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  1. I went home the same day! I requested too! I had a 9 month old at home and was feeling great! So he let me come home.
  2. Hey pretty lady! I am doing good! I sent you a youtube msg. Looking really nice! Just trying to get to goal!!!!

  3. Today I made it into the 140's!!! I have been stalled in the 150's for weeks so when I jumped on the scale I was dancing after I saw 149! I feel I will actually get to my goal! I may lower it once I get there! Whoda thunk that! I usually upped it LOL!! I just had to share my excitement!!!
  4. LyndaRN


    Minime CONGRATS!!!!! You are I have very similar stats and you make me realize that I TOO can get to goal. My doctor knows I can and so do I. I just am beginning to realize it though. I know when I hit 135 which is my goal too I believe I will be in disbelief too! SO excited, happy and thankful that you shared your journey with everyone here!
  5. Yes Mini Me! I live for a "new" set of numbers! That is how I got through this entire journey so far! I will be REALLY excited to get to the 139, then the goal will be so close I can taste it! LOL!
  6. I just crossed the 6 month mark 4 days ago and what an awesome feeling!!! I am so happy with this surgery and grateful I was able to have it! BEST decision I ever made! If you are considering it, DO IT!!!! Check out my youtube channel and subscribe! I will be doing a 6 month update very soon!!! YouTube - lyndacamp's Channel
  7. I was wondering if anyone had put together a list of stuff to have on hand at home before you leave for surgery. I still have another doctor's appt. before surgery but I know the girls and guys on this board are so smart and informative that they know exactly what to buy. So has anyone ever put a list together? If so could you share it? Thanks!:thumbup1:
  8. I will be 4 months out in 8 days and last night I hit the 50 pound mark! I am SO happy!!!!:thumbup: I never thought I would make it here! I am SO thankful to my surgeon for giving me this great tool. I had doubts it would work, since so many diets failed in the past. I am looking forward to meeting my ultimate goal of 135 pounds! I know I can do it now! Thanks for letting me share!
  9. LyndaRN

    First major goal!!!

    Thanks Maddie and Frankie. Wow Frankie we are close! I will be happy when I hit the 140's. But for now my goal is 159, small goals get me to the big ones! Congrats to you both~
  10. Outpatient! Loved it!
  11. I am 2 days out from 2 months and am down 40 pounds! I am amazed! Went shopping and was able to buy 12's yesterday! What a great NSV! Saw some people I haven't seen in a month or so and they were shocked. It wasn't until I took my monthly pictures that I saw the difference! I am so glad I took the pictures to document my progress! To anyone thinking of doing the surgery, DO IT!!!
  12. LyndaRN

    Back to it

    Congrats on getting back to it! I know how good it feels!
  13. LyndaRN

    Time to start planning....

    Great list! I found a blender just like the Magic Bullet but at Target for about 30 bucks! Good luck!
  14. Can't wait to do that one day! I kept my biggest pair of jeans so I will remember where I came from!
  15. LyndaRN

    Cycle Question

    I have noticed that since my surgery that the time between my cycles is getting longer and more irregular. Last time was 31 days and this time is going on 35 days. Any reasons why?? I thought I was supposed to get more regular! Help!
  16. LyndaRN

    NSV shout outs

    My best NSV so far is my SIL telling me I looked good. In a text but none the less... We have always had a little battle with our weights. When she was skinny I was fat, vice versa. She is not a her thinest but a nice size. I just wish we could get back to the best friends we used to be. But her sending me the text really brightened my day yesterday!
  17. WOW! What a story you have. Welcome to the boards. You can do this! With what you have been through this should be easy for you! What a blessing you have been given. Thanks for sharing your story and good luck in your journey.
  18. LyndaRN

    ...Im New...

    I had my surgery 4 days before you and have had a couple of plateaus. I think it is normal. I need to start exercising and I know that will help. Try not to compare yourself to others! EVERYONE is different. Welcome!
  19. Congrats! You will love your sleeve!
  20. LyndaRN

    4 weeks since surgery

    Congrats! You are doing awesome and the energy will get better every day!
  21. LyndaRN


    Have you tried Jello then trying to take it? I had to be on liquid Cipro and it was heck on my stomach!
  22. I have had 2 stalls in 6 weeks. Today I finally lost a pound and the last stall was 11 days. The only thing I can say is to try and not let it rattle you. It is hard, but just keep doing the right things and it will come off. Our bodies are used to gaining weight not loosing. SO I think that it kinda freaks our body out. I know that the low 180's seems to be a comfortable weight for my body. IT likes to be there, even though I don't. So I am just going to keep making good choices and it will go down. But I will be SOOOO glad when I am at 179 and out of the 180's! :sad0:
  23. LyndaRN

    Houston area surgeons

    I used Dr. Matthew St. Laurent. He is in the Cypress area but I LOVED him! Drove from Sugar Land just to see him!
  24. I have been at the same weight for 2 weeks! I guess this is another stall! I have been walking daily and doing pretty good with Water. Anything else I can do? I am getting frustrated! I saw the dr. on Monday. He was very pleased with my progress so far and said I was ahead of schedule... So I guess I just need to be patient and pray I see a big drop in the next week! Any advice I would appreciate!
  25. LyndaRN

    4.5 Month update

    Shontel I want to see some pics girl! Size 10's that is awesome! Can't wait till I am there!

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