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  1. finallyncontrol

    First stuck incident... need tips

    I am with Judy on this..I carry a small can of Pineapple Juice and keep a 6 pack on hand at home at all times. It is kind of like carrying an umbrella..if you have it you will not need it but the first time you forget it..bam! Anglov did a good job explaining..try to relax it does help!! Take care!
  2. finallyncontrol

    Worried about new pain

    Most definite go see your Dr! it could have flipped. The one thing I learned quickly..even the Dr suggested it..if you want to be successful you need to make sure your surgeon/dr does their job! They are there for you..USE THEM! Call them and go see them..do not let things get out of hand..if you do it can cause more problems. Sometimes worrying about a pain makes it hurt even worse..so going to the Dr to eliminate your worse fears will help you as well! Take care!
  3. finallyncontrol

    The Mistake of Over-fills

    You are so right about the fills!! It took 4 fills and 1 unfill--had to learn somehow-- for me to settle right in at 5cc in my 10cc band to lose 130 lbs in 10 months. It is hitting the sweet spot and identifying it. Portion control. I am swimmer so not a "gym/heavy weight work out type" so I can't say 1500 to 1800 calories but what I will say everyone is different! Mine was 800-1000 and still is. It is what I am comfortable with..on occasion I go over but I eat 5 times a day..this is what works for me. I cook all of my foods...even read an article today that said that those who eat at home are the ones that live to 100 yrs old!!! I wish you the very best on the final leg of your journey!!
  4. finallyncontrol


    Not buy them next time you go to the store! LOL Seriously I think sometimes we just need to have a sweet here and there. It is very early in your journey and you are letting your "mind" win at this point. When you cave in and let the sweet tooth win it is your mind telling you are hungry when you really aren't. Silly head games. That is the hardest thing to conquer. What you need to do is walk away when that craving happens..do anything..take a walk, read a book, clean out a closet, blog..anything that will occupy time long enough for you to forget about the craving. After while your mind will refocus it thought and you will forget. Take care!
  5. finallyncontrol

    Starting over

    So happy you took the first steps in regaining control of your life!!! I ditto basically what they have said above. For me this is a lifestyle change.. not a diet. You eat what foods you want BUT you make smart choices! You use portion control and eating your protein first to make sure you have enough energy and you remain full. As luckydog said..you must not drink before, during or after you eat..if you do..you just lost your protein and you will be hungry. Do not look back on what just happened..only look forward. You must remain positive and keep that positive attitude. When you are focused you can concur anything. I am not a gym person BUT you do need to walk, run and/or swim as much as you possibly can. Lifting weights and doing all the other stuff isn't required but if you walk or swim everyday you will be amazed on how quickly the weight will start to come off. Finally, stay in constant touch with lapbandtalk...when you are talking to or sharing your experiences, worries or issues with people who have been there/done that they totally understand..they are not guessing what it would feel like. Also, when you blog you are being accountable. I hope one of us have touched you in some way that helps you! i wish you the very best!! Take care!!
  6. finallyncontrol

    August 19, 2011

    So sorry about your mom! I bet as hard as it was it was also the most rewarding thing to do. Yeah the new site has taken a lot of us quite awhile to get used to and some of the people left due to the changes! Congrats on your weight loss! I am so sure your mom was very proud of you and is watching you now!! As luckydog said...keep blogging..it will be very rewarding for you! I wish you continued success! Take care!
  7. finallyncontrol

    Day 18- Aug. 20, 2011

    Yeah, looking really good!! Sorry to say you are entering bandster hell..you may feel this way until you get your first fill!! Try to keep drinking your fluids and eating all your proteins. Protein keeps your energy levels up and keeps you full longer. Another thing is try to determine if it is head hunger or are you really, really hungry? Keep yourself as occupied as you can when you think you are hungry to try to get the feeling to pass..unless it is time to eat. I wish you the very best on you journey! Take care!
  8. finallyncontrol


    I think you might not be getting enough protein or it isn't spread out evenly throughout the day. I am very similar to Mom..I eat 5 small high protein meals a day..I eat every 3-4 hours. I don't like food when i first wake up so I always have a protein shake for breakfast (I am in maintenance stage now..and still eat this way). Then 3 hours later it will be some sort of protein snack..meat/cheese roll ups. Lunch varies..cheese quesadillas (sorry for the spelling) or some sort of tuna or chicken salad on a couple of crackers. 3-4 hours later afternoon snack..carrots/dip or cheese sticks. Dinner I always cook for our family something high protein, low carb...I have a ton of recipes..I cook a lot by crockpot. One of our favorites is Pizza Soup...tastes just like pizza but no bread and it is about 240 calories. 3 hours later..maybe jello or pudding. If I was needing any other snacks in between those I eat Sugar Free popsicles. Keep in mind you can only process 30 grams of protein at a time so if you make a smoothie or something that has 80 and you think you made your goal for the day..you will be tired within a couple of hours of eating it because you only retained 30 grams of it. I looked at this as a lifestyle change not a diet. I had to make sure that what I was eating to make me lose the weight I would continue to eat after wards. I know this will sound weird but I was actually afraid that I wasn't going to stop losing weight. I lost 130 lbs in 10 months. I ended up gaining 5 back to be healthy. Cooking your own foods and having a great attitude really goes a long way! Every body is different so you can not compare but you can see what has worked. Oh I agree...my drinks of choice Orange Sunrise Crystal Light and Water..to me the strawberry-banana was "too thick"..believe me that sounds funny when it comes to Crystal Light but everyone's tastes buds are different.
  9. finallyncontrol

    Hair Loss Not an Expert but this is what happened to me

    So proud of you!!! Miss you!!
  10. finallyncontrol

    Exercise Sucks and other thoughts....

    Yeah there were only a few things that I gave up forever and ever...Beer is one of them..the others are bread and ice cream. If you could try that I think you would see a huge improvement in your weight loss. I am surprised that the carbonation doesn't bother you..well you said you felt bloated..so maybe it does. What it does is exactly that..it bloats out your stomach and fills it with gases. I wish you the very best!! Take care!
  11. finallyncontrol

    Aug 6, 2011

    That is exactly what I do..I eat 5 small meals a day..Breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2 snacks...but they are all planned..this way I am never hungry. I eat at 8, 10, 12, 3, 6 and 8. It keeps my energy level up and keeps me happy. I am not out there looking for "bad" foods and it allowed me to lose 130 lbs in 10 months!! I wish you the very best on your journey! Take care!
  12. finallyncontrol

    DAY 5 after Surgery

    It sounds mentally you are right where you need to be! The most important thing is to follow your dr's instructions to a "T" right now. Do not advance any quicker than he/she has allowed you do. You need to make sure you are healed and are ready to advance to the next stage before you try to eat the next level of foods. After the first 6-8 wks then you might be able to speed it up but not before. Getting stuck now would be the worst thing for you. Each meal should take 20-30 minutes and you should be getting 60-80 grams of Protein a day in equal portion if possible. As for the shakes I try to have my take longer..like 45 minutes. I still have a shake everyday for breakfast and it lasts for 3-4 hours. Just asking..did your dr say it was ok for you to do the WII Fit Plus Aerobic workout? Keep in mind every dr is different but a lot of doctors do not allow that type of workouts for the first month..they only allow walking BUT if your dr has released you to workout then go for it! Stay positive..each day will get better!
  13. finallyncontrol

    First Time Bloger

    One way is to take a bite and set your fork/spoon down and then continue to chew. Then pick up your utensil and repeat the process. Also as ezjulz said you will learn that you have to obey or it will not be fun! Also, I have not met one person on here that has not had to learn this lesson the hard way..it is just a matter of time or your slip up and forget. Take care and I wish you the very best on your journey!!!
  14. finallyncontrol

    My Biggest Fear Is Coming True . . .

    Stress does amazing things to us!! Give it a little more time. You will look back and figure out it was just all of the stress you were going thru!! Yeah the weather is bad out. I am a swimmer and have my own pool..but can't use it now obviously (I do live in Florida so it won't be long). Try going to the mall or somewhere it is indoor and you can walk. Walking is one of the best ways of getting exercise!! You don't really hit your sweet spot until the 3 or 4th fill and that is when you really feel restriction. Keep you head held high, try to stay as positive as you can and keep focused on the big picture. You can do this and it will pay off in the long run!!
  15. finallyncontrol


    welcome to the fun times!! If you cook for yourself it may be easier then if you are eating pre-packaged foods?? Also it depends how often you are eating...it is a fun game and making substitutes here and there. If you eat no more than 25-30 carbs per meal..so 75-90 carbs a day that is a good goal. Then you need to see how many carbs are in your snacks if you have up to 2 snacks a day...so that can add another 5-20 carbs per snack..so you need to be careful. A lot of people eat/drink large fruit smoothies but you have to remember fruit is nothing but carbs. I have fruit smoothies on days when I know the rest of my meals that day have lower carbs. I cook 99% of my meals so I know how my day is going to play out. Also, Amy has a very good point..tomorrow is a new day and new start! Do not beat yourself up!! This is such a huge thing that we are all doing! It will get easier and you will be like..ah ha I got it and then you will learn something else. You constantly learn with a band regardless if you were banded yesterday or a year ago or longer (I guess and hope to keep learning!!)
  16. finallyncontrol

    5 days POST op!

    YEAH YOU!!! You sound wonderful!!! You sound more like my recovery!! I had surgery on Monday 11/23/09 (spending the night at the hospital) and then Thursday 11/26 I had 40 people at my house for Thanksgiving and no one could tell I even had surgery. Since then it has been really pretty good. I had one bad time and that was caused by one of my meds that made my potassium level to total bottom out and no one caught it until it was pretty much too late (had to stay in the hospital for 6 days) but the only way it was band related is that we need potassium or it will feel like you are having a heart attack and sometimes with the band you can be vitamin deficient. So you stay as positive as you are today and keep feeling amazing!!!!!
  17. finallyncontrol

    Feeling the Pain ...

    Did your dr put you on a special diet after the fill? Mine always did 2 days liquid, 2 days protein shakes, 2 days puree, 2 days soft foods and then regular foods after EACH fill so it took a total of 7 days to adjust or allow the swelling to go down after each and every fill. Sometimes you know as soon as the fill is done that you cannot tolerate liquids and then you need some taken out. Every dr works differently but that is how my dr works so I knew when I hit my sweet spot and then didn't get any more fills actually until I hit my goal..only once did I get too much and had to have some taken out..that was when I knew the previous amount really was my sweet spot and should not have gotten any more put in. Yes, it is hard to figure all of this out and everyone is so different so you cannot compare everyone because what worked exactly for me may not work for you. I wish you the very best!!
  18. finallyncontrol

    NIGHTMARE made a reality. Pre-Op DIET! lol....

    It is your mind testing you and playing tricks on you!! This is a huge mental adventure that we have to go thru during the pre-op and then again once you are banded...most everyone says "why did I just do this to myself" right after surgery..it is your mind. You need to stay positive and keep focused on why started this process to begin with. Yes, I weighed myself each and every day (and still do). I got a huge high off watching that scale go down and it motivated me to continue that pre-op diet without cheating with no problems. I also was determined so shrink my liver to ensure that there would be no problems for the surgeon. I wanted to make sure that I was paving the best road possible for my recovery. The other thought I kept telling myself that if I cheated now that I was cheating myself out of a lifetime of being healthy, happy and able to do things I haven't been able to do in years. Coming on this site is perfect for what you did..we all are either where you are or already been there...so vent away!! I wish you the very best!
  19. finallyncontrol

    2 week Pre OP Diet!!!

    Stick to your pre-op plan...mine was 3 shakes a day and nothing else!! So keep yourself busy doing anything and everything you can possibly think of that will take your mind off of food...clean out a closet, clean out your pantry...keeping only the good stuff, go grocery shopping for post op foods, stay online, WALK...walking is an excellent way to lose weight..walk the mall or your neighborhood (depending on where you live..you might be snowed in at the moment), stay focused on the big picture and remember that the more you shrink your liver the easier the surgery will be on the surgeon so the equates an easier recovery for you!!!
  20. finallyncontrol

    o yeah baby!

    That is a fantastic attitude!! Love it!! Just think after your fill it will come off even faster!! but keep in mind your philosophy is so correct..fast or slow..it is not going up!!! Always remember that!! And just as sapphire said mini goals are awesome...I lost my 130 lbs in 25 increments (well 4 25s and 1 30). If it is going slower than have your goals smaller...whatever it takes to make it rewarding.
  21. finallyncontrol

    The Eve of the BAND or 1 LAP TO GO!!

    Good luck with everything!! Also never say never!! Once you master this..you will learn moderation and portion control!!! I swear the only things I do not eat is ice cream and bread...ice cream doesn't like me and bread fills me up too much...but everything else I can eat but a couple of bites and I am done..so don't say never!! Make sure you walk as much as you can...keep on stylin..
  22. finallyncontrol


    After you get your fill does your dr require you to do a liquid diet or anything? Mine takes 7 days until you are back on regular foods...2 days liquids, 2 days protein shakes, 2 days puree and then 1 day soft foods..this is after each fill because you can be swollen after each fill. I believe 7 days is extreme be he would rather be safe than sorry. I had only one problem and I was too full and had to have a little taken out..I new that right away..other than than that I haven't had any problems. I hope you get better soon!
  23. finallyncontrol

    Day 4 of Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    As for the protein shake..you go girl! I am not a breakfast person and here I am 14 months later and that is what I still have each and every morning!! It is just so satisfying to me and it fills me up until lunch time. So I say if you find the right mixture/flavors then go for it and if you can get your family to do it as well..more power to you! I have my husband doing it also!! Your sciatic...that is terrible pain I know! All I can do for you there is send you some hugs and do some praying for you..and I will pray for you!! I wish you the very best!!
  24. finallyncontrol


    the best part of your post...Tomorrow IS a NEW day and it is CLEAN slate and fresh start! Don't beat yourself up any longer..it is in the past and you can't change it..just learn from it!! Good luck and stay positive!!
  25. finallyncontrol

    Surgery Day and the 2 days following!

    Awesome job!! Keep up the terrific attitude!! I ditto the heparin! I take blood thinners and will for life but for any type of surgeries I have to take the shots in my stomach..lucky me I have to give myself the shots! After a while they leave little lumps on your stomach!! Really nice!! Anyway so happy to hear about how well you did!! Keep walking it will do you so much good!!! You have just started your road to success!!

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