyndacamp's Channel
  9. LyndaRN

    First major goal!!!

    Thanks Maddie and Frankie. Wow Frankie we are close! I will be happy when I hit the 140's. But for now my goal is 159, small goals get me to the big ones! Congrats to you both~
  10. I will be 4 months out in 8 days and last night I hit the 50 pound mark! I am SO happy!!!!:thumbup: I never thought I would make it here! I am SO thankful to my surgeon for giving me this great tool. I had doubts it would work, since so many diets failed in the past. I am looking forward to meeting my ultimate goal of 135 pounds! I know I can do it now! Thanks for letting me share!
  11. Outpatient! Loved it!
  12. I am 2 days out from 2 months and am down 40 pounds! I am amazed! Went shopping and was able to buy 12's yesterday! What a great NSV! Saw some people I haven't seen in a month or so and they were shocked. It wasn't until I took my monthly pictures that I saw the difference! I am so glad I took the pictures to document my progress! To anyone thinking of doing the surgery, DO IT!!!
  13. LyndaRN

    Back to it

    Congrats on getting back to it! I know how good it feels!
  14. LyndaRN

    Time to start planning....

    Great list! I found a blender just like the Magic Bullet but at Target for about 30 bucks! Good luck!
  15. Can't wait to do that one day! I kept my biggest pair of jeans so I will remember where I came from!

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