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  1. k8tbug


    Thanks everyone
  2. k8tbug

    I wish it was summer

    So i have no work this week, and im hungry and broke soooo i cant go anywhere and im stuck in the house with the enemy (food) any ideas on things to keep me busy and keep my mind off food?
  3. k8tbug

    15 lb

    woot woot!!! 3 weeks post op and down 15lb yay! :thumbup:
  4. k8tbug

    Little bumps

    6 days post op and im feelin pretty good. I went to the gym yesterday and walked which felt great and i guess you could say i was feeling a bit ballsy so i made some egg salad ( 3 days before the doc says i can ) it went down fine and tasted yummy. Then i had half of a veggie burger and that went down fine i thought hey who needs stinkin liquids any more. Then it was my boyfriends mothers work christmas party....i wasnt even hungry. But i nibbled i had i nibble of a little hotdog a nibble of a chicken wing and a nibble of a brownie. All my nibbles didnt even add up to a real bit but they didnt have to. Nothing got "stuck" but it was very very uncomfortable. It wasnt until this morning that i felt better. So lesson learned. I will start soft moist food tomorrow. :Dancing_wub:
  5. k8tbug

    what the heck

    ok so i was banded two days ago. and when i went into the hospital my scale at home said i weighed 255.2lb and when i got up this morn is said 262lb someone please tell me that it is just water weight or something.:cursing:

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