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  1. Hi, yes, you probably have very little in your band, when they put in some doctors dont fill at all, I had 3cc.. because of the surgery i felt full very quickly and could barely get liquids down, but about the 3rd week post i was starving. I was on Clear Liquids for 7 days, protien shakes and soft muchies for 4 weeks, then solids slowly adding in what I could. The first few months are hard and mostly your good will. My port flipped twice and had to have it re-attached twice. After that it has been little by little adjustment fills. I know it is more expensive to do little by little, but the results are better off. I know liquids are easier but solids help you stay full longer and DONT drink with your meals, it pushes the food down faster and you eat more. Hope this helps! Patience, M-
  2. Morovis88

    May 2011

  3. I have a hard time with chicken also. It has to be very juicy inside, I cannot microwave left overs. I can only have it later in the day. M-
  4. A month and a half after my surgery, was taken off my blood pressure meds and my insulin. Just took 6 bags of Plus clothes to the Salvation Army Have not had a Psoriasis breakout Have not had a Rosacia breakout I have been so blessed with my Band. M-
  5. Morovis88

    Strange way of eating

    I too am also very tight in the am. I have coffee and a protein bar usually around 8:30am, it takes me about 30 minutes to finish the whole bar. then I have a laughing cow cheese around 10:30, then at lunch all i have is tuna, chicken or salmon, small portion plate. at 2:30pm another protein bar, then for dinner tuna, chicken or salmon again, nothing after 7pm. I have 5cc and only have had two fills. I have good days and bad days. I find if I wait too much between meals, I fill up with air and it is harder to get things down. But I really love my band and even on the worst day don't regret it. M-
  6. Morovis88

    Time off work

    My surgery was 2/23 and I also took 2 weeks off from work. Not because of the actual surgery, but because I felt weak. M-

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