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  1. Well today is my 1 year anniversary!! I will start this blog by saying this has been a dream come true! I currently weigh 140 lbs with a BMI of 23.3. I have lost 126.6 lbs..that is almost another person..this just amazes me. I am now wearing a size 5/6 pants and a medium top..previously I was busting out of a 3X. This year I spent only 1 6 day stay in the hospital and to this day there still isn't an official diagnosis but I believe it was due to how low my potassium level was. I had a stroke 3 1/2 years ago and one of my medications strips out all of my potassium and as a bandster we need to be sure we get enough in and retain our potassium--once we figured this out I bounced right back and all was great! Why I mention only one hospital visit is I had averaged 4 per year for the previous 3 years so this year was quite an improvement. In this blog I thought I would list things that helped me achieve my goals... Resources used: immediate family support, lapbandtalk.com, local support group, www.sparkrecipes.com (for sparkrecipes not only did I get recipes from this site I would enter my own recipes and it would calculate the nutritional value and some recipes I was already making were healthy I just ate too much of it), portion control, my beloved crockpot, always following up with my surgeon, staying positive regardless of the scale and finally remaining focused on the big picture (or the small one LOL). For me staying connected with people who have been there or going thru it really meant a lot so being online with lapbandtalk.com gave me more motivation than it probably should have but it was and still is so addictive. It allowed time to go by and I didn't think of food. Sparkrecipes generated so many new family favorites I couldn't even begin to list them. It was also a huge motivator..I dusted off the crockpot and started to cook again only in a healthy way. Not only do I cook 95% of all of our meals I use the crockpot 4-5 times per week. I found that having dinner ready and waiting for us there wasn't any excuses but to eat healthy. It is kind of game at our house..we vote on dishes as to if we will make them again but for the most part we have found very good recipes..if I can get a 3 year old to clean his plate knowing it was a homemade healthy meal that I made then I am pleased. As for seeing my surgeon..I am self-paid and the contract I have with him is for the first year I am entitled to 12 monthly visits and as he said I was to get my money's worth. I saw him the 1st Thursday of every month--I never missed an appt. I reached my sweet spot on the 4th appt, so for 8 appts I went to see him and we talked about how I was doing and nutrional things..but the point is to stay in touch with your surgeon and do not wait until it is out of hand and you talk yourself out of going. Exercise: My source of exercise has been swimming and using water resistance weights. I have a blood disorder that doesn't allow me to do a lot of other types of exercise. Foods/things I do not eat/do: bread, ice cream, tortilla chips, drink from straws, soda, or chew gum. I think that is pretty short list. As I have told many on this site before I never refer to this as a diet this was a lifestyle change. I feel know that I have retrained my brain to think properly. Yes, I have cravings but I know if I eat a bite or two that is all I need and the craving is gone. Regrets: Waiting so long to do it--however I believe everything happens for a reason so maybe before now I wasn't ready? Favorite recipe: Pizza Soup...yummy!! In closing if this blog helps just one person then I would really be happy!!! The pictures attached are showing when I first started 266..then weighing 150 and then yesterday at 140
  2. finallyncontrol

    Judgmental People and other annoying stuff

    Kind of the whole reason I didn't tell anyone I was banded!! Didn't need any of that bs! These people drive me nuts! The first person I thought I could tell started the conversation out with...I am so happy you didn't do what those wacked out crazy axx people do that get cut up do! So from then on I was convinced that just my husband and my parents (besides my doctors) needed to know!!!
  3. finallyncontrol

    2 Days to go

    You have to be honest! If not you are paving a road to failure! Your doctor or who he trusts in his place needs to be your best friend in order to make you succeed! You have paid for their services and you need to use them! They need to hold your hand. If you are not eating you will do more damage to yourself than good. You will end up back in the hospital. I know times are rough right now but you need to be able to eat... I eat 5 small meals a day. You need the nutrients and protein. Your hair will start falling out. Sorry to be so down and blunt but I am concerned! Please take care of yourself!
  4. finallyncontrol

    People... UGH!

    Considering I had a stroke a couple of years ago when I started to lose weight..then lost 130 lbs in 10 months...people really did not know how to approach me..on top of that due to difficulties caused by the stroke I had to leave my job after losing about 40 lbs...so a lot didn't see me while I lost the remaining 90 lbs! They were like "was it on purpose" ,"are you ok" , "you haven't been in the hospital have you?" So it has been a crazy time for me when I have ran into people I haven't seen. Many of them do not even recognize me and keep on walking right on by me!! LOL
  5. finallyncontrol


    Is there a way to appeal...I fought Blue Cross for 2 years they denied me so I went self pay and then submitted all my receipts to them. At first they denied 2 out of 3 bills. Then I appealed those 2 bills and 7 months later they reimbursed me like 85% of 1 bill and 100% of the hospital bill. So I was completely satisfied! The only thing I was upset over was why didn't they just approve me 2 years earlier and save me all this hassle! Think God wanted me to be really ready for my band! The bottom line is never take no for an answer..keep fighting..you keep calling as well as your dr;s office!
  6. finallyncontrol

    The Gym and one of the reasons I hate it.

    That stinks!! I just wish people thought before they spoke!
  7. finallyncontrol

    Day 6 and I had to get outside!

    I think you are doing great! Do a little bit every day and build up your strength! Yeah be careful of the sweets. Also, I have been told to stay completely away from the slushee machines at the stores..theirs have carbonation in them..you do not want that. I turned to sugar free popcicles..never thought I would like them but I absolutely love them!! Your emotions will start to balance out within the first couple weeks..if not or if you have a history of depression PLEASE see your doctor about that as soon as possible..your success is dependent upon your attitude! Congrats on your loss so far and I wish you continued success!!
  8. finallyncontrol

    First stuck incident... need tips

    I am with Judy on this..I carry a small can of Pineapple Juice and keep a 6 pack on hand at home at all times. It is kind of like carrying an umbrella..if you have it you will not need it but the first time you forget it..bam! Anglov did a good job explaining..try to relax it does help!! Take care!
  9. finallyncontrol

    Worried about new pain

    Most definite go see your Dr! it could have flipped. The one thing I learned quickly..even the Dr suggested it..if you want to be successful you need to make sure your surgeon/dr does their job! They are there for you..USE THEM! Call them and go see them..do not let things get out of hand..if you do it can cause more problems. Sometimes worrying about a pain makes it hurt even worse..so going to the Dr to eliminate your worse fears will help you as well! Take care!
  10. finallyncontrol

    Pins & Needles sensation

    Sorry! I haven't heard of that! I would call my surgeon as well as my dentist! My first thought was when they knocked you out they put a tube down your throat...I know that they always say that there could be a possibility that they could chip a tooth when they are inserting or pulling out the breathing tube...maybe they could have done something then?? This is just a wild guess. I sincerely hope you get this resolved it has to be bothering you! Take care!
  11. what I love the best is...you can do it attitude!! that is fantastic!! It will be 2 years for me in October and I feel the same way..amazed..still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming!
  12. finallyncontrol

    Day 15 on my journey - Hello Mushies

    I am so happy to hear that you are not afraid to put whatever into your blender!! Go crazy with it! This will help you in so many ways! Remember this is a lifestyle change not a diet! I never totally quit eating anything that I would never eat again. Granted I only added things with major milestones and with portion control. I have learned I CAN eat 1 or 2 chips and be fine! You really only want the taste! As for the blender..you are craving a flavor or a taste..even if you have to close your eyes to eat it it will be so satisfying and you will be full for so long. Also, throughout your journey you will have fills..at least my doctor had a very strict diet after each fill..2 days of liquid, 2 days protein shakes, 2 days of mushies and 2 days soft protein and then regular foods...believe me once again by then you will have been used to eating "regular" foods and you will want to eat. Bring out the blender and blend away (close the eyes) and eat! I wish you continued success!
  13. finallyncontrol

    The Mistake of Over-fills

    You are so right about the fills!! It took 4 fills and 1 unfill--had to learn somehow-- for me to settle right in at 5cc in my 10cc band to lose 130 lbs in 10 months. It is hitting the sweet spot and identifying it. Portion control. I am swimmer so not a "gym/heavy weight work out type" so I can't say 1500 to 1800 calories but what I will say everyone is different! Mine was 800-1000 and still is. It is what I am comfortable with..on occasion I go over but I eat 5 times a day..this is what works for me. I cook all of my foods...even read an article today that said that those who eat at home are the ones that live to 100 yrs old!!! I wish you the very best on the final leg of your journey!!
  14. finallyncontrol


    Not buy them next time you go to the store! LOL Seriously I think sometimes we just need to have a sweet here and there. It is very early in your journey and you are letting your "mind" win at this point. When you cave in and let the sweet tooth win it is your mind telling you are hungry when you really aren't. Silly head games. That is the hardest thing to conquer. What you need to do is walk away when that craving happens..do anything..take a walk, read a book, clean out a closet, blog..anything that will occupy time long enough for you to forget about the craving. After while your mind will refocus it thought and you will forget. Take care!
  15. finallyncontrol

    Starting over

    So happy you took the first steps in regaining control of your life!!! I ditto basically what they have said above. For me this is a lifestyle change.. not a diet. You eat what foods you want BUT you make smart choices! You use portion control and eating your protein first to make sure you have enough energy and you remain full. As luckydog said..you must not drink before, during or after you eat..if you do..you just lost your protein and you will be hungry. Do not look back on what just happened..only look forward. You must remain positive and keep that positive attitude. When you are focused you can concur anything. I am not a gym person BUT you do need to walk, run and/or swim as much as you possibly can. Lifting weights and doing all the other stuff isn't required but if you walk or swim everyday you will be amazed on how quickly the weight will start to come off. Finally, stay in constant touch with lapbandtalk...when you are talking to or sharing your experiences, worries or issues with people who have been there/done that they totally understand..they are not guessing what it would feel like. Also, when you blog you are being accountable. I hope one of us have touched you in some way that helps you! i wish you the very best!! Take care!!
  16. finallyncontrol

    August 19, 2011

    So sorry about your mom! I bet as hard as it was it was also the most rewarding thing to do. Yeah the new site has taken a lot of us quite awhile to get used to and some of the people left due to the changes! Congrats on your weight loss! I am so sure your mom was very proud of you and is watching you now!! As luckydog said...keep blogging..it will be very rewarding for you! I wish you continued success! Take care!
  17. finallyncontrol

    Days 6 and 7 on my journey- Its the little things...

    The main thing I love about Lapbandtalk is just like you said...somehow someway each one of us have been there in someway and all of us God played a huge part in it!! God Bless and I wish you the very very best!!
  18. finallyncontrol

    I wish everyone's journey was as easy as mine

    Yeah I made the lifestyle change..had no problems..lost 130 lbs in 10 months. Best things I ever did!! It will be 2 yrs in November (11/23/9). I never dieted..I only ate foods that I would be eating during maintenance!! Still can't believe it!!! I wish you continued success..with your attitude I have no doubt you will reach your goal in no time!! Take care!!
  19. finallyncontrol

    First time eating out....

    Well the best thing that you have done is being able to identify what you need to work on!! That is awesome. For me I either pick at my food and my husband eats the rest of my plate and then we get a box to go or you can do a couple of things...1. ask for a box as soon as you get your food or 2. ask them to put 1/2 your meal in a box prior to them serving it to you..that way you never even saw it. Whatever works for you! I am happy for you being able to identify your weakness so early in this "game". It takes a lot of us a long time to identify and then to admit and finally do something about it! Take care! Oh another thing about the foods that don't agree with you..later on you might want to try them again. Things can change and vice versa..just cause you can eat today you might not be able to tomorrow.
  20. finallyncontrol

    hey everybody !

    Hey Annemarie! Congrats on the weight loss!! Well I may not be turning 20 today (my birthday is Sunday) but I am 20 in my heart! I would have to say that our stories must be similar..I lost a total of 130 lbs in 10 months. I was banded 11/23/09. I really didn't have any difficulties. I had one month where I had a potassium issue and that set me back but it had nothing to due with the band..it is strickly a medication issue. I am so so happy that have my band I would do it again today if I needed to. Being on this website helped me as well. There are so many motivational people on here. I also felt that having a positive attitude played a huge factor...if I was down and out I either didn't lose or gained weight...if I was happy and had a go gettem attitude i would lose 1-3 lbs no problem! Well I hope that you have a new outlook on school this year! I have a 4 yr old that starts VPK and he is super excited! Please take care and I wish you continued success!!
  21. finallyncontrol

    Finally getting help from my band

    Everyone works a little different and you need to learn how your body works. With saying that you also need to listen what your doctor tells you to do. With me I eat 5 times a day..3 meals and 2 snacks..pretty religious about it. I eat every 3-4 hours or I do not have have enough energy. i also only eat 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup at each meal. Sometimes it will be 2 slices of a meat with a piece of cheese broken in half..making 2 meat/cheese roll ups..that will be a meal. Sometimes it is 2 cheese sticks. My meals vary but how many per day don't. Others do fine with only 3 "larger" meals a day and absolutely no snacking during the day. It just doesn't work for me. You need to find what makes you successful and stick with it. For me I didn't want to feel like I was on a diet and I never said I was on a diet. I make a lifestyle change. All the foods I ate to lose 130 lbs in 10 months I continue to eat today. I used portion control and a positive attitude. I wish you the very best!!
  22. finallyncontrol

    Love my Band!

    I was banded 11/23/2009 and lost 130 lbs. I also would do it all over again! It was the best thing I have ever done!!!!! I wish everyone huge success!!
  23. finallyncontrol

    Day 18- Aug. 20, 2011

    Yeah, looking really good!! Sorry to say you are entering bandster hell..you may feel this way until you get your first fill!! Try to keep drinking your fluids and eating all your proteins. Protein keeps your energy levels up and keeps you full longer. Another thing is try to determine if it is head hunger or are you really, really hungry? Keep yourself as occupied as you can when you think you are hungry to try to get the feeling to pass..unless it is time to eat. I wish you the very best on you journey! Take care!
  24. finallyncontrol

    26.5 hours post op

    Sounds like you are doing well!! Prayers for you without a doubt!! Take care!!
  25. finallyncontrol

    How much longer?

    See if they will pay for other things...see if they will pay for your hospital stay, your anesthesia, your psych eval, blood work and etc..just not the surgeon?? I fought for 2 years with an attorney and it was a no go..then I saved all the receipts and after the surgery and 7 months later & 2 appeals later that is what they paid for..they whined a lot about the hospital stay but their whine was I didn't get the stay pre-authorized...so see if you can get it pre-authorized and turn in all of your receipts. NEVER ACCEPT NO FOR AN ANSWER! Also, remember to save all receipts for tax purposes and write off your medical bills. Take care!!

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