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    Was banded in '06, had to get emptied b/c of complications, & now I'm trying to get back on track...I really hope this works =)
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    Traveling the world, singing along w/ music, cooking, snorkeling, watching movies, laughing, art, animals, rationalizing procrastination, sunny days, playing games, hanging out, shopping, summertime, flowers, going out, & everything about the beach!
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    New York
  1. itsjustducky

    Does anyone eat fruit in this forum???

    I love berries, mango, cherries, and melon, and luckily, these seem to work the best w/ my band :crying: I do live in Upstate NY, however, and apples are huge here in the fall--I swear I've gone apple picking since I could stand, ha ha Unfortunately, though, the first time I ate one post-band, I felt terrible and ended up PBing :frown: It took some behavior modification--doesn't everything--but now I know that if I want to eat some apple, I need to peel it, cut it into sections, and then chew it really well. Or, I can make a baked apple by sprinkling a bit of cinnamon and sugar on it and heating it in the microwave for a few minutes :wub: I find that the decrease in volume of fruits and veggies is what really gets me, though. After dieting my whole life, it's still hard to readjust to the idea that they may not be the best things for me to eat I'm not sure if it's the fiber or what, but fruit and veg is especially filling for me post banding :sad: On a side note: Unlike some others here, bananas seem to be a hit or miss for me :huh2: While I can eat them w/ cereal or yogurt, it's almost impossible for me to get half of one down by itself :redface: I agree that it all depends on the person and their particular band, but I'm sure you will be able to eat at least some fruit with your band :smile2:
  2. itsjustducky

    Last person to post WINS!

    Oooo...guess I'm the new winner
  3. itsjustducky

    Weight loss and periods?

    I've always had irregular periods (skipped periods) too, but after being banded and loosing some weight, I became pretty regular. :biggrin: I'm not a medical professional, so I'm not sure if this will happen to you, but I've heard that your periods can be influenced by your weight. :biggrin: Apparently, just as gymnasts can loose their periods b/c their too thin, plus sized women can loose them b/c their overweight. Go figure :tt2:
  4. itsjustducky

    Anyone junking out to keep the secret?

    I agree... saying you're on a diet is a good way to get out of stuff like that. Plus, you can always offer to be the DD--a great way to justify not drinking & make your friends happy :tt2: If you really don't see them letting up or minding their own business, you can always say you have a stomach ache or just order club sodas w/ a twist of lime and tell them you're into gin and tonics now, ha ha = p I understand how you feel about your privacy...I haven't told anyone except family about my band--not because I'm ashamed, but because I'm a private person and don't feel comfortable letting everyone know the ins and outs of my private life. Hope you're doing better now that you've had your band for a bit!
  5. itsjustducky

    How do you NOT drink with meals?

    For mushies I like: soups, tuna or chicken mixed with light mayo, egg salad, mashed potatoes, low cal pudding, yogurt, cottage cheese (if the curds are too big, I mash them up a bit), and sugar free pistachio pudding mixed with cottage cheese.
  6. I wish I could say that my band has fixed this for me, but I still seem to get acid reflux pretty often It's weird, b/c it seems to come and go with me, and when it comes, it's fierce. Since I have always had a bad stomach, I have, fortunately, learned to cope a bit... I'm religious about taking my Nexium, and when I'm having a bout, I make sure to sit up and drink milk or eat yogurt. PS--While my band doc said I could probably stop taking my meds after surgery, my stomach didn't seem to agree, ha ha! As always, remember to listen to your body and try not to push yourself too hard.
  7. itsjustducky

    Any foods you can never eat again???

    Hey, has anyone else had problems w/ apples? I don't know why, but the only 2 times that I've ever felt sick were just after eating an apple (or not even the whole thing)! I was just wondering if this was a common occurrance b/c I'm new to the band (8/12) and also from NY and we have great apples this time of year = )
  8. itsjustducky

    Twentysomething Bandsters

    Hi, I'm new here = ) I'm 23, and like most of u, I have been heavy by whole life. After trying every diet under the sun, I started to think about surgery when a friend of mine had gastric bypass. Seeing how sick he got from it, however, I knew that it wasn't for me. Then one day I heard about the band... after doing some research, I talked it over w/ my parents and decided to bite the bullet this summer since would be my last one b4 college graduation. I was banded on August 12th, and I went for my 1st fill a week ago. So far, I have lost 32lbs. and I'm pretty happy with that b/c I've never been abole to keep off more than 20lbs. at a time b4--diets just never seemed to work for me. It's kinda funny, but I actually just stumbled across this site b/c I was having trouble eating an apple earlier, and I wanted to know if this was a common occurrance after a fill. I know oranges need to have everything peeled off of them, but I'm not sure if this is true 4 apples. Anyone know? Thanks 4 your help!

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