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    Last person to post WINS!

    Give it up Barb, it's mine now! Ha ha :thumbup:)
  2. itsjustducky

    Does someone have an iced tea recipe?

    I love iced tea and have recently really been into the mint kind. :wub: To make it, I take 2 bags of Tazo "Refresh" and brew them in a tea cup for approx. 3-5 min, then I pour the tea concentrate into a pitcher of cold water and add ice. It's really good, and also makes it a lot easier for me to get my water in (it totally lives up to its name, and is perfect in the warmer months)! :thumbup: Sometimes, I add fresh mint leaves and ice to the glasses before I add the tea, but this step isn't required (it just makes it a bit more special). Since you're looking for a fruity tea, however, try doing the same with other types of herbal teas or infusions (they have countless types). One fruit tea that is especially nice iced is Twinnings "Herbal Unwind"--an orange and honey flavored one. :tt2: I personally don't like sweet tea, but if you do, you can always add Splenda or some other type of artifical sweetener. I'm thinking about trying out a splash of juice or some frozen or fresh smashed berries in plain teas to make them fruit flavored, but I haven't experimented with it yet. I'll let you know how it comes out, but I'm sure it should be good, since both ingredients are yummy on their own. :thumbup: Just a side note--don't try adding any lemonade to the mint tea (I had some left over and tried it the other day--it's gross, ha ha)!
  3. itsjustducky

    Does anyone eat fruit in this forum???

    I love berries, mango, cherries, and melon, and luckily, these seem to work the best w/ my band :crying: I do live in Upstate NY, however, and apples are huge here in the fall--I swear I've gone apple picking since I could stand, ha ha Unfortunately, though, the first time I ate one post-band, I felt terrible and ended up PBing :frown: It took some behavior modification--doesn't everything--but now I know that if I want to eat some apple, I need to peel it, cut it into sections, and then chew it really well. Or, I can make a baked apple by sprinkling a bit of cinnamon and sugar on it and heating it in the microwave for a few minutes :wub: I find that the decrease in volume of fruits and veggies is what really gets me, though. After dieting my whole life, it's still hard to readjust to the idea that they may not be the best things for me to eat I'm not sure if it's the fiber or what, but fruit and veg is especially filling for me post banding :sad: On a side note: Unlike some others here, bananas seem to be a hit or miss for me :huh2: While I can eat them w/ cereal or yogurt, it's almost impossible for me to get half of one down by itself :redface: I agree that it all depends on the person and their particular band, but I'm sure you will be able to eat at least some fruit with your band :smile2:
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    My doctor's nutritionist suggested that I remove the seaweed covering (or order a variety that doesn't have seaweed on it). I guess it is very resilient and doesn't break down much w/ chewing, so it really poses a problem w/ the band. :Banane01: I would suggest ordering sashimi (just the fish), as some others have mentioned, or if you prefer rolls, some sushi places have a different type of wrapping material (I think it's made out of dried tofu) that is much more band-friendly. :purplebananna: These days, I too leave some of the rice beind, but the other stuff is yummier anyway, ha ha. :laugh:These tips have been a great help for me, as I have tried eating it the normal way w/ bad results :success1::Banane33: Best of luck!
  5. Wow, your before and afters are absolutely amazing =) What do you do for exercise? I'm afraid I'll have loose skin, but you seem to have toned up really well...hopefully w/ the right exercises, I will too!

  6. Hi, it looks like you're coming along well =) Thanks for sharing your pics w/ us!

  7. Your before and afters are great =) Btw, I'm Kim too--small world, huh?

  8. itsjustducky

    Last person to post WINS!

    This is why I :smile2: Purell :tt2: This baby is getting a good coat of it, and then it's going on my shelf :ohmy:
  9. Hey, I've got the same froggy ticker as you...great minds think alike, huh? Lol! I actually didn't mind the slim fast shakes, but having bouillon and smooth varieties of Campbell's soup at hand and/or Lipton Cup-a-soup were also great to break up the monotony. Did your doc say only liquids or only the ones you mentioned? Luckily, I could have any liquids, but if not, then maybe you can mix OJ into vanilla protein shakes (yummy creamsicle). I know ppl have all kinds of protein shake "recipes" on here, it just depends on whether you're allowed to add fruit, juice, strawberry sf syrup, etc. Good luck!

  10. Wow, your before and afters are amazing =) I love your red dress & can't wait until I have an after of my own!

  11. Hi, I just stumbled across your thread about answering your friends questions about the band and I was in the same situation a little while back...I have told nosy people along the way that I've been doing South Beach, watching what I eat, or trying to exercise more. Since losing with the band is gradual, you can usually get away w/this =)

  12. Hi, I just stumbled across your before and after pics and you look great =) What do you do for exercise?

  13. Hi, I was just browsing through the 20's forum and saw that your surgery was today =) I just wanted to stop by and say that I hope all went well and you're back on your feet soon!

  14. Hi, I was just reading through the 20's forum and saw that you're trying to loose a lot of weight like me and that we've both lost 60+ lbs. Small world, huh?

  15. itsjustducky

    Loose Skin!

    I totally agree with you guys Spanx are marvelous and I would rather be healthy with a bit of saggy skin any day! I have tried diet after diet my whole life (my parents even brought me to specialists as a child to see why I was so heavy :frown:) and the band is the only thing that has let me loose any amount of weight successfully. If, and when, I have to deal with saggy skin, I will gladly cross that bridge. :thumbup: As of now, only my upper arms are sagging, but I'm sure there will be more to come...:biggrin: Even though it bothers me sometimes, I guess I can look at it as a sign of success. After all, the band is helping me become a smaller, healthier person, and that is a great feat. :smile2:
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    Since this thread is a bit older, I'm not sure if anyone will see this to answer it, but where can I get a free two week pass to try it out?
  17. itsjustducky


    Hi, I'm looking for a good beginner workout and I think that Curves might be a good choice. I have a few question, though, like do you have to be there at a certain time (like a workout class) or can you come and go when you need to? What is the workout like? I've heard it's a circuit and you switch from one thing to another, but what kinds of exercises are involved--cardio, lifting, etc? Also, do you use machines or do stuff like jumping jacks? Thanks for all the info ladies!
  18. itsjustducky

    Loose Flabby Skin On Arms After W.L.?

    I haven't lost much weight, but I have noticed my arms showing some signs of flabbiness and want to nip it in the butt...what kind of exercises do you guys think might be helpful? I was wondering if doing some arm raises w/ 5lbs weights could be helpful...I know it's a pretty conservative approach, but I already have some. Unfortunately, I don't have a gym membership yet--of course, I know I should get one, but since I'm not in the best shape, I think it might be wise to wait until I've lost a bit more.
  19. itsjustducky

    July 4th Challenge - 120 days

    I'm signing up too I'm just getting back on track, so 40lbs. is probably a bit of a stretch...but, I'm striving for it anyway! Hope we all make our goals!!!
  20. itsjustducky


    I had really bad dizzy headaches for a bit when I was having issues w/ my band and ended up w/ a mega esophagus. It's probably b/c I couldn't keep much down, but once I got unfilled and was actually able to eat, the headaches subsided. Other than that, the only time I get headaches is when I haven't eaten in a while. If I know I'll be busy, I try keeping a Luna bar in my purse and it seems to really help.
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    Last person to post WINS!

    Oooo...guess I'm the new winner
  22. Hi, just saw that we had similar beginning stats and age, so I wanted to say hi =)

  23. itsjustducky

    Weight loss and periods?

    I've always had irregular periods (skipped periods) too, but after being banded and loosing some weight, I became pretty regular. :biggrin: I'm not a medical professional, so I'm not sure if this will happen to you, but I've heard that your periods can be influenced by your weight. :biggrin: Apparently, just as gymnasts can loose their periods b/c their too thin, plus sized women can loose them b/c their overweight. Go figure :tt2:
  24. itsjustducky

    Would you get breast implant.....??

    I said maybe...:biggrin: I mean after putting in all the work and loosing all the weight I want, I'd at least like to be proportional, ha ha :biggrin: I don't exactly care if I have a big chest or not, as long as I look good :biggrin: Even if I don't get implants, though, I'm not opposed to getting a lift--do you think I'll need it? :tt2: I mean I'm only 25, and they don't look like they've lost any gusto so far, lol, but I still plan on loosing a lot more weight.
  25. itsjustducky

    Will I Ever Stop Thinking About Food?!

    Thanks everyone--reading this thread has been so informative. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things after having to be unfilled and gaining a bunch of weight back...ugh =( Anyway, I've been a foodie my whole life and I love cooking, so trying to stop thinking about food has been a real issue for me. I think I will try therapy, though...what kind of stuff do you guys discuss? Do you have any tricks to pass along? Thanks =)